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Baby Thor

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Black Cat Appreciation Day

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So it's black cat appreciation day. He's been such a sweetie muffin lately, as he gets older he mellows out. The Little Hooman moved out for college recently and he was very curious about the boxes & empty room. So far he knows something changed but he's not searching for her yet. (She has to stay gone more than 2 nights for him to miss he) 




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He is gorgeous. I love black cats, we have 2 right now. Your guy looks just like our  Stormageddon. 

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    • WeirdHarold


      1 hour ago, throwaway9988 said:

      My assumption is that she hasn’t directly had patients in Tennessee much, especially since starting Weigh Down. This assumption is based on the way she always tells her backstory, in which she makes it sound like most of her direct patients before starting Weigh Down were in very poor communities in Mississippi.

      The way she seems to function nowadays seems to be by giving advice en masse indirectly through Weigh Down without ever having a direct practitioner-patient relationship with anyone...and with occasional fine print reminding people to check with their actual doctor. In this way, Gwen is more similar to Dr. Oz than to Dr. Bob Sears. Bob Sears was maintaining direct relationships with patients, so when the CA medical board received complaints about him, they could look into his records and find direct patients who were put at risk by his substandard medical advice with regard to vaccines. Meanwhile, Dr. Oz rarely sees patients directly anymore and isnt selling those patients the bullshit/potentially harmful stuff he sells to other people through his indirect advice on TV. Professional guidelines and malpractice laws vary but often are outdated when dealing with problems that arise in our current age of mass media. 


      She lists Weigh Down as her "practice", but I guess she had to put something in the blank.


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    • hollyfeller


      30 minutes ago, hollyfeller said:

      These are my favorite comments on today's "taking out the garbage" FB post


      Because since the Bible doesn't SPECIFICALLY say that husbands should take out the trash, wives must do it instead.


      Now wives have to JOYFULLY take out the trash too?  As well as being available for sex 24/7?  Who has the time???

      My ex husband wouldn't take the trash out for love nor money.  Even if I asked, even if I begged, even if I praised, and not even if he said he would.  I used to lose my mind when he didn't put the cans on the sidewalk on trash day after he said he would.  I had to sneak out garbage into our neighbor's cans for a full week.  He was so irresponsible!  /rant

    • feministxtian


      How to get rid of Mormon missionaries permanently: 

      Tell them "how can you take seriously the idea that God fucked the Virgin Mary??????"

      worked for me! 

    • feministxtian


      Fuck that noise...taking the garbage out...that's what kids are for! 

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    • feministxtian


      @Aine she's definitely a chef! With her, it's almost like an in-depth conversation with a good friend instead of a stand-offish "I am the therapist, I have all the answers, just do what I tell you to do" (that's happened before). She doesn't have an answer for everything and she has a very gentle and calming presence.