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Flowers in the Attic: "To Find a Friend"

Maggie Mae


This installment of the bestest ever book series opens with a scintillating passage. 


Somebody was screaming on the attic stairs! I bolted awake and looked around to see who was missing. Cory!

Isn't that just the definition of scintillating? Clever, skillful writing. 

Chris yells "What the hell is going on now?" which is another one of Grandmother's rules. The rules that have been conveniently been forgotten as they watch TV. I don't see them staring at books they can't read for five hours a day, anymore. 

Cory is upset because one of the mousetraps has worked, and there is a mouse who is chewing off his own foot. Mice are SO gross. I mean, they are cute when the have the little white bodies and are on TV, but actual mice in houses are always weird brown lumps that scurry around and are gross. The first time I had one in my house I literally jumped on a chair, like a weirdo from a 60s movie. It was instinctual. But, of course, Cory wants Cathy to save the mouse. Cory has never had a pet before. Cory, sweetie, at this point, you ARE a pet. You are locked into a room and your mother takes you out once in a while to look at and play with, and then she puts you away when she grows bored. Maybe VC Andrews is a better writer than I give her credit for? 


As far as I knew, Cory had just about everything money could buy except a pet, his freedom and the great outdoors. 

All punctuation errors in the previous quote are as written in the book. And, no, he doesn't have everything money can buy.  He doesn't have healthcare! Just like millions of Americans. 

We get a page and a half of Chris and Cathy's efforts to macgyver a solution to save the mouse. Unlike The Lost World: Jurassic Park, they did not set the wild animal's leg with gum. Which is a much more interesting book than this, though not without it's problems. One of which was setting an infant T-Rex's leg with chewing gum. This scene made it into the film, though the characters were changed. 

Carrie interrupts often to yell at Cathy and hit Chris. Discipline, Carrie, discipline. 

Speaking of discipline, Grandmother has entered the battle room again. This time they are all still in their nightclothes, no ropes to conceal their bodies from each other. They have unwashed faces, tousled hair, and BARE FEET OMG. 

Speaking of "shoes in the house" I ended up reading a "spirited discussion" this morning on Reddit. It went about as well as that conversation topic went over here. How weirdly privileged are we (people in general) to have so much emotional attachment around shoes? 

It gets worse! The beds aren't made. They left clothes laying on chairs! Chris is in the bathroom with Carrie! 

What about the failure of the Grandmother to provide adequate places for their clothes? Or, you know, beds for four children instead of just two? 

Carrie's eyes go wide. 



(Carrie's eyes are BLUE because apparently BLUE eyes are best in VC's World.) 

Chris picks up the terrified 6-8 year old and shoves her in Cathy's lap, saying he's going to look for a birdcage for the mouse. Grandmother remains silent. 



Grandmother purses her lips and looks at Cory with stone-cold eyes. She tells him that a pet like that suits him. 

It takes two weeks to win over the mouse's affection. (Taming him, if you will.) I'm still a bit grossed out by it. By a bit, I mean



They talk about the damn mouse some more, Carrie yells about it being in the dollhouse.

No sign of their mother. 


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I, for the record, hate rodents of all types, and was quite appalled at the idea of keeping one as a pet, though I was equally appalled at the poor mouse dying in the trap.

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Maggie Mae


I can't say I wanted the poor little mouse to chew off his own leg or die in a trap; but I also am not a fan of them keeping a rodent as a pet. What if it bites? Bubonic Plague is still a thing in Yosemite. 

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This a pendulum that swings between perverted and dull. There’s no middle.

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My aspiring fiction writer self is cringing at the passive voice in that first example.  

Two in a bed didn't bother me reading this back in the day because for a while my sister and I shared a bed (and room).  (and it was glorious when we finally got twin beds and didn't have to any longer)

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    • ophelia


      So totally random, but when she mentions the 5AM body combat class, does she mean she gets up at 5AM to be able to make it on time or that the actual class starts at 5AM? My gym doesn't even open until 8PM. Probably because it is cheap af.

    • ophelia


      This whole retreat puzzles me: the costs, the fact that it is in Europe and people have to travel across continents only to pray and drink fancy coffee for three days and the apparent Switzerland connection that Allison seems to have that was never mentioned before.

      On one hand I really want this retreat to happen just to see who could afford to attend and on the other hand I doubt she will get enough girls to pay the price and travel on their own across the world. Some of these SAHDs can hardly run errands without a male headship! Traveling to liberal/socialist/heathen Europe? Sure!

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      2 hours ago, picklepizzas said:

      Idk if TLC is gonna be happy about this one. There’s a big difference between flying the crew between Laredo and Arkansas, and flying between Cali and Arkansas. That’s a looong flight. I wonder if we will see much of them after the move for the logistics alone. 

      They will have their own show.  

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      4 hours ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      I hope they pick another letter. I think it’s hard to find lots of names you love with the same first letter. Look at the Duggars. I bet they didn’t both love every one of those J names. 

      They clearly cared more about the J-pattern than about the actual names. Otherwise I can't explain why they chose Jinger. She was 'only' their 6th kid and they still had plenty of beautiful J-options: Johannah, Joy, Judith, Julia, etc.

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      1 hour ago, Bad Wolf said:

      Did they show the Dillards?

      No, but I think I got a quick glimpse of Israel in the wedding party. They had a lot of little kids in their wedding.