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Gobbles Musings

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The end is near

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After another unplanned break due to the death of my instructors mum a possible date for the final exam is too close now and we have to look into the later dates. Being very vague here, because I'm not going to tell when it is, I will only tell when I have my license. Too much pressure when many people know it, even though you guys are "just" online people. 

Next week I will have two of the three mandatory lessons during the night. You are supposed to drive on the motorway and on country roads during those lessons, not so much in the city. (Makes sense, with all the street lights it is not really dark in towns.) I'm looking forward to it, it will be very relaxing because that is not relevant for my exam which is during the day. 

In the last lessons we practiced specifically for the exam. Lots of people I know failed their exam on the first try. It is quite hard. Not the driving, but more those situations you cannot plan. So I hope for a rainy day with really horrible weather so that not too many people on bikes are on the roads and not too many pedestrians as well. 

Nothing new on the car front. Still waiting for the right car to pop up. But we have have told a construction company to build my parking lot on our property. We have space for two cars right now, but with mine we need three places.  So thankful that we have that opportunity. If you need a parking spot on the street you are doomed. 

Next update will probably be that I have my car or my license or both but it can take a while. But it will be finished during 2018. Even if I fail the first time, there are still a few exam dates left this year.

(I envy every one in countries were the exam isn't that hard and/or lives in rural areas.)

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  • Posts

    • FullOfGravy


      11 minutes ago, AmazonGrace said:


      Does she have wild hogs as pets or something? What on earth happens to a house with two adults living in it if you don't clean  for a day?

      With all the knick-knacks and frou-frou she has, I imagine that by the time she gets done dusting the last room, the first is cobwebby enough for a haunted house.

    • hoipolloi


      40 minutes ago, VVV said:

      If he ever had a nest egg, I am guessing it has been largely drained at this point. I've never defaulted on a credit card or been sued, but my understanding is that you have to fail to make payments for a pretty long time before they get around to suing you. And I have also read that American Express does not play games so Dougie boy is going to have to take this seriously. I don't understand why Beall doesn't file for divorce ASAP so she doesn't go down with him. It isn't as if they have any kind of marriage any more.

      Yeah -- bet that nest egg is looking more like a heap of broken eggshell at this point.

      Re: What is Dougie up to? Just found this on his nyc_cinematographer IG account. Looks like a remix of recent stuff plus some footage of DPIART from the ill-fated 2013 VF group tour to Greece. Wonder if any expenses were charged to AMEX?


    • feministxtian


      37 minutes ago, HereticHick said:

      How did we end up being better "Keepers of the Home" than they are????? : )

      Because we had parents who didn't half-ass everything. Well, that and some sort of curiosity about how to do shit and the willingness to look it up, ask questions, whatever. 

      Admittedly I'm a horrible housekeeper these days. No kids, don't care maybe? We never have friends over? I really need to pull it together...

    • Antipatriarch


      1 hour ago, hoipolloi said:

      Here is DPIART's complete resignation statement


      This is a time when my repentance needs to be proven, and I need to lead a quiet life focusing on my family and serving as a foot soldier, not a ministry leader. Though I am broken over my failures, I am grateful to be able to spend more time with my family, nurturing my wife and children and preparing my older sons and daughters for life.

      Let's just line that up with world travel and burlesque... hm... not seeing it, can someone help me out?

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      13 minutes ago, AmazonGrace said:


      Does she have wild hogs as pets or something? What on earth happens to a house with two adults living in it if you don't clean  for a day?

      It’s because she has a million and one Knick knacks. It takes much longer to clean a cluttered house. That’s why I’m always amazed Jill’s house is so clean. It’s so full of stuff. But the kids are the ones cleaning it. When you have tons of clutter, you have to move a bunch of stuff to sweep and vacuum. You also have to move lots of stuff to dust. Plus you spend much more time organizing and rearranging your stuff. It’s exhausting. That’s why I got rid of a bunch of my junk. It’s much quicker and easier to clean now. 

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