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Helpful Kitty




Yay for a long weekend, but we'll be back at it with a vengeance tomorrow. I have been attempting to do some laundry today but apparently the basket (full or empty) is kitty territory. Thor was being swipey kitty to the Princess through the handle holes until she informed him that she wasn't amused.

So now he's just protecting my ungodly swimwear. They'll get put away eventually. 




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    • Katzchen24


      Something I didn't know until about half an hour ago and just thought I'd mention........

      I'm currently dog (and house)-sitting for someone who has Foxtel. I haven't seen Foxtel since forever (it's a ludicrously overpriced streaming service available in Australia and I suspect the homeowners have it for the Sports channels). Anyway, turns out Hillsong has a channel that is available in the Foxtel Plus package. I think Plus is the entry level package, which means everyone who gets Foxtel will get it. I do wonder what is going on behind the scenes to make this a thing. 

    • BadMurphy

      Posted (edited)

      8 hours ago, SassyPants said:

      From what they portray on IG, which could be the exact opposite of what they truly believe and endorse, I can’t see those 2 having any more than 3 kids. And if #2 had been male, I think that might of been the end of their quiver. Does he spend any time with those kids at all ? 

      Lol like two/three hours after you wrote this he posted a pic (IG story)  of himself carrying the baby and holding Felicity’s hand. 🥸

      Edited by BadMurphy
    • Chickenbutt


      @DandruffThat's true. I guess it all depends on the lens you are looking through. His attorney sees her as an asset. A judge/jury may see it as you said, another child to be protected. Who knows how people think? Jurors may see her as the poor, pregnant wife with a crap ton of kids at home, one a newborn (by trial time) and totally miss the implications of the charges and his children. Juries are a crap shoot. 

    • klabourdeth


      I agreed that she looks smug. She probably still believing that these accusations are false. And maybe something during this hearing came across as a win to Anna. Why else would she look so happy while Josh looks to be struggling to keep his smirk on for the cameras.

      Truthfully these images makes me think that Josh have started to come to term with being caught. So I’m betting he’s going to take the plea because he knows that the trail outcome could be worse. If, he does take the plea I think most are going to believe the lie he did nothing bad but took the plea for some absurd reason. Yet I want the to go to trail because I believe that it’s the only way that the family will accept that Josh is a bad guy. Especially Anna, because I think she needs to see everything laid out in front her multiple times to accept her husband is a scumbag.

    • Dandruff


      2 hours ago, Chickenbutt said:

      First, to be clear, I have no sympathy for Anna, but.......I suspect Josh's lawyer has told her to be at every single hearing. She is heavily pregnant, what better prop to have standing at your side, regardless of her feelings. All she has ever done is follow the orders of her father, probably her brothers, Josh, JB, random boys and now the attorneys. 

      I'm not sure how much she's helping.  While I have no doubt he's acting the part of doting husband and father, her pregnancy is also a reminder that there's another innocent little girl who needs to be kept safe.

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    • Cartmann99

      Cartmann99  »  Howl

      Thought about our previous discussions about Sissy and her grandson Blake when I saw this:
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    • PreciousPantsofDoom


      You know what is really not fun? Stopping at Canadian Tire on my way home from a pretty stupid day at work because I need to pick up something to dry out the inside of my trunk after water got inside it (long story) and managing to lock my keys in the car. Now I get to wait for BCAA to come unlock it for me and my back is  aching. Nowhere to sit because it keeps raining off and on. Don't want to go back in the store because Covid. And once I get home I get to hear the full story about why the guy couldn't make it to our house today to fix the sump pump that seems to be broken. Which is obviously not what you want if you've seen the rain forecast. I should have stayed in bed today. 😕
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    • Jasmar


      Homeschooling moms I used to hang out with whining about Teh Poor Peeplz Losing Their Jobz bc VAX!!! 
      Fuck off.

      How was I ever part of it all?
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    • Chocolate Lover

      Chocolate Lover

      Yes, it's oral thrush!  Treating it with miconazole gel 4 times a day.  Whoever decided to flavour it chocolate orange is a flipping genius!
      Also needing 1 litre of electrolyte solution per day because my steroid load is killing my levels.  Tomorrow's the last day of prednisolone, thank goodness.  Fingers crossed it's done the job, because I'm still having the occasional wobble with breathing. 
      I see the practice nurse on Monday. 
      · 1 reply
    • Destiny


      The fact that RTD is coming back to Doctor Who has made my day. Hell, it made my whole fucking week. I CAN'T WAIT TO LOVE MY SHOW AGAIN!
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