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Baby Thor

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Black Cat Appreciation Day

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So it's black cat appreciation day. He's been such a sweetie muffin lately, as he gets older he mellows out. The Little Hooman moved out for college recently and he was very curious about the boxes & empty room. So far he knows something changed but he's not searching for her yet. (She has to stay gone more than 2 nights for him to miss he) 




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He is gorgeous. I love black cats, we have 2 right now. Your guy looks just like our  Stormageddon. 

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    • Maggie Mae


      Eden speaks fine. It's when she's reading that her voice goes monotone. Probably because she doesn't go to school and her home school is a joke. Most of us had to read out loud in front of 20 other people our ages, and we had to listen to others read. I had books that came with an audio version. We had television shows that were educational(ish). Eden got A.C.E. and 24/7 audio bible.   

    • MirrorMirror


      I came out of several years of lurking to respond to this thread. My husband and I were houseparents at a group home for MANY years. I am currently a guardian ad litem & working on becoming a clinical social worker. So this subject is obviously very close to my heart.

      When I hear stories like this, I always come at it objectively. I have seen cases like this from all angles. I have held crying children all night long while they asked me what was wrong with them, why their parents would give them up. I've also seen my bio children be physically bullied by fosters simply because of jealousy. I even caught a child once about to push my then 2 year old down a flight of steps. My husband & I have broken up fights, had knives pulled on us.

      So I know that behavioral issues can be a VERY REAL thing. Some of the children are going to grow into legitimate sociopaths, & they know exactly how to play the system. And I actually agree that sometimes "rehoming" (Ugh, I hate that word), is the right step. However, the Stauffers disgust me. Adoptive parents like them are a dime a dozen. It's all fun & games until there is actual work. I can't tell you how many children I have raised...yes, raised... because their trauma behaviors didn't fit their "parents" picture perfect life anymore. They have a saviour complex. Rationalizing their decision to give up with, "Well we saved this poor child from orphanage in _______, so really we improved their life no matter what the outcome."

      Never once did we ever give up on a child. Report behavior, yes. Make sure they weren't left alone with other children, yes. Give up, never. But I know very loving, good parents who have. And the decision ripped them to shreds. The Stauffers are not those parents. I had to stop watching the clips people have been sharing on social media, I was moved to tears & fury all at the same time. I'm not convinced that Huxley's behavior was all that bad. But even if it was a 10th of what they want us to believe, there is still no reason to treat a child like that!!!

      Hopefully Huxley has found his forever home, & although they have now caused him even more trauma by rehoming him, hopefully in the long run it is better. Because those two don't need to ever be let near an adoption agency again.

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    • donnal

      Posted (edited)

      Forgive me if this is in the wrong spot, let me know if I should be posting elsewhere(or if a similar thread already exists)


      Seeing as I’ve got all kinds of free time on my hands now, I’m looking for a new fundie rabbit hole to fall into. I currently (loosely) follow the lives of the  Duggars, the Bateses, and the Maxwells. 

      Who out there would you lot say is the most interesting/craziest family out there? What blog constantly leaves you thinking “What the fuck?!?” I want to be entertained please. Which fundie will take me on the wildest ride?

      Edited by donnal
    • Black Aliss


      On 5/26/2020 at 11:50 AM, smittykins said:

      Darrell Dow of the Stuff Fundies Like blog mentions that he was told not to drink root beer from brown bottles(such as IBC) because people would think it was real beer.  

      I vaguely remember something about drinking from brown bottles, but our root beer was strictly a seasonal treat, purchased in a waxed cardboard "growler" from the A&W, which was open only from Memorial weekend through Labor Day.

      In my fundy family of origin we were not permitted to read any paperback books. For some reason paperbacks=smut. Arguing with my parents that even the Bible was available in paperback got me nowhere.

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    • Ekaterina


      3 hours ago, brotherhusbandsgalore said:

      There's really no reason to be critical of the tone any child uses to speak.


      Eden is incredibly neglected, both socially and educationally. Children in that situation sometimes learn maladaptive ways to get attention. The younger kids are all in desperate need of speech therapy, but even having an adult who regularly engaged in simple conversations with them would be beneficial. None of the kids have that, though, so we will of course see occasional behaviors stemming from this (lack of) upbringing.

      Eden does not have her needs met, I agree.  It’s glaringly obvious that intervention and advice is needed and hopefully, at some point that will be addressed by female members of the extended family.

      There is a fine distinction between being critical of the person or making an observation on certain issues.

      ’Free Jinger’ is a free speech site I’m happy to say.  Constructive criticism as in “lose the drawl” is an observation;  not malicious and not hate speech.

      Hopefully, each of the younger children will benefit from intensive speech therapy because they certainly need that.





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