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Gobbles Musings

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Waiting for my license & a new car?

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Because I switched from manual to automatic during my lessons I needed to wait a bit longer than usual for my license. Last week we went to the driver's license office type of thing and told them to change my license. We paid for the quicker time (a few days vs. six weeks for 19€ was worth it) and it should be ready by Wednesday or Thursday. I can't wait to hold that damn thing in my hands, and not only the paper with the big fat "this is not a license" on it. 

Yesterday we went to look at cars again and visited a Renault dealer. We looked at a couple of cars and I saw one I instantly liked and sat down in it. It was love at first sight. It has less stuff in it than the Jazz/Fit, but more PS and it is classified as a Mini-SUV kind of car. Its name is Captur. Way to expensive brand new but it is a car that is often used for leasing and he said that there will be some coming back soon and then the price is okay. 

So we hope that we can test drive soon. Right now it is Honda Jazz/Fit vs. Renault Captur. I will take them on the same route so I can compare. 

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Question- Do you need a different type of license if you drive a manual vs an automatic? That's oddly specific.

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It is the same license, but in the back there is a lot of space for specific things. Like for example if you also have a license to drive motorcycles it is written on there. Or that I need to drive with glasses. Same with automatic, the number "78" is written on the back to show that I can only drive those cars. 

I found a picture of the back. You can see the date of the passed exam under number 10 and in the section under 12 would be 78 written behind class B. Glasses are in the last line at the bottom if I remember right. 


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That is so interesting. Huh. Because my daily driver car is a manual, but I occasionally drive one of our other cars that are automatics.

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I just want to let you know again that what you’ve done is great. It’s nice to progress and success stories from our peoples.

You deserve a car! It’s like a rite of passage in certain classes of US society that a teen gets a car at 16. And as discussed, we have to do so much less work.

If you would like to share, I’d like to see the car (or a generic equivalent) when it happens. :) 

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@Alice in Fundieland

Given that at this exact time elven years ago I was at my worst point mental health wise, this still feels very weird.

Of course I will keep you updated. A lot is happening this week, and there will for sure be another entry in the upcoming days.

I honestly still need time to process it. This is how a Olympic athlete must feel after winning gold. In the interviews directly after the competitions they alway say, that they need time to actually understand what happened. That is exactly how I feel. And I'm still waiting for the medal ceremony (aka license), I only have the damn flower bouquet. 😀


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Great news gobbles, and I hope one of these cars becomes available soon!

@keen23 in Australia if you get your license on an automatic car you can’t drive a manual for the next year.  This wasn’t always the case, but the restriction came in 10 or more years ago.


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    • VeryNikeSeamstress

      Posted (edited)

      She looks sooo much like Jana! So pretty much all the youngest Duggar daughters are headed into adolescence. Crazy how time flies!

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    • JordynDarby5


      I'm not sure how I feel about the kids changing their names. I don't mind kids changing their name if its their choice and they change it to something they choose. But I don't really think that's what's happening because so many of them have changed their name and amazingly they all seem to pick ones that go with the theme of their new parents picked. I think its the mom or both parents deciding to change the names. The one girl Lilly (or did it have one l) they didn't change her name but changed the spelling? Why? The mom mentions in Saidee's that "they" orginally picked Lexus supposedly Saidee and the mom until the mom heard her mother mention something  with Saidee in it and loved it. What about Saidee? Did she love it? Would she have been "allowed" to keep her original name? Or "allowed" to pick any another name if she wanted to that didn't have the "ee"? Probably not. 

    • Blue


      On 7/31/2020 at 1:49 PM, JesusHDuggar said:

      I would like to share my Youtube videos with y'all.

      This one is about Gwen Shamblin specifically:

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      and this one is about her son Michael. As far as I know, I'm the only one talking about Michael and his failed music career.

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      After I posted these I received direct messages from many ex-remnant fellowship members and they told me some things that the general public does not know. If anyone is interested.

      Oh.my.goodness - these are gold! We just watched them both multiple times!

    • 16strong


      On 7/27/2020 at 7:08 PM, mpheels said:

      My university had a swim test requirement before graduation - swim 50 meters then either tread water or keep swimming for the remainder of 5 minutes. Any stroke was fine, even doggie paddle. Just had to be in the pool for five minutes and not drown. Students could take swim lessons as one of thier phys ed credits, and the final exam fulfilled the swim test requirement. The test started during WW2 as a way to make sure graduates were prepared for military service. I graduated in 2004 and was I among one of the last cohorts with the swim requirement.

      This sounds oddly familiar. No chance you went to a certain ASU in the southeast is there? I never had that requirement, because the old pool hall was closed due to damage when I arrived in 2007, but it was definitely a topic of discussion.

    • Blue


      I was browsing the public profiles of RF leadership and, am I crazy, or did Michael and Erin/Elle Shamblin have a baby? She changed her profile picture to a newborn on July 10th and someone commented to congratulate them (although they congratulated Michael and Elle... So which is it?!? Is she Erin or Elle??)

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