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Baby Thor

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Throw Back Thorsday

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Ya know, cause there are never enough kitty pictures out there.

He was a sweet little jelly bean nugget, now he's a straw stealing, drink dumping monstrosity that gives wet nose kissy apologies.  

baby thor.jpg

little thor.jpg

bowtie thor.jpg

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There’s not much cuter than a kitten!  Thanks for letting us watch him grow!

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Thanks for loving him! He's been such a joy these last two years. He's been a kissy cuddle baby lately, I love how he's mellowing out. 

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I've really enjoyed seeing his pictures over the last two years. I'm not currently able to adopt a kitty, so I have to admire everyone else's cats. Thanks for sharing him with us!

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He's still about the cutest thing around! (just don't tell the dynamic duo). Thank you for sharing him with us. Give him skritches and cuddles from me. 

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  • Posts

    • anjulibai


    • Marmion


      18 hours ago, Red Hair, Black Dress said:

      )  OMG that outfit they make the grandson wear.  Please, please someone stage an intervention, burn that outfit and dress the child more normally.  Even for RF, that little lord fauntleroy suit and hair is way too OTT

      Not to be cisnormative , but before you posted otherwise , I actually thought that person was a girl .  :56247958035f1_32(18): 

    • luv2laugh

      Posted (edited)

      17 minutes ago, FecundFundieFundus said:

      CONTENT WARNING: if you watch their video "going home" they do show Andrea's body at the very end. 

      I did see that. It was hard to watch. I feel depressed.

      Edited by luv2laugh
    • nickelodeon

      Posted (edited)

      I wonder if the Duggar girls will be as eager to promote The Wellington via endless instagram posts as they were Amy’s shop?

      ETA: I can legitimately see Jeremy visiting and posting cheesy ass photos where he poses in one of his “classy” suits with a cigar. Or would the whiskey scare him off?

      Edited by nickelodeon
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    • xenobia

      Posted (edited)

      Meanwhile, our favourite lets-talk-about-sex-fundie Jillymuffin is promoting books in her instagram stories. Just your average day in fundie-land. 



      Edited by xenobia
      added one of the images