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Apple Crisp



I was planning on making an apple crisp today and thought it would be fun to blog it, in light of Jill's attempt which looked like potato wedges covered in gravy.

It turns out I won't be eating crisp, but rather humble pie.  For the first time I had to fuss over mine to get it to come out right and in the end it's tasty...but ugly.

I'm blaming a Duggarville curse.

Oh, another Duggar tie in is that with the exception of the cinnamon I got everything at Aldi.)



(This makes enough to fill a 9x13 pan full - so for a normal size batch you can halve the amounts.)

  • 8 heaping cups of fresh apples
  • 1.5 cups packed light brown sugar
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 1 cup butter (room temp) (or 2/3 - see instructions below)
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1.5 tsp nutmeg

Preheat oven to 375 and  butter 9x13 pan.  I love spray butter so much.

Peel and core apples.  I use one of those apple corer/slicer things which cuts them into sections as you'd use for apple pie.  That thing is a time saver, worth every penny of the couple bucks I spent on it 10 years ago.  

Spread apples evenly in buttered pan.


In a large bowl cut the other ingredients together with a pastry cutter until combined.




Cover apples evenly with mixture and bake for about 45 minutes.  Ovens and apples vary so check after about 30.  When done the apples will be soft and sauce will be bubbly like pie and the top will be golden and crispy.


IMG_6524.jpg IMG_6526.jpg


(originally I had used 2/3 cup of butter but after a half hour it was too dry so i sliced the remaining 1/3 into pats and added to the top and baked for another 15 minutes.  I've never had to do this before so either it was the Duggarville curse or these apples weren't as juicy as others I've used n the past.)



Let stand for a while.  Some serve crisp with ice cream, but we're not huge fans of a la mode in my family so we eat it straight.  As God intended.

IMG_6532.jpg IMG_6533.jpg

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Just now, Destiny said:

That looks delightful B. I'll be right over. 

Please bring wine.

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2 minutes ago, HerNameIsBuffy said:

Please bring wine.

You insult me. If we are going to sit and BS, of COURSE I'll bring wine. LOL. I might also bring a cider I think you would like.

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Posted (edited)

This looks great! I might actually make this one.

Though I gotta say, the apple crip is one of the less snark-worthy recipes on Jill's blog. She's not good at photography but the recipe is basically just baked fruit with streusels. As a dessert, totally acceptable. Now if Jill had arranged it nicely on a cute plate and decorated with some ice cream, a bit of powdered sugar and a mint leaf...but hey, creativity is not on the SOTDRT curriculum and I prefer my desserts right out of the pan too. LOL 

Edited by Pretzel

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I made an apple dessert on Sunday. It was apple crumble, which is somewhat similar to this. The topping is butter/flour/sugar, mixed with the hands until it resembles breadcrumbs. Cover the apples with it. Looks a bit like this: 



Some include oats in the topping too, but I don’t. 

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    • ladyicantxplain


      A comment on today's post re: TJFW reads:

       "Wow you defeated Satan"

      And Lori's reply:

      The Transformed Wife:  She sure did! She knew what was at stake and was willing to suffer in order to win her husband to the Lord and His ways.


      No, this woman did not "defeat Satan" - no woman can defeat Satan.  Again, there is no mention of the power of JESUS CHRIST here, which is disturbing because the inference is that the WOMAN "saved" her husband/marriage by "suffering"...a total setup for abuse to continue/worsen.


      Further, it is clearly mentioned in the words of TJFW in the previous post that her husband IS A BELIEVER...so exactly how did TJFW "suffer in order to win her husband to the Lord and His ways" IF her husband was already a believer (Christian).


      Although my husband is a believer, I knew it would take an act of the Holy Spirit for him to overcome his addiction and subsequent struggle with anger and control. Still, I Peter 3:1,2 kept rising up in my heart. If unbelieving husbands can be won over without words by the behavior of their wives, could the Lord use me in that same way to help point my believing husband back to Him?

      Why exactly did TJFW suffer?

      I seem to have missed it.    If this man was a believer, according to Lori's theology, he was already a "new creation - all things are become new". How could this new creation believer be addicted to porn, controlling, abusive and micro-managing with rage?

      That doesn't sound like all things new to me.

    • VeryNikeSeamstress


      43 minutes ago, singsingsing said:

      I swear people say this about every single Duggar couple who gets married. :pb_lol:

      I dunno. There was plenty of snark about the Joshley face eating, the DerDip, and the awkward yet steamy Siren kiss. I don't remember Joystin, or JoKen, or JinJer, and Benessa had theirs in private (props to them).

    • Carol



      Yep, Lori has a big mouth.

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    • Shadoewolf


      So it looks liked the half-assed little shack Josh was selling cars out of got busted. And in typical Duggar fashion he ignored the warnings until the last second. Why does this not surprise me in the least?


    • DundeeUnFundie


      I'm super keen to throw a big party for my future littles, and I will probably turn to Instagram for ideas 🤣 I don't think it would've been too hard when they're used to cooking for a crowd and a lot of the treats were quick/simple (lots of lollies, popcorn and 'ballerinas' (marshmallows on sticks)). That sugar crash with four under four though... definitely not envying that!

      It was mentioned they get welfare... how the heck did they justify/manage to buy a brand new pink guitar for their four year old??? Like yeah sure teach them music, but those things aren't cheap. Surely they had an old one lying around that they could paint pink?