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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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(Sims 3) Taylors Part Three: It's Been A While

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I loaded Sims 3 today. I thought I'd muted all the sound options (voices, music, ambient, sound effects). Turns out I'd only muted music. I played and... NO CRACKLING PRAISE RUFUS. It cured itself! Tis a true Rufus miracle!! So I unmuted music and.... played!!! The game is a tiny bit slow, but it's barely noticeable. I get the occasional visual glitch, but nothing major or that impedes game play.

I haven't really played the Bancrofts all that much. It can be a little strange playing a whole bunch of families without story progression, i.e. when you play as Madison Walker and her family, her siblings/nieces/nephews are frozen in time, don't age etc. And really, they're getting to the point where it's just marriage and babies... just like the Duggars eh?? :pb_lol::pb_lol: I will probably still play them, maybe just focusing on one or two of the kids.

And I always wanted to try and figure out what was wrong with my Sims 3 game. I *really* should have thought of uninstalling and reinstalling sooner. I is a dumbass.

So, without further ado, let's jump into the Sims 3 Taylor family. 

Melissa was asleep, so I got Joey to take care of the kids.


Always the grossest part of parenting... emptying the potty. It's gotta be done, Joey.


And a diaper change for Diana. 


Toddlers are so cute! This is Elijah and Francesca playing peek-a-boo in the playpen.


Time to teach yourself to walk, Diana!


The bedrooms as they are currently. There are officially four days before the toddlers age up, but I age up Sims 3 toddlers when they still have one day left.


Time to wake up and be a mom, Melissa! 


Aww, poor little Francesca. 


Gotta start on those wife-and-mommy skills early, Bethany!


Early-morning sprinkler play. This is the best game for modest swimwear. 


Quick nap whilst there's not much going on with the toddlers.


Joey came home from work feeling stressed, so he decided to tend his garden. It's doing pretty well.


The kids are home from ebil public school. Andrew needs a bath.


I bought a jungle gym! Christopher gets up early to play.


Playtime in the girls' room! 


Managed to get most of the family in this shot. Melissa decided to actually TEACH Francesca how to talk. :shock:


Is... Christopher... DANCING?? :shock:




BONUS! I currently have two Sims 3 save games. The Taylors live in Appaloosa Plains, and my other game is in Sunset Valley. Martin Brown and Stephanie Langley are married with two grown-up kids, Alexandra and Jessica. I built some venues (aka bars of various types) and the Langley-Browns own two of them (out of a possible six I built). Martin decided to visit one of the ones he doesn't own one evening. He was dancing downstairs when someone had a medical emergency (he's a doctor). Incidentally, this guy (in the yellow fairy outfit) is Alexandra's father in law; he's called Marty Jackson. The person in the background is Emma Hatch, one of the premades, who is a werewolf. She's partly shocked at what's going on and partly starstruck (the Langley-Brown family members are all Celebrities to some degree. Needless to say the Taylors are NOT celebrities).




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  • Posts

    • Ozlsn


      You might think after the number of pregnancies she's had she'd know the "big ol' belly" doesn't exactly vanish immediately. She really comes across as having body issues there - the "excitement" at not having to navigate life around pregnancy seems a lot more convincing than the joy of meeting a new life. Or two.

    • Hane


      I looked up Bible commentary on “broided hair,” and most of it agrees that it simply means “braided,” with a few saying it means “braided and also adorned with ornaments.” But then follows a bunch of stuff saying “Paul didn’t *really* mean ‘Don’t dress up fancy or wear jewelry or braid your hair—he just wants us to be modest on the *inside*!” Yet another reason why I have no use for people who claim to be Biblical literalists.

    • SuperNova


      Personally, I've found that the best way to not feel pregnant is to not get pregnant at all. 






      Do not, I repeat, do not take life advice from Abbie. Her opening quote here is just flat out stupid. Done things come back to bite people in the ass just as often if not more than undone things. Abbie has done things that have been far more detrimental to her kid's emotional health than undone things. Remember when she verbally berated the children to Shaun but the children overheard? No way to undo that. 

      Here's one more for the road:



      Abbie sounds like such a condescending snot. I can't even imagine how awful her book is going to be. Is it too much to ask that she experiences enough emotional growth to someday look back at her posts and see what an absolute twat she's been?

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    • LillyP


      1 hour ago, Twirling Dervish said:

      It's probably a safe bet to assume Josie's not throwing them back, yet. 

      If was going to bed on a Bates girl dabbling in alcohol it would definitely be Josie...followed by *maybe* Whitney. I think Josie has more mainstream friends, and those who are just average Christians (who wear pants, kiss before marriage, etc) and with the hipster vibe she has going on I could totally see them getting into the craft brewery scene. A couple of years ago I also could have seen Whitney & Zach dabbling in some social drinking while out with friends, because they seemed to be in a phase of having outside-the-family friends through Zach's job. Now Whitney has been pulled back into the trenches with the boutique so I can see them toeing the line to stay on the show.

    • LancetteShing99


      20 hours ago, AussieKrissy said:

      ohh Interesting, so it is like she has two husbands? how do they feel about each other? how does her social circle judge or not judge her? how would she feel if either of the men got a women for the 6 months she was not with them? is it a consecutive 6 months or on and off? I have so many questions. I don't think it is a bad idea if it can work. I am kind of the belief that monogamy is a man made invention and goes against nature/evolution.

      I try to answer your questions the best I can.

      For the sake of simplicity I will call the official husband Bill and the other guy Jack.

      It is not a 6 consecutive months and I'm not sure if it really is 50/50. It's more like she usually lives with Bill and when she feels like it she moves to Jack for 3 or 6 or 10 weeks.

      Bill obviously doesn't like Jack and is not really happy when my mom leaves, but he wants her to be happy more than anything else. Jack doesn't have strong feelings about Bill.

      I'm not sure how my mom would react to other women but I think she wouldn't mind if Bill had another one but would probably get jealous if Jack had one.

      Jack's family is despite their conservative, catholic upbringing very liberal and doesn't mind his lifestyle. The same goes for his friends.

      Bill's family and friends as well as my mom's family and most of her friends are still more in the conservative catholic side. Many of them they haven't even told about their arrangement. For them my mom is with her sister/cousin/best friend, on vacation or something like that. I'm pretty sure most of them are already suspicious though.

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