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Buffy's Commentary

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My Dog the Therapist



The TLDR of exposition is I've never struggled with anxiety until this year, so this is a new adventure in hell for me.  The combination of my life falling to shit at the same time peri-menopause decided to commandeer my hormones to attack me emotionally...let's just say I'm not the happiest I've ever been lately.

I got a few hours of broken sleep last night and woke up feeling unrested and full on anxious.  The kind of anxiety you can feel in your skin...that sickening tingly feeling that goes along with the fear.  

Then the super fun cycle of my head telling me I needed to eat to stave off a migraine while my stomach was telling me in no uncertain terms to not even think about it.  Nothing soothes anxiety like violent dry heaves!

So I brush my face and wash my teeth and go back to bed.  I put on a guided meditation type video and followed along with the deep breathing as I snuggled against my big dog.  (Smaller dog was also in bed, but at the foot and out of cuddle range.)

He is part mastiff, part rot and is a good 135 lbs.  So you see I was not exaggerating, big dog is indeed accurate.  

I was buried deep under a sheet, down duvet, soft fleece blanket, and a light quilt because that sometimes helps.  I was focused on the video and my breathing and the closeness of my pup when he decided to help...

He got up and changed positions and lay across me.  I have often wished I had one of those heavy anxiety blankets, but I don't...apparently he decided to be that for me.  It really helped.

I didn't move as I didn't want him to shift off me...he was comfy and I felt safer somehow....and I continued to breathe and meditate along with the video. 

The plan was to calm down and get to some level of functionality but I fell asleep.  Woke up a few hours later grateful for the needed sleep, annoyed I'd slept away most of the morning, and feeling marginally better.

I ate, so the threatening migraine clouds seemed to have moved on leaving only a normal headache, but my digestive system is punishing me for daring to eat.

I would really like the various parts of my body to get together and work out some kind of feasible plan for functionality.  I am so uncooperative with myself.

As bad as things are at times the hero of the story this particular day is my gentle giant.  He knew exactly what I needed and just quietly gave it to me without fanfare...for the price of reciprocal cuddles.

(It is almost time to start dinner and I have done nothing all day except meditate while trying to set the world record for vomiting in a day.  



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Aw. I have a life-induced intense headache and actually just forced food and caffeine down my system too. I need to venture into the world for my meds. All a bit ironic.

I had very strange dreams last night where I dreamt random posts about just bullshit stuff and would wakeup and be like, “no, wait, that didn’t happen.”

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11 minutes ago, AliceInFundyland said:

Aw. I have a life-induced intense headache and actually just forced food and caffeine down my system too. I need to venture into the world for my meds. All a bit ironic.

I had very strange dreams last night where I dreamt random posts about just bullshit stuff and would wakeup and be like, “no, wait, that didn’t happen.”

I had a terrible nightmare while getting the little sleep I had last night about my past...there is definitely a certain thread I wish didn't happen.

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    • allthegoodnamesrgone


      On 6/30/2020 at 10:52 AM, Mama Mia said:

      Interesting that it’s an actual KOA franchise!  Definitely seems like JB likes to work for himself, maybe there’s a current set of the next generation that wouldn’t mind that kind of structure though. If JD has worked as a deputy, and Abbie as a nurse, they might be used to rules and regulations enough. 

      But in the case of a campground being part of a franchise such as a KOA it will bring in a lot more customers than some random campground. I assume that, like the car lot, the Duggar's won't be doing any of the work they will hire someone to do that. 

    • SassyPants

      Posted (edited)

      Cute camping story...many years ago when our kids were elementary school aged, we took them on a Summer camping trip around the PNW region of the US. One day after doing a shopping run, a grocery bag fell out of our SUV, taking my daughter’s reading books (paperbacks with it). The bag contained the all important beers. Of course the bottles shattered and soaked the school books in the process. Both kids stood with their mouths wide open as my husband yelled, “ why did it have to be the beers”? To this day the now grown kids will both say, “why did it have to be the beers”, and laugh their asses off. He didn’t care one bit about the booze saturated,Catholic school issued, reading books, which my daughter was stunned about.

      Edited by SassyPants
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    • MayMay1123


      13 hours ago, wallysmommy said:

      @MayMay1123 Not that I know of.  My cousins were born at Taylor's Drain, however.  No lying, that's the name of the town.  We have Moores, Echols, Harrises, and Mumbergs.  

      The man had 19 children, I figure everyone in WV is probably related to me some how 😁 I'll have to look up Taylor's Drain, ty

    • AmazonGrace


      Nobody is as loving as Gwen. She is so loving that if you get her started talking about her great lovingness she can't stop.


      — Main Menu

      Love Overflows

      July 03, 2020

      by Gwen Shamblin Lara

      0 Comment

      The more you love God, the easier it is to love others with the overflow of the heart. I can return love—even to others who have hurt me—because I know He loves me. Others might hurt me, but God’s opinion is so much higher on my list that it does not matter so much anymore what others may do.

      When I think about how involved He is in my life, I sometimes want to cry. Obviously, there are hurting and sad times, too, but even in the low points, my heart always runs to the Father and finds peace only in Him. As you can see, I really cannot be silent about God. It is not a good idea to get me started because I cannot quit!


    • OyToTheVey


      On 6/30/2020 at 8:53 AM, Snarkasarus Rex said:

       but they could set rules that would 'keep out the riff raff' (no booze, dress code, strict quiet hours, Christian-themed activities, etc.).  I've seen several RV parks do this.  

      I can't even count how many times I've broken the booze rules. All parks around here don't allow alcohol, even when BBQing. That's easily solved with Perrier bottles. Now they make those fancy S'well bottles. There's a way around all of that lol 

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