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Gobbles Musings

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It's going to be a....

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Right now it is Friday morning, the day after my two test drives. I got the mail that my license is ready to be picked up on Tuesday, my Grandpa went and got it for me on Wednesday. Already on Tuesday we called and made appointments for two test drives, one in a Renault Captur with 120 PS and the other one in the new Honda Jazz/Fit with 130 PS. 

First, driving was no problem at all. I felt much better than in the driving lessons. I had no problem using those new cars, took me about a minute and I was used to them. The Renault came first and it was a good drive. Great car, some minor negative things, but overall a good experience. The Honda Jazz was a bit more novel for me due to the CVT. I'm used to double clutches, so it feel a bit weird at the beginning. 

So, it is going to be the new Honda Jazz/Fit Dynamic with 130 PS. Driving felt a tiny bit better in the Renault, but judging by the bigger picture the Honda has more to offer. More practicability due to the Magic Seats, more stuff in it and at least in Germany Honda has a great reputation for being very reliable. With the 130 PS it is okay to drive and I need to hit the gas a bit more than in the car I drove during my classes. 

There are no used cars around, so thanks to my Grandpa and family I'm going to get a new one. Due to my disability card I get a pretty good discount (I had no idea that car companies offer that) and well, I have the full warranty and everything that comes with it. We told them we need the weekend to talk it all through and on Monday we will finish the contract and by then I need to decide on a colour. My Mum said that if we get a new one, I should pick the colour I want, even if it costs a bit more. 

I'll add a picture and the link to the description of the car on the British Honda site (note sure if the US model the same as in Europe) and I will keep you updated about the delivery/pick up date.

https://www.honda.co.uk/cars/new/jazz/overview.html (It is the Sports type in the UK, Dynamic in Germany. I guess we do not think of this car as a sports car and this is why they named it Dynamic here. 😀)



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The Honda Jazz is not sold in the US. But it does look very similar to the Honda FIT. They may be the same. Cute car, no matter what.

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    • Howl

      Posted (edited)

      This is getting more fascinating by the moment!  

      16 hours ago, Palimpsest said:

      This team is amazing, God fearing people that truly care, have amazing skill and knowledge, and are part of my medical miracle.

      Is it possible that Grifter John wrangled free surgery through his World's Worst Missionary™ status?

      I do find this interesting. The main doctor who did Bro Shrader's surgery is interested in minimally invasive surgical procedures, which I truly hope is the wave of the future. 

      A few years ago, I met a guy in his sixties (triathlete) who had a minimally invasive total knee replacement and his recovery was amazingly quick.  The surgery was outpatient and he was back to running in less than two months.  Here's a bio on his surgeon, who pioneered this technique. 

      Hubs is in the midst of recovery from a partial knee replacement, regular style, and I wish we'd had the option for a minimally invasive procedure.  

      Edited by Howl
    • smittykins


      2 hours ago, squiddysquid said:

      So I guessing those asshiles are ok with slavery too? Just when you thought they couldn't get any more disgusting... :angry-banghead:

      It wouldn’t surprise me.  “Slavery wasn’t ALL bad—not all masters were cruel, and many slaves were brought to JAYZUZ!” :puke-huge:

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    • Hane


      Can we just put all BGR posts straight into Quiver Full of Misogyny? I’m no delicate flower, but they take me *this* close to a panic attack.

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    • Palimpsest

      Posted (edited)

      23 minutes ago, squiddysquid said:

      55.000,- for the surgery and everything else seems quite cheap. Either John is lying or there's a good reason for the discount price

      That was the "typical" estimate from the BalancedBack site, not John.  John will never admit to how much this cost.

      They do other spine surgery there too, not just the experimental implants.  I expect John's surgery was much more expensive because he had 3 implants.   And someone paid for Rick Shrader's travel expenses and accommodation too.

      It isn't clear yet to me how many people have had this surgery.  It may be more than 79.  I'm still researching Drs Hodges and Humphreys. :)


      Edited by Palimpsest
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    • squiddysquid

      Posted (edited)

      79 patients is not much... What year did they start doing that? I'd be worried about long-term outcomes...

      Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of the concept. Though I'm not a surgeon, so I'm not sure how safe the whole contraption is. Spinal fusion surely isn't the perfect solution but I'd like my spinal cord quite stable in there John... This is not a non-FDA-approved procedure I'd choose to be a Guinea pig in...

      55.000,- for the surgery and everything else seems quite cheap. Either John is lying or there's a good reason for the discount price

      Edited by squiddysquid
      Wat what
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