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Zsa Zsa's Goulash in Name Only



I attempted to make Zsa Zsa Gabor's Dracula Goulash tonight and in the end I modified it so much it bears little resemblance to hers.  http://travelingboy.com/archive-travel-wendy-zzgabor_goulash.html

What she had to say about this dish, "Dahlings, this is the dish I use to catch a man. And if I want to get rid of him I stop making it. It's one of Hungary's national dishes and it's so good that even when you serve it with caviar, your guests will rave about the goulash. Try it, it's my favorite." 

Also "Dahlings, make sure you serve Dracula Goulash with a rich red wine. In Hungary we serve it with Bull's Blood wine. And watch out, this dish will stir you man's blood as well. Enjoy!"

I made two modified versions, one vegetarian.  Neither will stir anyone's passions, but it was enjoyed by the members of my family who like sauerkraut.

Zsa Zsa said this will "serve 10 hungry Americans or 8 dieting Hungarians" but I halved the recipe as it was just way too much food.  Half was more than enough for 3 adults for dinner, leftovers, still had half of each version to freeze.

The original recipe and my modifications in brackets:   

  • 2 red onions, sliced  [white onions because that's what I had]
  • 3 lbs. stewing pork [1.5 lbs]
  • 3 lbs. stewing beef [omitted.   Replaced with sliced baby carrots, julienne mini sweet peppers, and in vegetarian version one small yellow squash]
  • 2 smoked Hungarian (or Polish) sausages [1 Polish sausage about 10 oz]
  • 4 pounds pre-washed sauerkraut [1 28 oz jar]
  • a handful of caraway seeds [small palm-full]
  • Hungarian red paprika [The instructions say to use only Hungarian paprika or don't bother making it, but I just pretended the McCormick paprika in my spice cabinet came from Hungary]
  • 2 cups of sour cream [aprox 1 cup]
  • olive oil or butter [both]
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • fresh parsley
  • bottle of red wine [I had little bottles of red so I used one in each version with a 2 cups of vegetable broth]

My additions:

  • Diced tomatoes
  • Tomato sauce
  • Egg noodles 


I have a vegetarian in my family so I made two pots, the recipe is the same except for the addition of meat to one. 

I sauteed the onions, vegetables, and pork in oil and butter (a little butter for flavor and oil to up the smoke point.)

Salt, pepper, paprika, and caraway seeds and once the pork was cooked and onions translucent I added the wine.  Let it cook down for about 10 minutes on low heat and then added the diced tomatoes, sauerkraut and 2 cups vegetable broth and the sour cream to each pot

Simmer for about an hour, stirring occasionally.  While stirring I noticed sauce wasn't thick enough so I split a can of tomato sauce between the pots.  This worked, gave it the consistency of stew base.

I served over egg noodles with crescent rolls on the side.  

It completely veered from her original as that called for no tomatoes or veggies besides sauerkraut, but tbf it's hard to make a vegetarian version of a recipe that calls for 6 lbs of meat plus 2 sausages.

[add pics]

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      On 6/29/2020 at 9:30 PM, SpecialAgentCookieCrisp said:

      No porn but this cracked me up. Hey Gwen! It's on eBay. You need this hanging in your house!


      I think I need to save this picture and look at it after looking at current pics of Joe.

      No, not because it's sexy - because I always end up tired from looking at his frozen, stretched face and unconsciously imitating it. I need to see that, at one time, he could lower his eyelids, so I can relax mine!

    • Exposedknees


      Oh please! The same Jessa who posts baby pix of herself and the kids every few months about how much her kids look like HER....NO way they're adopting. This is clickbait. CO is returning next week, they needed to drum up some interest.

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      Each time she mentions adoption I'm guessing she's pregnant.

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      I'm confused by this new post on the Dillard's blog, "how to love your wives like you mean it" as opposed to how to love your wife like you love her? And this should be from a name perspective reading the first few lines... I don't get it I have reread it like 3 times in a row and still 🤷‍♀️

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      I found FJ because  was doing some Internet research.  I almost married a man who was pretty much fundamentalist (long story there, the best thing that's ever happened to me was when he broke up with me.  I was 18).  We both wanted a big family and since we were engaged, I started reading up on large families.  

      Enter Erika Shupe.

      (Yes, I know.)

      After thinking this woman was insane, I decided to straight-up Google her name (I think I found her website on a Pinterest board).  By that time, her website had been scrubbed or deleted or whatever.  Instead, I found FreeJinger.  That had to be about 2018?  I followed along while her oldest found freedom (and someone suggested renaming the site FreeMelanie or FreeKaren, which ever daughter was the next.  That's when I realized FreeJinger was about Jinger Duggar... DUH.)

      I stayed and decided to make an account because I love the snoop, the snark, and the overall style of the site.  I think it's interesting how clearly you'all've dissected these families and done research into their histories.  I am a conservative Christian and I've grown up around some pretty fundie families, even though they don't claim to be fundie.  Anyway, it's just interesting stuff to me.  To be clear, I don't like fundieism and I'm glad that I missed that bullet.

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