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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Non-Fundie Family: The Taylors

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Meet the Taylors. Yes, I know I use this surname a lot, but it is very common!!

Here's Isabella. She's a Comedian.


Here's her husband Mark. He's an Artist.


This is eldest daughter Brooke. She wants to be a Chef.


This is adopted daughter Brianna. She's a Nerd Brain.


Isabella then had triplets: Brynlee, Brittany and Bradley. Brynlee is pink, Brittany is yellow, and Bradley is green.




Isabella was up late one evening. She decided to have some strawberry ice cream. Because reasons.


Each kid gets their own bedroom (except for the eldest two, who share). Bradley is a Genius and has a cool science kit in his room. And yes, I do the colour thing for every family, not just my fundies.


Mark woke up sad and lonely one morning. Luckily for him, it's Love Day! (I recently downloaded Seasons). 


These two are adorable!


Mark is an artist, and has a mini studio. 


Brynlee gives big sis Brooke a tulip.


Here's a photo from back when the triplets were babies. Dang that was a LOT of screaming.


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  • Posts

    • Johannah


      On 6/13/2020 at 11:28 AM, lezajenda said:

      Jed reminds me a lot of Josiah who reminds me a lot of Josh as in smug, smugger and smuggest.  

      Agreed. Josh is in his own special category obviously, but all 3 of Josh, Josiah and Jed seem smug and smarmy and give me an inexplicable icky feeling. I think the most tolerable male Duggar is Jeremiah. 

    • She manages to say a whole lot, but coincidentally saying nothing at all. What she is “preaching” so invalidating to the natural human condition. There are wonderful things and shitty things in life. You can simultaneously love being a mother and hate it, too and there is nothing wrong with that! Based on her recommendation of how we should think and live, life is so depressing and exhausting. 

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    • hoipolloi

      Posted (edited)

      Time to check in on the VF FB page again. 

      Quelle surprise! :shocked: They are dumping on Kamala Harris.

      Meanwhile, they still can't spell:367106908_Tangerinedreamsmarmaladeskies.thumb.jpg.2245451a0082e88767c3e8ee7da41205.jpg

      Edited by hoipolloi
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    • JermajestyDuggar


      14 minutes ago, indianabones said:

      Well, every time we've thought Jana has been traveling on her own, Jim Bob pops up in the background of a photo from the trip a few weeks later...

      Oh I didn’t know that. So we don’t know if she’s ever traveled without a parent or brother?

    • indianabones


      2 hours ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      I’m always kind of amazed when fundie parents actually recognize that their much older SAHDs are actually mature enough to travel on their own. Jana, Sarah Maxwell, and now Addie. It sort of flies in the face of their whole umbrella of protection beliefs. 

      Well, every time we've thought Jana has been traveling on her own, Jim Bob pops up in the background of a photo from the trip a few weeks later...

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