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    • PlentyOfJesusFishInTheSea


      I'm pretty sure Lauren's materal grandma is from either El Salvador or Honduras - I always forget, and Marjorie being part Guatemalan doesn't help!

      Preeeeety sure it's Honduras?

    • Screamapillar


      Between 9 months - 18 months, both of my kids have been obsessed with shape sorting toys, stacking toys (like nesting cups), and Mega Blocks. My 14 month old son in particular loves Little People. I can sit him down with a dozen Little People and a couple of empty boxes and he will amuse himself for a solid 15 minutes or more putting them in and out of the boxes.

      I usually gift the Classic BabyLit book collection for friend and family's new babies.

    • allthegoodnamesrgone


      Dericks rantings on twitter about how JB controls the purse strings isn't surprising, this is how he keeps them under his control.  It's also not surprising that aside from Jill & Joy, all the adults Duggar's are dependent on daddy for their livelihood. Derrick is being a mouthy dick while breaking away from the Duggar cult, Austin isn't leaving the cult, he is just refusing to be under JB's control, so I wonder if JB doesn't have some bit of respect for Austin because of this. Austin is being the head of his house and that is what a man is supposed to do, in JB's world, and so far none of his own sons, or Son's in law have been able to branch out and stand on their own. Mostly because JB & M have raised a dozen and a half kids with little to no education and little to no work ethic. Only Joy, seems to have any type of work ethic  the rest seem to prefer a less stressful lifestyle. Can you imagine ANY of the other married Duggarlings and spouses living in an RV long term while building houses by themselves? 

    • 11 hours ago, Audrey2 said:

      Little Blue Truck

      Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

      OMG the amount of times I read these two books to my nephew! 

    • 10 hours ago, allthegoodnamesrgone said:

      I just hope that they are keeping each other company during this time when they should be having baby #2. 

      We don't have any reason to assume they're not. Austin has proven to be a good husband in this regard, so I'm sure he's being extra attentive towards her right now. I just hope there are other people in their support system, because Austin needs to be supported as well. Joy isn't the only one who lost a child. 

      45 minutes ago, Pretzel said:

      Some things they did in the past I thought were really dumb. Like, taking a very-pregnant woman on an adventure "babymoon" and sitting in a canoe in the winter on an ice cold lake. Yeah. 😏 Austin came off as a bit taciturn, too. However, some time has passed and Joy and Austin have surprised me. They seem to love each other, adore Gideon, they know their responsibilities and they aren't lazy. On top of that, they appear grounded and pragmatic. No ridiculous over-thinking, no drama. They probably have found their place in life and are content with where they are, who they are, and who they're with. That's a great basis for dealing with whatever life throws your way in the here and now. 

      I have to wonder how much of that was forced by TLC, though. 

      I will always cringe at Joy wearing flip flops while working construction, however. 

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