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Baby Thor

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Throw Back Thorsday

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Ya know, cause there are never enough kitty pictures out there.

He was a sweet little jelly bean nugget, now he's a straw stealing, drink dumping monstrosity that gives wet nose kissy apologies.  

baby thor.jpg

little thor.jpg

bowtie thor.jpg

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There’s not much cuter than a kitten!  Thanks for letting us watch him grow!

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Thanks for loving him! He's been such a joy these last two years. He's been a kissy cuddle baby lately, I love how he's mellowing out. 

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I've really enjoyed seeing his pictures over the last two years. I'm not currently able to adopt a kitty, so I have to admire everyone else's cats. Thanks for sharing him with us!

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He's still about the cutest thing around! (just don't tell the dynamic duo). Thank you for sharing him with us. Give him skritches and cuddles from me. 

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  • Posts

    • Knight of Ni


      It’s interesting to see so many from SC. I’m in the Midlands.

    • cindyluvs24


      On 12/8/2019 at 8:06 AM, gustava said:

      I'd rather have the Diana '80's wedding dress than the corset styles on SYTTD.

      I look at Pnina's dresses and I think that somewhere in Tel Aviv, a hooker is missing her dress.

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    • ViolaSebastian

      Posted (edited)

      20 minutes ago, Marmion said:

      No offense meant , but she was referring specifically to " belles" , i.e. landed gentry , not " redneck women" , such as Gretchen Wilson referenced  .   


      Yes...my grandmother was our State Regent for the DAR. Our family was cotillion and hospitality and, God help me, Dames of the Confederacy. (And just to be clear, I've never had anything to do with the DAR or the DOC, which involves some protracted family drama that I don't want to get into). And we swear. And we don't wake up looking perfect. And we don't bathe in buttermilk. Not a single one of us. 

      There are certain ways in which you're supposed to behave in public. I'll give her that. But it's just not like that behind the scenes. As an example, once Bearfriend and I were watching a show about haunted homes. There was a beautiful, and obviously extremely expensive home in Georgia which was apparently having a supernatural problem of some kind. The lady of the house was telling a story about when she saw an apparition, and the story involved her saying that she let her little chiahuahua out to "potty." Bearfriend looked at me and said, "oh, we both know if she weren't on TV, she would have "I let my dog out to shit." 

      Edited by ViolaSebastian
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    • Marmion


      11 minutes ago, ViolaSebastian said:


      I was born in the south and raised by a southern mother. I've also lived in the south for nearly 20 years. I have never, in my life, heard of someone bathing in buttermilk. Also, all the southern women I know do not hold back on the swearing. And waking up looking perfect? Hahahaha....

      No offense meant , but she was referring specifically to " belles" , i.e. landed gentry , not " redneck women" , such as Gretchen Wilson referenced  .   


    • Marmion


      14 hours ago, ViolaSebastian said:

      I'd also be extremely concerned about the children in a situation like this. Maybe women are supposed to handle men's anger (spoiler alert: the aren't), but the children around these men are NEVER, and I mean NEVER supposed to "handle" their father's anger. That's absolutely sick. Children are deeply affected by anger and to witness their father have an out-of-control temper tantrum is detrimental to them.

      I'm sure that it is scary , but not only that it's potentially dangerous to be subject to a father's  rage fuelled bloodlust . Like , for example , you might expect that he'll just slap you hard in the face , which would be bad enough , but then he ends up grabbing you by the throat , and choking you .  Some fundie dads don't seem to know the difference between supposed righteous indignation , and vicious altercation . I'm not saying or denying that I know from personal experience what this situation is like . But at the very least , I have heard of incidents of  " correction " getting out of hand .  These Christian patriarchal heads set out to control their households , yet have trouble controlling themselves .  

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