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Baby Thor

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Black Cat Appreciation Day

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So it's black cat appreciation day. He's been such a sweetie muffin lately, as he gets older he mellows out. The Little Hooman moved out for college recently and he was very curious about the boxes & empty room. So far he knows something changed but he's not searching for her yet. (She has to stay gone more than 2 nights for him to miss he) 




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He looks exactly like my black cat. Thanks for sharing. 

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He is gorgeous. I love black cats, we have 2 right now. Your guy looks just like our  Stormageddon. 

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    • Pecansforeveryone


      I second wanting to see this. No, you should not be free to make martyrs of your children. 

    • JermajestyDuggar


      5 hours ago, JenniferJuniper said:

      I feel pretty sure of this as well. David is probably lying awake nights trying to come up with a new combination that both honors him and isn't too close to "Davia".

      Like Dalidia.   Switch the V for an L and then feminize it. 

      Davidia would remind me of the Branch Davidians. Of course named for their leader David Karesh. 

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    • albireo

      Posted (edited)

      3 hours ago, lexiloumarie said:

      Yes, and I'm pretty sure we knew about this. The wissman family bolg and insta are usually a bit behind. 

      This is kinda BEC, but I'm going to express some annoyance that the Wissmanns hyped up three announcements, but two were things that had already been announced and one was a birthday (I think)...bad marketing.

      Edited by albireo
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    • SJWaterford


      Does anyone know anything about a suit brought against Weigh Down this past may in Virginia by a woman named Chantal Finch for copyright infringement?


    • JermajestyDuggar


      Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that she’s only pregnant with one. She’s too early to know yet if it’s a singleton or twins. 

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