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Baby Thor

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Throw Back Thorsday

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Ya know, cause there are never enough kitty pictures out there.

He was a sweet little jelly bean nugget, now he's a straw stealing, drink dumping monstrosity that gives wet nose kissy apologies.  

baby thor.jpg

little thor.jpg

bowtie thor.jpg

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There’s not much cuter than a kitten!  Thanks for letting us watch him grow!

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Thanks for loving him! He's been such a joy these last two years. He's been a kissy cuddle baby lately, I love how he's mellowing out. 

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I've really enjoyed seeing his pictures over the last two years. I'm not currently able to adopt a kitty, so I have to admire everyone else's cats. Thanks for sharing him with us!

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He's still about the cutest thing around! (just don't tell the dynamic duo). Thank you for sharing him with us. Give him skritches and cuddles from me. 

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  • Posts

    • SilverBeach


      11 hours ago, JillyO said:

      You haven't heard anti-choicers make the comparison between abortion and slavery? Buckle up, it's a doozy: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2019/6/9/1863001/-Republicans-peddle-grotesque-abortion-slavery-comparison

      I'm not going to read this stupidity. Slaves were encouraged to reproduce because babies were property that didn't have to be paid for, especially after the tansatlantic slave trade was outlawed (although some traders ignored the law). Slave status followed the mother, so slaveowners who impregnated their slaves (primarily by raping them) owned thier children, who received no rights of inheritance or even acknowledgment. Ignorance makes me livid.

    • SilverBeach


      22 hours ago, just_ordinary said:

      I disagree. I won’t argue against the stand that both are on the same level of unspeakable horror. But both are ways of genocide. 

      But the intentions behind it are different. Slavery did not have the sole purpose to completely wipe out black people (as far as I am educated about it- feel free to point me to renowned resources if I am wrong) . That is what concentration camps were about. It wasn’t about the labour those poor souls did there. That was just to get a bit more out of them than just a corpse. But the goal was always erasure. Those camps and gas chambers were built because it was “too expensive“/„waisting ammunition“ to just shoot them (as they did in the beginning). And of course it made it easier to have them all in one place. That is what makes part of the horror for me. The complete absence of emotion but pure efficiency to wipe out humans. And that is why Holocaust is not the same as slavery in my opinion. 

      I never said they were the same. If you only knew how many Africans DIED just in the middle passage . Slavery made humans property just like furniture and farm animals. Slaves were also worked until their bodies gave out and then replaced like car parts. That's pretty damn bad in terms of eradicating their humanity, even if their bodies remained. And, like I said, it went on for HUNDREDS OF YEARS. With no reparations yet. Part of the problem with racism in America now is because it has not dealth with the fact that racismis baked into the very fiber of the country, from the very beginning.

      Look, you can conduct a dehumanization olympics if you want, I'm not going to engage further on that. Different types of hate are still hate. As a black person personally affected by slavery (it's impossible to trace my ancestors back more than maybe a couple of generations and then only partially), I am sensitive to any implication that one group's suffering is any worse that another. If you are a member of a group persecuted during the Holocaust, you may be especially sensitive to that , which is normal. FWIW, when I watch a movie like Schindlers List, I cry. No question that the Holocaust was a nightmare. Sometimes I question why humans have such a bottomless capacity to hurt others.

      I don't have time to educate you on slavery, it's an academic subject of it's own and there are numerous resources available. You can google it if you really want to know more. 



      When black people visit a slave market like in Charleston SC, complete with chains and manacles for children, or one of the ports of no return on the west coast of Africa, we are often overcome with emotion, especially empaths like me. We feel the pain and anguish of our ancestors as they were ripped from their home and deposited on foreign shores to be treated worse than animals. When touring Underground Railroad stops, we feel the fear and hope that escaping slaves felt.  If you are a descendant of a Holocaust or slavery victim, pictures, if you can stand to have them, are fine. Others should proceed with caution and show the utmost respect.  The man who discovered the Titanic (Robert Ballard) was against disturbing the relics and site in any way, as it represented the final resting place of so many souls. To him, the site became sacred ground.  

    • JillyO

      Posted (edited)

      Yeah, Sierra's mom is only 48 (!!!)* and she works full-time and lives 1.5 hours away as @theotherelise said. Sierra talked about her on her IG multiple times and she seems to be a loving and involved grandma, but it's certainly not the same thing as having a live-in laundry fairy like grandma Duggar, or Braggie Abbie (misformama) whose mom does two days of homeschooling per week plus has all the older ones over for a sleepover once a week. Plus Mark must be working long hours away from home to feed his family on a furniture salesman's salary, which is also pretty unusual in their cult. I'm not surprised Sierra's slowly going stir-crazy with so many young kids and very little help or even adult interaction.

      *Just found this out based on this post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BvE4-hvF1TS/. So her mom was 18 when she was born, and Sierra has an older brother too. That must have been pretty tough for her mom/parents and certainly explains some of the hard parts of her childhood Sierra has talked about in the past.


      Edited by JillyO
      Writing. It's hard.
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    • Sullie06


      I think more than the fear of my own death, I have a fear of leaving my children and not being able to see them continue to grow and prosper. Because I believe in reincarnation in a spiritual sense I don't know that my own death will be tragic to me, but the idea of losing my parents is terrifying so I worry that someday, obviously, my children will have to go through the same grief of losing me. If that makes sense. 

    • theotherelise


      Oh crap! I didn't realize Mark had gone to the same high school as Sierra! (Where my husband also went!) He's 8 years older than Sierra and 7 years older than my husband, but he might've been in the year below my brother in law.

      Sierra's parents still live in Carthage about 1.5ish hours away. I don't know about her dad, but her mom and I have mutual connections on linkedin, and she's definitely working still. I do not know about Mark's family and I don't recall ever seeing them on her IG or blog. Could be they just don't want things shared so publicly, live farther away now, or aren't around.

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