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Buffy's Commentary

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PSA - Warning Against Slipperiness



There are three things you need to know about me to appreciate how I spent part of my early evening:

  1. I am clumsy
  2. I have a deep bathtub
  3. I am an idiot

Muscle aches and anxiety I took a nice hot bath with salts...two birds one stone, right?  I am nothing if not efficient.

And smart enough to take the bath mat out so I could sink into the tub with no annoying friction getting in the way.  It was a lovely bath...until I drained the tub and reached for my moisturizer.  They kind you can apply when wet, it's very handy for after shower....but not so much the bath.

I, like the dumbass that I am, took advantage of lying down in the now empty tub to moisturize all over to save having to do my feet and legs when I dried off.

Yes, in a slick, deep tub with no mat I slathered moisturizer on the bottoms of my feet, backs of legs, and other posterior parts of my anatomy that come into contact with the tub.  

In addition of course to my hands and arms.  

I tried to stand up, lost my grip on the sides, and slid around like a porpoise in Tony Hawks swimming pool if it was coated in oil.

I can hear you asking the obvious, "Hey Dummy, why didn't you just grab a towel and wipe off?"

I thought of that, but because of my ill advised slathering I couldn't get to the one hanging on the rack about 1.5 inches out of reach.

After lying there cold, angry, and stupid for far too long I was able to get out, at great risk to both myself and the shower curtain.  We both lived to tell the tale.  

I clearly need adult supervision.

I may be an idiot...





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But no injuries, I hope? You didn't have to get your neighbor Sheldon to take you to the ER? "Cause of accident? Lack of adhesive ducks..."


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29 minutes ago, WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo? said:

But no injuries, I hope? You didn't have to get your neighbor Sheldon to take you to the ER? "Cause of accident? Lack of adhesive ducks..."


I did not.  I live with my young adult sons and I'd have died in there first!

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Buffy, I nearly had the same incident as you, except that I hadn’t realised that my daughter (who is young, slim, stronger and more flexible than me) had just used enormous quantities of oil in her bath to help her eczema.  Seriously the bath was like a skating rink.  And I’m not young, slim, flexible and strong.  It was veeery difficult to get out!

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