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Baby Thor

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Helpful Kitty

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Yay for a long weekend, but we'll be back at it with a vengeance tomorrow. I have been attempting to do some laundry today but apparently the basket (full or empty) is kitty territory. Thor was being swipey kitty to the Princess through the handle holes until she informed him that she wasn't amused.

So now he's just protecting my ungodly swimwear. They'll get put away eventually. 




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  • Posts

    • Granwych


      1 hour ago, Gobsmacked said:

      What's the difference between a Radiologist and a Godly Radiologist? 

      A godly radiologist won't charge John a cent.

    • Caroline


      7 hours ago, hoipolloi said:

      I've said this before here but most parents -- fundie or secular -- would do just about anything to keep their kids safe until they're grown. I include myself in this group. Moving through our kid's teenage years was scary.

      That's why these parenting methods that guarantee success if you follow them exactly -- from John Rosemond to IKDG -- are so alluring. We all want to be absolutely certain that our kids will safely negotiate childhood & adolescence and reach adulthood as great human beings. Of course, the hucksters of these "how to" manuals take no responsibility for bad outcomes -- their response is always, "Well, you were doing it wrong."

      @sableduck - you make good points about Josh's parents & his upbringing. I can't say that I'm very sympathetic towards him now but IKDG & his hubris didn't come out of nowhere. My sympathy is with their kids & with Shannon. I hope that these past few years out of the SGM cult and in Canada have changed their lives for the better, allowing them to see all of the possibilities for themselves and acquiring the tools to attain those possibilities.


      I agree that most parents would do anything to keep their kids safe, but most parents are realistic and know it's not possible to protect kids from every bad thing.  I don't believe in helicopter/snowplow parenting because I've seen it damage too many kids.  I've been a high school teacher for more than 35 years and have raised one child.  It was tough sometimes to not shield her from everything, but if I'd done that she would not be the confident and capable young adult she is.  Mistakes are part of learning, and most mistakes fortunately are not going to ruin one's life.  Too many Josh Harris types think that their Biblical guide book is the answer to everything.  I'm glad he's starting to think otherwise (I hope).

    • Coconut Flan


      Those only appear on questions to up or down vote answers as helpful. 

    • livinglongerthanyou


      12 hours ago, SweetLaurel said:

      Yeah, I can actually seeing Lori do this.  "How do you feel about this?  No, you are wrong and bad and hate God because of those feelings!  Do you want to hate God and His Perfect Ways?  Do you?  I said DO YOU?  I didn't think so.  Now, where is my leather strap - go get my purse.  I carry it in there. I'm going to teach you how you really feel!  I'll teach you to think Godly if its the last thing I do!"     Yeah, heard variations on this growing up.  How dare children have feelings!  Especially the wrong ones!   It's always real fun to be quizzed knowing you are going to be wrong and probably get beat for it.  Praise God and his perfect ways!  

       Adding - what this does is not teach kids to be led by truth, but it teaches them to be excellent liars.   

      Lori has referred to Ken working on their kids' wrong thinking on several occasions and it always, always raised a huge red flag for me.


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    • Daisy0322


      5 hours ago, Pretzel said:

      Jill gets criticized for so much that I think sometimes people forget she's also just human. There *is* indeed a lot to criticize about her but I think when it comes to her nephews and nieces, her heart is in the right place. 

      I've seen Jill frequently comment on pics of Lissy, Ivy Jane, Meredith but also all the other babies in the family. Now, she could be incredibly jealous, but she could also just adore her siblings' children and be happy for them. Will we really know? 

      I agree I just found out I'm having my second boy and it's extremely unlikely I'll ever be able to conceive again (about 8% chance). I love my boys more than anything and would never trade them but I did always look forward to having a girl and seriously all my friends are expecting little girls right now. I am still very happy for them and don't project me wanting a functional mother daughter relationship on them. (My mom and I get along but she was never very maturnal). Jill could very well feel the same way. I do think she'd like a girl but I don't feel like it distracts from her enjoying her nieces. I do think the C Section was a big emotional blow for her though.

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