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    • nelliebelle1197


      6 hours ago, Spinosaurus said:

      Valiant?  Who the fuck calls their child Valiant?  

      You need to look up what Peter BRADRICK! named his kids. No one spoil it! It must be seen!

    • nokidsmom

      Posted (edited)

      6 hours ago, stylites said:

      Publicising both the fact that she had and the age she was when she had strikes me as both a phenomenally shitty and unwise thing to do.  Even if she was okay with it at the time - it's the kind of thing that no one really needs to know and ends up storing up much trouble for later.

      Publicizing this information....just no.  Absolutely no reason to do this, it shows a serious lack of respect for her to publicize such a thing, and as to the question of whether or not she was ok with it.....it should have never been considered in the first place.

      Had a friend who complained that his wife was not a virgin when they married but was surprised they were having problems.  Well, no shit Sherlock, I would expect there to be serious problems given you show no respect for your wife talking about such things.   And like Mr. Harris, he went ahead and married his wife anyway.    I mean, if it's important for you to have your spouse be a virgin upon marriage, and someone is not, then you have the option of not marrying them.  Nobody's pointing a gun to your head to not do so.   But if you go ahead anyway, that's fine, but then you don't make a big deal about it.   To anyone, most of all your spouse.

      No wonder those two are getting a divorce.  I understand Mr. Harris may have had a change of heart but he publicized things that were not just damaging to people and to himself and his wife personally.  That's stuff that one cannot take back.

      Yes, I am a bit sensitive to this as this sort of thing was one of the reasons why I kicked my former fiance to the curb.  Aside from being very messed up, he needlessly shared information about, ahem, our private life, to others.  It's damaging, it shows lack of respect and the logical outcome for the offending party is absolutely deserved.  

      Edited by nokidsmom
    • Marserin


      A few weeks ago, I was sitting in the front car when a train hit a person. I am still seriously freaked out by it.

      • Sad 1
    • Marserin


      Here is another analysis from Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg 


    • Flossie


      1 hour ago, missy1228 said:

      What the f*** kind of libraries does this guy go to??

      Library?  He ain't goin' to some dag garned library.  He'd be shussed if he tried to preach and possibly asked by some female if they could show him to the Religion section, where he would be exposed to:

      200 Religion
      201 Religious mythology, general classes of religion, interreligious relations and attitudes, social theology
      202 Doctrines
      203 Public worship and other practices
      204 Religious experience, life, practice
      205 Religious ethics
      206 Leaders and organization
      207 Missions and religious education
      208 Sources
      209 Sects and reform movements

      210 Philosophy & theory of religion
      211 Concepts of God
      212 Existence, ways of knowing God, attributes of God
      213 Creation
      214 Theodicy
      215 Science & religion
      216 No longer used—formerly Evil; Depravity
      217 No longer used—formerly Prayer
      218 Humankind
      219 No longer used—formerly Analogies: Correspondences

      220 The Bible
      221 Old Testament (Tanakh)
      222 Historical books of Old Testament
      223 Poetic books of Old Testament
      224 Prophetic books of Old Testament
      225 New Testament
      226 Gospels & Acts
      227 Epistles
      228 Revelation (Apocalypse)
      229 Apocrypha, pseudepigrapha, & intertestamental works

      230 Christianity 
      231 God
      232 Jesus Christ & his family
      233 Humankind
      234 Salvation & grace
      235 Spiritual beings
      236 Eschatology
      237 No longer used—formerly Future state 
      238 Creeds, confessions of faith, covenants, & catechisms
      239 Apologetics & polemics

      240 Christian moral and devotional theology
      241 Christian ethics
      242 Devotional literature
      243 Evangelistic writings for individuals and families
      244 No longer used—formerly Religious fiction
      245 No longer used—formerly Hymnology
      246 Use of art in Christianity
      247 Church furnishings & related articles
      248 Christian experience, practice, life
      249 Christian observances in family life

      250 Local Christian church and Christian religious orders
      251 Preaching (Homiletics)
      252 Texts of sermons
      253 Pastoral office and work (Pastoral theology)
      254 Parish administration
      255 Religious congregations & orders
      256 No longer used—formerly Religious societies 
      257 No longer used—formerly Parochial schools, libraries, etc.
      258 No longer used—formerly Parochial medicine 
      259 Pastoral care of families, of specific groups of people

      260 Christian social and ecclesiastical theology
      261 Social theology and interreligious relations and attitudes
      262 Ecclesiology
      263 Days, times, places of religious observance
      264 Public worship
      265 Sacraments, other rites & acts
      266 Missions
      267 Associations for religious work
      268 Religious education
      269 Spiritual renewal

      270 History, geographic treatment, biography of Christianity
      271 Religious congregations and orders in church history
      272 Persecutions in church history
      273 Doctrinal controversies and heresies in general church history
      274 Christianity in Europe
      275 Christianity in Asia
      276 Christianity in Africa
      277 Christianity in North America
      278 Christianity in South America
      279 History of Christianity in other areas

      280 Denominations and sects of Christian church
      281 Early church & Eastern churches
      282 Roman Catholic Church
      283 Anglican churches
      284 Protestant denominations of Continental origin & related body
      285 Presbyterian churches, Reformed churches centered in America, Congregational churches
      286 Baptist, Restoration Movement, Adventist churches
      287 Methodist churches; churches related to Methodism
      288 No longer used—formerly Unitarian 
      289 Other denominations & sects

      290 Other religions
      291 No longer used—formerly Comparative religion
      292 Classical religion (Greek & Roman religion)
      293 Germanic religion
      294 Religions of Indic origin
      295 Zoroastrianism (Mazdaism, Parseeism)
      296 Judaism
      297 Islam, Bábism & Bahá'í Faith
      298 No longer used—formerly Mormonism 
      299 Religions not provided for elsewhere