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Buffy's Commentary

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So far I have...



Last night I did the upstairs floors.  Hardwood is gleaming and tiles so clean I am mildly annoyed my family insists on walking on them.

So far today I've made a casserole for dinner and will be making an apple crisp this afternoon while doing laundry.  

Why am I no one's helpmeet?  I think my domestic skills are up to par, so I must have some pretty unappealing characteristics to make me not worth the cooking and clean house.

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You don’t have a helpmeet because you are far superior to any prospects. Clearly. Way to go on all your cleaning and cooking. I love apple crisp.  

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Just now, Kailash said:

You don’t have a helpmeet because you are far superior to any prospects. Clearly. Way to go on all your cleaning and cooking. I love apple crisp.  

I don't have prospects as I'm not looking...so unless someone were to knock on my door unbidden and introduce himself as my headship I have no options.

And if someone did that I would threaten to call the police.

I was half TiC with this post - but I miss having someone to appreciate this stuff some times.

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I could use like a virtual auntie helpmeet these days. I’d hire you asap. :romance-lovegoddess:

Not quite the same I know.


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    • TuringMachine


      The editing on those videos is so jumpy and distracting.

    • CarrotCake

      Posted (edited)

      Of course they should follow the rules in their state but here children up to 12 never had to do social distancing at all. Even when we still had a lot of new cases each day, none of them could be tranced back to children infecting each other.

      So as long as the only adults Felicity is close to are here parents, a playground should not cause any problems.


      But if it is against the local rules it is stupid of course. Don’t act like you don’t need to follow them.

      Edited by CarrotCake
    • Hane


      @Maggie Mae, in light of the fact that every single personal detail of these kids’ lives is on the family YouTube channel, I wonder whether he really wanted all of this shared.

    • Don'tlikekoolaid


      I am so angry.  Mr Kools nephew who hasn’t bothered with us for the forty years Mr K and I have been together phoned and wants to stop in for a visit!  This guy is a JW and was visiting the JW guy who lives about an hour down the road from us.  They severely want to convert us.  The nephew and his wife have been driving around and visiting people during a fucking pandemic and now all of a sudden need to see their beloved uncle, who they’ve ignored for forty f’ing years.  We had quite the conversation, In a nutshell I told them not to show up.  I hope they don’t because I’m no pushover, I’m the bitch gatekeeper and I will not be happy.  WTF is wrong with people, how stupid can they be?  If they show up tomorrow they are not going to like me at all.  We are not your mission field asshole.  

      Thanks guys, I just needed to vent. 

    • starfish


      Maybe he's targeting his chosen demographic (men ages 18-35)  in a last-ditch effort to recruit new

      potential mates so he can marry off the Robotkins.  He IS a total gas-bag. 

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