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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Non-Fundie Family: The Taylors

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Meet the Taylors. Yes, I know I use this surname a lot, but it is very common!!

Here's Isabella. She's a Comedian.


Here's her husband Mark. He's an Artist.


This is eldest daughter Brooke. She wants to be a Chef.


This is adopted daughter Brianna. She's a Nerd Brain.


Isabella then had triplets: Brynlee, Brittany and Bradley. Brynlee is pink, Brittany is yellow, and Bradley is green.




Isabella was up late one evening. She decided to have some strawberry ice cream. Because reasons.


Each kid gets their own bedroom (except for the eldest two, who share). Bradley is a Genius and has a cool science kit in his room. And yes, I do the colour thing for every family, not just my fundies.


Mark woke up sad and lonely one morning. Luckily for him, it's Love Day! (I recently downloaded Seasons). 


These two are adorable!


Mark is an artist, and has a mini studio. 


Brynlee gives big sis Brooke a tulip.


Here's a photo from back when the triplets were babies. Dang that was a LOT of screaming.


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  • Posts

    • thesedays


      He should be able to get Social Security survivor's benefits for the kids, and with the size of his family, they would almost certainly be qualified for Medicaid and food stamps (and were before she died as well - even more so because there was an additional family member).

      I haven't been here for a while, so I thought I'd check in.

    • yeahthatsme74


      I don't really have anything to say that hasn't been said about Tom, Andrea, the kids, and this whole sad situation. But I can say that I keep reading the thread title as "Praying for a Magic Jesus." 😄

    • Mama Mia

      Posted (edited)

      On 1/15/2020 at 6:41 AM, SassyPants said:

      This is just my opinion, but in the US you’d have to go out of your way NOT to know about the Duggars, both the  benign ( babies and weddings) and the evil ( molestation , Gothard and Ashley Madison).  People Magazine, The today’s show, TLC, Dateline, as well as other written publications... In the US it’s either willful ignorance or justification. It is a microcosm of why we have Trump as President. 

      Everything some folks do or even say, can be justified or explained away. In the case of Trump, even his own words “ you can grab them by the pussy and they don’t care”...supporters can justify. I’ve hit a road block in my ability to understand this reasoning.

      I don’t know... I’ve had my kids  - late 20’s to mid 30’s - come in while I’m watching Counting On, and only one had more than the very vaguest idea of who they were. Mostly something along the lines of  “what is up with pessimism people” “ or “  are those the people who  had a billion kids?” I think another one knew “ one of them turned out to be a perv, or something, right? “ 

      These are people who don’t do social media or watch regular tv - people I know who are on Facebook, etc, tend to know who they are. I just realized that outside of my mom, I  the only person I know who has “ regular” tv. 


      Edited by Mama Mia
    • Itsjustme

      Posted (edited)

      1 hour ago, Olivia Marie said:

      To date, since August 16, Tommy boy has raked in $73,148.    Within the past month or so, he has taken in roughly $1900.    Not too shabby for doing absolutely nothing.......except for playing poor pitiful me to his adoring women.    The kids have always been “fine, doing good”, but not Tommy boy.   

      His last update on GFM was September 9.    To open he said thank you, it looked like it was slowing down, but was picking up again - not verbatim.    

      Then he has the monetization on the videos too. He's not even keeping the channel going, he throws in some of Andrea's videos when he wants a sympathy viewing. I thought using that video of him shopping while she was sick and showing her face on the phone was awful. He used a vulnerable, personal moment, to gain attention. Is nothing sacred and sentimental to him?  She was very ill, we know now, and he shows her face, which anyone who is sick would not want to be shown. It just seems uncaring and not thoughtful of her.

      1 hour ago, FreeFundiesKids said:

      wahh I cant edit my previous post. I meant adoption. 

      That's nothing. people know what you meant. :)

      Edited by Itsjustme
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    • neuroticcat

      Posted (edited)

      59 minutes ago, HerNameIsBuffy said:

      I have a totally hypothetical question...just curious.

      If he did hypothetically get a publisher for a tell all, are the Duggars famous enough that they'd give an unknown writer (w or w/out ghost writer) an advance?  Would it be sizable?

      If he did publish a tell all how much is he likely to make on that?  

      Anyone in publishing?

      I’m an author. If he went with a traditional NYC publisher the money is all about sales/marketing and platform, which the Duggars have. Add scandal and I bet a reputable house would pick it up. 

      They base the advance on sales/marketing departments decision of how much $$$ they are going to throw at it for promotion as well as how much they feel they can make. For Jill and Derick, I’d bet it would be decently sizable.

      I was an unknown midlist novelist with zero platform and got around 15k for my first advance. I’d expect six figures plus for a celeb, even a b-list ghostwritten one. With the right promotion, a publisher could make bank. 

      Incidentally, some years ago I pitched a YA novel loosely based on Doug Phillips’ downfall and a young woman coming out of quiverfull  after assault. My publisher ultimately passed because sales and marketing didn’t think there was enough of a market (alas! They knew not about FJ)! But they pushed hard to know if I had personal experience in the movement - I think if I had come out of QF they would have picked it up as a sales/promotion angle. I have no doubt any Duggar kid could get a contract if they pitched a tell all.

      48 minutes ago, PennySycamore said:

      @HerNameIsBuffy,  I can't recall where I read this recently, but I think that the author gets very little on the sale of a book unless they are really an established author.  Anyone really know the answer to @HerNameIsBuffy's question?

      Authors get paid an advance and royalties. So the advance comes up front or in installments. Say you get a 30k advance. It’s yours to keep even if the book bombs.

      But you also negotiate royalties-for simplicity’s sake, say 10% of price of every book sold. Maybe your book sells for ten bucks, so for every copy sold you earn back one dollar of your advance. Once you sell 30,000 books, you’ve earned out your advance . Now you’ll get a quarterly check paying you for every copy over the 30k you sell.

      Audio books work the same way typically, though ebooks are often handled separately. A lot of books don’t earn out. Only two of mine have. 

      Publishers typically do a good job estimating advances so they don’t lose money. 

      Edited by neuroticcat
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