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Buffy's Commentary

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National Days of Obligation



@47of74 posted yesterday about it being National Cats Day it reminded me, much to my shame, that I have neglected to consult the National Day Calendar and have been remiss my Non-Holy Days of Obligation.

So let's take a look at what we have coming up for the rest of this week:


  • National Candy Corn Day (did you know it was made with marshmallows?  Marshmallows are food of the gods.)
  • National Publicist Day 

Tomorrow 10/31

  • National Knock-Knock Joke Day

Thursday 11/01

  • National Brush Day
  • National Cook for your Pets Day
  • National Vinegar Day
  • National Deep Fried Clams Day
  • National Men Make Dinner Day (which I guess would make it a day of fasting for me)

Friday 11/02

  • National Banana Cream Pie Day
  • National Deviled Egg Day (that's picnic eggs to you Maxwell thread dwellers)
  • National Broadcast Traffic Professionals Day (Isn't every day NBTPD?)
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Thank you B. Your service to FJ in this important area was missed. 

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  • Posts

    • Joyleaf

      Posted (edited)

      9 hours ago, formergothardite said:

      Does anyone else find it suspicious that the Christians she knew sided with the husband when they divorced? She isn't the most reliable narrator, but it is just odd that the church folks would say the husband was in the right if he really left her for his mistress. 


      In a different blog post she also claims that the church confronted her husband (after she told them) and that he chose his mistress after which the "church" sided with her while the "Christians" sided with him.

      "I must admit that I am not the norm. When my world shattered and the Christians I looked up to turned a blind eye, cut me off, and chose to enable my then husband’s sin, I turned to the church we had called home for the prior three years. That’s the only place I knew to go – the only option I had left. I cried to my pastor, who gathered the brothers to help turn a man from his sin, in hopes of saving a marriage. They confronted my unrepentant then husband. He made his choice, and it wasn’t me. And when he chose sin, my church chose the Bible and walked me through the hardest time of my life; but that’s not the norm."


      Edited by Joyleaf
    • ophelia


      3 hours ago, Howl said:

      Coffee.  It seems to be a "thing" in mid-size to mega churches.  Which also brings to mind "Coffee with Jesus."  

      I have to admit that I listen to a spotify playlist "Coffee and Jesus" on a regular basis! 

      3 hours ago, luv2laugh said:

      I believe it is a mix of the two. The Mormons have a cultural problem of shaming people for drinking coffee because they’re not obeying the Word of Wisdom. I am not LDS/Mormon/Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint but the ones that I know are very upfront about not drinking coffee and will go as far as refusing to meet in a Starbucks & ask to go across the street to Panera Bread to “avoid the appearance of evil” associated with coffee. The mommy blogging community has always been heavily dominated by Latter Day Saints. Many of the trendiest Instagram photos today are by Mormons (e.g. Freckled Fox) and they would never be caught dead having people think they’ve had even a taste of coffee. Who would think something like coffee could divide women? It’s a big deal for both Evangelical mommy bloggers as well as the LDS but for the opposite reason.

      Mormons seem to have a huge problem with coffee??? I never heard of that before. Is that a law stated in the book of Mormon? 

    • coffeebean7


      Crock pot lasagna with mushrooms and cottage cheese? 🤢 Those shouldn’t be options. I’m the worst cook and can at least recognize that much.

      I'm also not understanding the point of multiple videos documenting her movie night. She seems lonely. 

      Her boys are nearly the exact same ages of mine (each within days ) but are already more polite 😀 Clearly I am doing something wrong...

    • Spanger

      Posted (edited)

      OK folks, I found this here picture of Bro Gary’s actual thanksgiving dinner right here:




      Edited by Spanger
      Added screen shot so y’all don’t have to click the link to see it.
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    • Granwych


      9 hours ago, Alisamer said:

      Maybe he let it run out of fuel (again) and somebody pointed that out to him? Victory!

      Well, Bro has to start somewhere!  Maybe now he knows what the gas gauge is for,

      7 hours ago, Dandruff said:

      Is there a Plexus IQ formula?  I can think of a couple who could use some help.

      Wonder what they'll be having for Thanksgiving.  Turkey with ween gravy?  Ween with turkey gravy?  Ween stuffing, ween pie, green ween casserole?

      The Hawkins crew will be having turweenie!  With biscuit stuffing, and pink gravy of course!

      Excuse me while I projectile vomit at the thought of such a desecration of a wonderful bird...

      • Upvote 1