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Baby Thor

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Throw Back Thorsday

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Ya know, cause there are never enough kitty pictures out there.

He was a sweet little jelly bean nugget, now he's a straw stealing, drink dumping monstrosity that gives wet nose kissy apologies.  

baby thor.jpg

little thor.jpg

bowtie thor.jpg

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There’s not much cuter than a kitten!  Thanks for letting us watch him grow!

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Thanks for loving him! He's been such a joy these last two years. He's been a kissy cuddle baby lately, I love how he's mellowing out. 

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I've really enjoyed seeing his pictures over the last two years. I'm not currently able to adopt a kitty, so I have to admire everyone else's cats. Thanks for sharing him with us!

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He's still about the cutest thing around! (just don't tell the dynamic duo). Thank you for sharing him with us. Give him skritches and cuddles from me. 

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  • Posts

    • freealljs

      Posted (edited)

      It appears to me that Lori is not really into her family, so she shouldn't expect her audience to be into theirs either. She is not around for her father, who I believe, is dealing with health issues.  She is not around for her daughter, who has had fertility issues and is pregnant. She is not around for Ken, besides when he wants 10 minute lube sex or is making him food that he does not like (which by the way, shouldn't she be going out of her way to cook him "nourishing' meals that make him happy?)  She was not around for her mother, when her mother was on her deathbed.  

      Lori, lately, has made zero sense on her Youtubes. Just ramblings of a woman losing whatever grasp on reality is left. I really think that Ken won't say anything, until he has indisputable evidence that Lori has lost her mind.  Maybe that's why Ken "lets" (can't think of a better word) her do those Youtubes. 

      Edited by freealljs
    • SilverBeach


      3 hours ago, theotherelise said:

      I don't really need/want to know about it!

      Ding-ding, we have a winner!

    • SilverBeach


      4 minutes ago, quiversR4hunting said:

      In Gwen's world. I am guessing (and the former RFers will need to chime in) anything over a size 4 would be considered overweight. 

      I would have absolutely no chance in this fat-shaming organization. At my smallest adult size I was a 12/14, an no one would have called me fat at 5'8". Gwen SHAMBLIN Lara positively, absolutely encourages disordered eating if her body standard is this strict and judging fromElizabeth's picture, it is. Judgin someon'e body weight from their clothing size is such nonsense. I know many perfectly non-overweight looking women much larger than a 4. Her standard is particularly harsh and unrealistic for black women like me to hold to. Fluck her.

    • Georgiana

      Posted (edited)

      Lesbianism itself is never mentioned in the Bible.  A woman attracted to other women would only be sinning on two counts for her attraction:

      Lusting after someone they are not married to
      Engaging in intercourse with someone they are not (religiously) married to

      This last point may or may not be valid depending on how you define intercourse or who has the authority to marry folks under God.  The Bible seems to center intercourse around the male appendage, so there's an argument to be made that lesbians would be safe.  

      In any case, they are no more sinful than anyone else who looks upon another with lust or engages in pre-marital intercourse.  And since that describes a whole heckin lot of boldly proclaimed Christian couples, they are just as saved as many other men and women who every day profess salvation through Christ.  

      Edit: I too can make $100 an hour by taking a single job for $100 and completing it in under an hour.  I could donate platelets and make that.  There are several research hospitals in the area that will pay you $600-800 an hour for certain donations.  The problem is that those cap out, and many single jobs pay slightly better because they don't promise ongoing employment.  The question is whether Cam can make $100/hour for 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, after taxes and plus benefits.  The answer, of course, is no.  

      Edited by Georgiana
    • AtlanticTug


      The further that Jill stays away from these freaks, the better.

      Derrick, for all his zillion faults, appears to be doing reasonably well in law school, with more than a respectable legal job and could actually make something of himself if he sticks with it, graduates and works hard after. Jill has had a rough start as an adult, but there is possibly hope on the horizon, however miniscule.

      She already has more potential for a better outcome than Josh/Anna (no comment necessary), Jessa/Bin (total freeloaders), Joe/Kendra (happy but dumb and will have way too many kids) and Josiah/Lauren (I don't even understand what their relationship is). Jury's out on Jabbie, Jinjer and Jostin.

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