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Gobbles Musings

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So, like you probably read, I had my final exam on October 11th and passed! I'm so relived. This is how it went:

On the day before I had my last required night lesson at around 10pm. It was really late and I was so tired, but I was glad that I had this lesson because the normal one in the morning felt awful. Night lesson went good and it made me a bit calmer. My instructor picked me up at around 7am the next day and I drove to the parking lot were the exam started at 7:30.  I was a mess, like a real mess. I sat there in the drivers seat crying, shaking and done with it all. I was able to compose myself a bit, but not much. The examiner came into our car and introduced himself. We knew since Tuesday who it was and my instructor told me to watch out for some things he cares a lot about. He was also quite young, 28, just a year older as I am. He obviously noticed how I was doing and gave me some easy questions to answers for the first part. In Germany you have to answer three questions about things you should know when driving. Like I said, I got lucky and my questions were:

1. Where is the button for the emergency flasher?
2. Where is the horn? 
3. Turn on the rear fog lamp and show me where you can see that it is on.

Then the driving part started during rush hour. I have no idea about rush hour in other cities/countries, but it is bad here. The first minutes we had stop and go. He and my instructor talked about cars and jobs while the examiner told me were to go like a satnav. Lots of turning left, a living area with a different speed limit and right of way situations. Then I was told to reverse park at the side of a street. Worked on the first try. (I had two.) Then some roads outside of the town leading to the expressway (the little sister of the autobahn) and I had to drive into it, the part I was most afraid of. I got lucky again because there was only a single car at that time on the left lane and I drove onto the street once he was past me. Because of the heavy traffic, the speed was down to 60 on that street. We drove back into the city and on a street next to the parking lot were we started we did the emergency braking. As in drive 30 (18mph) and on command hit the brakes as hard as you can. My favorite thing! That was the second of the three required tasks. The last one came on the parking lot, reverse park into a parking space like you do at the supermarket. I managed to do that as well.

So I was told that I had passed (started crying right there) and also that there was nothing to correct and that it was a really good drive. I got the paper I need to get my license (because I switched to automatic I did not get it right away, they need to make a new one). 

The whole driving thing lasted for about 35 minutes. 

The only thing I need now is a car. I will keep you updated! 

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    • MayMay1123


      I'm so happy to have John Krasinski over here all to myself... ( not savvy enough to link hawt pic lol) 

    • Shaquillle Oatmeal


      1 hour ago, can'tstopwatching said:

      I found this old video interesting which gives a good look at the basement library room where Tom is building the bathroom. It really shows just how tight and cramped it is, I feel claustrophobic imagining how many people have to live in this space. 6:06 is where the room begins to be shown, 12:27 shows the spot where the bathroom is being built now. Just imagine how small the room will be with the bathroom there!! I feel that the pantry room (just off of this one) takes up a huge amount of space that could be better used by the kids if it weren't for Andrea's selfish obsession with it as "Mills Market". They could've found more creative ways of storing groceries than using an entire room.


      The beamed area below the ceiling over the office.

    • Bethella


      2 hours ago, justmy2cents said:

      Are 3 & 4 correct? That would be just a 9 month difference.


      1 hour ago, anjulibai said:

      It sounds like #4 was premature, which could explain the 9.8 month age gap. Given all of her first four babies spent time in NICU, it's bizarre to me that she risked a home birth with her fifth child. I'm glad it worked out, but still. 


      26 minutes ago, justmy2cents said:

      Where’s my ‘holy shit’ reaction?

      @anjulibai That’s what I thought but it says no. 4 was an induction?

      The first four were all inductions and IIRC all four were preterm to a greater or lesser degree. At one point she said no. five was the first one to go full term. 

    • AussieKrissy


      Hand me down? Thrifted? Do we have hope he may be allowed to watch superman or play with action figures, will he be allowed a Wonder Woman one? I am more of a marvel girl but hey superman is still cool. 


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    • EmainMacha


      I propose Idris Elba for inclusion. Mmmmm Idris Elba...

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