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So far I have...



Last night I did the upstairs floors.  Hardwood is gleaming and tiles so clean I am mildly annoyed my family insists on walking on them.

So far today I've made a casserole for dinner and will be making an apple crisp this afternoon while doing laundry.  

Why am I no one's helpmeet?  I think my domestic skills are up to par, so I must have some pretty unappealing characteristics to make me not worth the cooking and clean house.

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You don’t have a helpmeet because you are far superior to any prospects. Clearly. Way to go on all your cleaning and cooking. I love apple crisp.  

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Just now, Kailash said:

You don’t have a helpmeet because you are far superior to any prospects. Clearly. Way to go on all your cleaning and cooking. I love apple crisp.  

I don't have prospects as I'm not looking...so unless someone were to knock on my door unbidden and introduce himself as my headship I have no options.

And if someone did that I would threaten to call the police.

I was half TiC with this post - but I miss having someone to appreciate this stuff some times.

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I could use like a virtual auntie helpmeet these days. I’d hire you asap. :romance-lovegoddess:

Not quite the same I know.


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    • AnnaSofia


      Yeah, the Tuckers seem to be second in command.

      At one point, I think at least two of Jonathan Tucker's kids, David, and Alicia, worked for T.Rex Arms. I'm pretty sure Alicia left awhile ago, and looking at LinkedIn, it seems David did as well (to work for his father, apparently), a little over a year ago.

      I could possibly see them challenging Geoff's leadership if they're not depending on T.Rex for anyone's livelihood.

    • Bethella


      2 hours ago, Smoochie said:

      If I remember correctly when Josh & Anna sold the house and moved to the warehouse it was due to a lawsuit that Josh was involved in, there was perhaps an ownership change too (?) and it was reasoned that it was to remove the assets from his name so there would be nothing to win, or for them to lose should judgement be against him.  Perhaps someone remembers more of the details.

      The house was moved to an LLC (ALB Investments) just before the Danica Dillon lawsuit back in 2015. They stayed there for another couple of years before selling it. This article was before they confirmed that ALB was Josh and Anna. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3330441/amp/Josh-Duggar-s-dream-home-sold-mystery-investment-company-tied-longtime-member-family-s-inner-circle-two-days-porn-star-accused-violent-paid-sex-sessions.html

      This article is from when it was put back on the market in 2019. https://starcasm.net/josh-and-anna-duggars-house-photos/

      And an article confirming that they were living in the warehouse from 2020. https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/1415834/josh-anna-duggar-living-jim-bob-warehouse-six-kids/amp/

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    • hoipolloi


      8 hours ago, Sarcastically spinster said:

      My overall impression was that they recognized many of the problems within VF, the celebrity culture (they found it weird that girls were lining up to get them to sign their books), etc.  However, they still didn't see anything wrong with most of the actual views held by VF, or recognize how those beliefs drove the cultural problems they were seeing, and they didn't see their own contributions to the problems.  

      Ah, this would be the "Well, they [DPIART & VF] did it wrong" school of thought. Clearly, there's no problem with the concepts -- it's just that so many people fuck up trying to implement them.

      51 minutes ago, AnnaSofia said:

      can anyone really remove Geoff from leadership, if he doesn't choose to step down?

      He's the cult leader one of the elders, right? It's hard to see how he can be removed against his will.


    • thoughtful


      4 hours ago, Xan said:

      You have a real gift, @thoughtful.  Getting Bro Gary's voice just right isn't easy. 

      Thank you, but really, the transcriptions in quotes are really done syllable by syllable. If I could type in International Phonetic Alphabet, and knew everyone here could read it, I'd resort to that - sometimes my only difficulty is that some of the sounds he makes are not easy to convey with the 26 letters of the alphabet.

      Sometimes, like 'enry 'iggins, I want to say "Heavens, what a sound!" and "I ask you sir, what sort of word is that?"




    • Ozlsn


      On 5/12/2021 at 10:31 PM, JermajestyDuggar said:

      hate when she pretends to leave it up to god and then admits to using methods (I’m guessing condoms around time of ovulation) in between pregnancies

      At that point seriously, go the full deal and use more reliable contraception, sheesh.

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