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Baby Thor

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Black Cat Appreciation Day

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So it's black cat appreciation day. He's been such a sweetie muffin lately, as he gets older he mellows out. The Little Hooman moved out for college recently and he was very curious about the boxes & empty room. So far he knows something changed but he's not searching for her yet. (She has to stay gone more than 2 nights for him to miss he) 




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He is gorgeous. I love black cats, we have 2 right now. Your guy looks just like our  Stormageddon. 

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    • potato


      I'm getting married in the next year and my fiancé and I are trying to figure out what to do with our last names.  I love my (very long) last name and don't want give it up.  My fiancé prefers that we have the same last name once we get married, though I don't care if we do.  I think our current plan is hyphenating our last names, but that would make our last name 21 letters long (plus the hyphen).

    • libgirl2


      15 hours ago, feministxtian said:

      As a little one, my daughter thought her greatest achievement was being able to burp on command. She still thinks it's great at the age of 36. She's the one who taught her brothers how to do it. She can burp the alphabet in English and Spanish. 

      I will say she was easier to housebreak than her brothers...but all that shit about girls being "clean and neat"...oh that's a FUCK NO for this one. She's a walking, talking disaster area. She still is not "domestic" (she comes by that honestly), doesn't cook, doesn't give a shit. Only difference is she showered more regularly than her brothers. Good thing she's cute! 

      All three of mine are "unique" individuals, cursed with many of my personality traits. 

      Years ago my best friend was dating this football player who was a real nice guy. The three of us would always hang out together (we were all in HS). Joe was a loud burper but I told him I knew someone who could burp louder than him. Enter my 9 year old cousin Claudine. Add two bottles of pop and she won. 

    • Marmion


      4 hours ago, quiversR4hunting said:

      Michael looks normal too bad his mom shames him for his size

      From the Remnant Fellowship website , which I take to be dishonest , based upon what I have read here in this thread .  


      It is very important for parents to start being responsive to their infants’ hunger at birth, and feed on demand. As children grow, their needs change, but they are naturally in tune to their body’s needs. I have tried to stay back and let my children form their natural eating selections. I never forced foods. I provided variety. By the way, big-boned children are as normal as thin children. God made them all, and the variety is adorable. We need to rise above the worry of food and the worry of looks. Looks are so superficial. Once you know and love someone, you do not even see the outside of them. The most important rule for having normal weight children is to spend your energy on praising God first, and second—loving one another at meal times, not loving or worshiping the food."
      ~Gwen Shamblin Lara - Excerpt from Feeding Children Physically and Spiritually, published in 1999

      http://www.remnantfellowship.org/youth-ministries    So if Gwen Shamblin Lara were to take her own advice , this shouldn't be happening . 

    • nickelodeon


      And yes, Dating Divas are the “take turns spitting skittles into each other’s mouths” people. Check out their website if you’ve ever wondered how people “spice things up” when they’re not allowed to have actual kinks.

    • FecundFundieFundus


      14 minutes ago, luv2laugh said:

      I did see that. It was hard to watch. I feel depressed.

      Yes, all the videos of her in the past few days have been very difficult to see. It's triggered a lot of memories and emotions from seeing my own mom dying in hospice. Obviously he's not in any state to consider the audience, but I do wish he had given a word of warning that he was going to show her if anyone wanted to say goodbye or whatever.