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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Smiths Part Eleven: OK, It's Mostly Pearsons...

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Seasons! With this you get two new outfit categories, Hot Weather and Cold Weather. Here's little Adam Pearson in his cold-weather gear:


And here's Mommy:


Eliza's Hot Weather outfit includes cool shades. Only issue is, Sims wear their outfit both indoors and out... which leads to this.


Further proof that Emily is slowly ditching her upbringing... VEST TOP. SHORTS. SHORTS. THAT SHOW. KNEE. *faints*


Jobs require daily tasks. You don't technically have to do them, but it helps. Emily's is to play chess.


Adam's going to be a big brother! I love how Sims get a moodlet when they have good WooHoo :pb_lol:


Eliza loves composing tunes.


Eating a healthy omelette.


Playing in the sprinkler! For some reason, Sims stay in their normal clothes. In Sims 3, Sims changed into their swimwear.


Adam is Cute #1: playing in the paddle pool! 


Adam is Cute #2: playing in the sprinkler! Yep, his Hot outfit is very similar to his normal outfit. Yet, if he wears the normal outfit, he risks getting a Hot moodlet. Meh.


Festivals occur fairly regularly. There is no scheduled one during Summer, so I created one called Summer Festival. Traditions are Fireworks, Barbecue and Water Fun, so Eliza is fulfilling the Barbecue one. 1839689481_07-29-18_12-05-57AM.thumb.png.d096af0ab4aa37a77438913aa7a20ce6.png

Adam is Cute #3: He just is! Personally I always like the Toddler stage. I think it's because he's wearing glasses, it just adds extra cute factor.


More pool time.


Eliza threw a party for the Summer Festival. She barbecues some potatoes. 


Seems that I like this shirt a little too much :pb_lol: Edward is on the computer, Eliza is next to Eddie, and Mark is at the back. Elijah is the one in green.


Reading Adam to sleep.


The Spice Festival was being held in San Myshuno, so Nicole invited Eliza along. Sadly, it was raining. 


She bumped into Elijah. Behind her is the Spicy Curry Challenge, but she did not partake.


It wasn't the best of trips, given that she was soaking wet, hungry and exhausted.


I directed her to go to bed. But NOPE she autonomously stopped the action and...


It's go time!! Eliza opts for a home birth this time around.


And.... it's a BOY! This is Benjamin. Three guesses as to what the name theme will be... :pb_lol:


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What I particularly find funny with Sims giving birth is that, in amongst their moaning and groaning, they always go DOONOOWAHNOOBOO! which sounds like "do not want nooboo". Nooboo is the Simlish for baby. :pb_lol::pb_lol::pb_lol:

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  • Posts

    • Bluebirdbluebell


      I wish people would see her as young too. The outside looks don't matter. 

      They seem to have a known for the perfect length of time. They've known each other while so it's not like they barely met. But they haven't known each other since childhood, so hopefully they met as teenagers and hit it off versus a longterm arrangement where they would have pushed at each other as children. 

      Of course it wouldn't surprise if they had known each other when they were younger. Look at all the other daughters-in-law and Austin.

      I think Valentine's Day wedding before she turns 20. I also wouldn't be surprise if they had a longer televised courtship and waited a long time to get married. 

    • SorenaJ


      I think a Christmas engagement and an early spring wedding. 

    • 10 hours ago, Nefernandes15 said:

      He still looks really small compared to Teddy (#10)... This one will probably be normal size, but we still don't know how far along she is, I think she started hinting at something when Elliot was like 2 months 

      I don't know, I wondered last time if it was a sign maybe her body or uterus can't keep up with this many pregnancies. I think she mentioned there was no specific cause for why he was born so small. So I'm curious if it was just a one time thing.

    • They met in spring 2019, that is a long time to side hug someone. I def can see the engagement on or shortly after his birthday and then quick a winter wedding will follow.

    • Chewing Gum


      Well, the only good thing I can think of is that they're friends for over a year now. Not your usual 'we know eachother for 3 months, let's get married' style. 

      How they support their family is a mystery though. That goes for all of them except Austin. (Not counting JB sponsorship)


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