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Musings of a Former Pole Dancer

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My MIL Is Moving Back to To Our Region



The title explains it all: My MIL is moving back to the region where husband and I live. We are state line to her home state (and mine), so she will be uber close to us. NEITHER of us is excited or looking forward to this B moving back with her mother (who is also not excited).

She's not a job type person, and already told GMIL she cannot get a job because she's unskilled. She's not even 60 yet. The unspoken truth is she is going to wait for her mother to die and leave her the trust fund she's expecting. It feels like a page from a fundie soap opera because I cannot even with the amount of laziness bullshit from her.

I'll have more updates later. She's supposed to be back by October 1st, but we don't know if she's going to cancel and try to "work things out" with her abusive, bipolar, alcoholic husband (for the second or third time). 

In case you were wondering, my MIL is nowhere near fundie or even religious. 

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  • Posts

    • Pecansforeveryone


      If I have a pet fundie, it would be Sounds Like Reign. They are pretty mellow and not overtly hateful in to their videos. I am not giving their beliefs a pass, I am just glad not all fundies are Jill Rodriguez. 

    • ViolaSebastian


      Wait, she's going to work for free for this drama company for a year, but they're charging HER for tuition? What a scam. 

    • Mama Mia


      But...but... if we don’t shame women for using canned food for easy meals, how can we make them feel like the worthless, lazy, trash they are ? They surely aren’t being good girls ! Why aren’t they working harder to please their husbands ? 

      I really don’t get how people can claim to hate the misogyny of the fundamentalists - and then pull the exact. same. shit. 



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    • Alisamer


      26 minutes ago, delphinium65 said:

      I wouldn't see a problem with hiring a housekeeper if one is needed/finances allow.  Lori should just quit being such a hypocritical bitch about how other people manage their households.  

      I absolutely agree, and wish I could afford a housekeeper myself! BUT, I'm not going around telling people who are barely scraping by that they should stay home and take care of their house, either. Lori knows nothing of kindness, there's something very wrong with her. I'm kind of glad she went all super-Christian, because who knows what sort of terror she would have wrought if she wasn't afraid of hell! She tried to kick her own pet cat. Hard enough to severely injure or kill it, if she hadn't missed and hurt herself instead. I'd bet there are some serial killers who'd be ashamed of something like that, but she brags about it.

      I think she knows all about the "(Einkorn) bread of idleness" though. That's making tiny infants sleep through the night so she can get her sleep, taking naps during the day while the nanny holds the baby, spending months in Door County on vacation every year, making one huge slimy salad to last the week so she doesn't have to actually cook if she doesn't feel like it - even if her children desperately want something else to eat, and spending hours and hours every day doing "research" on the internet while her husband works and the housekeeper cleans around her.

      She's so hypocritical!

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    • smittykins


      NY used to have a law that you couldn't buy beer before noon on Sunday, but I believe that's been rescinded.  Beer and wine coolers(but not wine itself, despite many legislative attempts)can be sold in grocery stores, and I think I read that beer is specifically prohibited to be sold in liquor stores.  Weird.