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Surviving it

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When did Sears start selling sex dolls??? ;)



I'm old, so I apologize for using a blog for this because I can't find the jibber-jabber place to post random things like this. 

You know where the ads are on FJ, right?  We all do, and 9 times outta 10 I couldn't tell you what the ad was for because I just ignore them.  But Sears,  somehow, popped up with an ad for power tools.  Lots of power tools and tool boxes.  And a Windola (maybe not exactly a Windola, but I'm close).  After clicking on her and finding out you can do so many different things with her I decided I'd lingered long enough on the ad.  Gods know what's going to show up on the ad space NOW since I showed an interest in a poseable life-size barbie doll.  

Has anyone else been blessed with this abomination or is it just me?!  


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Snarkasarus Rex


That's funny.  I haven't seen her before, but I'm embarrassed to admit I usually get Tinder-like ads for beautiful women.  Usually white, Asian or Hispanic women (my favorite is 'Latinfeels').  I honestly have a very boring search history so I don't know what to make of the ads I am seeing...lol. 

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Posted (edited)

Oh my. ;) I've never seen this young lady on any of my ads. I used to get dating ads, but I haven't for a long time. (I kept getting the "date beautiful Muslim women" ad for a long time.) 

Lately, I get random ads, or a few from searches I've done for tea, or dresses on J.C. Penney's website. I think if I start getting ads I don't like, I'll try searching Irish breakfast tea or something until Google gets its hopes up and sends me lots of innocuous ads!  :my_biggrin:

Edited by WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo?

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I just realized it's been a while since I got one of those dating ads! Because of reading the Trump thread about Russia, I used to regularly get Russian gals trying to entice me with their cleavage. :pb_lol:

Now, I'm just getting ads for grocery store chains and pet items.

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    • Perrierwithlemon


      Sometimes I wonder how much of what she says is her own vs what Paul wants her to say or has lead her to believe. At the end of that caption, when she writes about having no fear and not living in fear, that does not sound like something a young woman who just had a family member die and has (is?) struggled (or struggling) with mental illnesses would typically say. I am wondering if Paul tells her that she needs to preach about *blank* through *blank* or not to listen to her instinctual emotions.

      It's perfectly normal to be experiencing fear, anxiety, and cautiousness in these times. It's perfectly normal to be sad when a loved one dies. I hope Morgan realizes this and understands that her emotions are valid and she can let herself grieve and deal with emotions in a healthy way. 

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      7 minutes ago, nellautumngirl said:

      That is shitty. She's probably afraid too so she has to tell this narrative of "nothing to be afraid of here, all good".

      I agree. I think the major denial going around about covid 19 is a type of defense mechanism pushed by their own fears. I understand their fear and denial. But they need to keep that shit to themselves. Spreading their fear based denial all over social media is harmful. 

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    • nellautumngirl


      That is shitty. She's probably afraid too so she has to tell this narrative of "nothing to be afraid of here, all good".

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    • llg1234


      This post is awful on so many levels. Way to use your grandfather's death to push the narrative that COVID-19 is nbd because he was already in ill health and was gonna die soon anyways.

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    • Xan


      Just now, AmazonGrace said:

      I don't think so and honestly I doubt she wrote any last year either.

      Do you ever wonder if she's developing dementia?  With her limited diet, i wouldn't be surprised at some acceleration of early stage Alzheimer's.  All neurons needs some level of fat in the diet to work properly.

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