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    • Sabine

      Posted (edited)

      they actually all look very relaxed, happy and future orientated.  If you don't know who they are you would think simply  they are a young modern couple with children very average, very normal.  And that is quite nice to think about Jill Duggar, not fundy royalty but modern, average, normal, young. 

      Edited by Sabine
      y instead of e, words inserting themselves sneakily
    • Themanda Duggar


      I’m excited about this, and what it could represent for their family.  In my fantasy world, once Sam starts school, so will Jill.

    • Idlewild


      This isn’t on her instagram? I wonder why not. I hope it is dawning on her that they deserve a future with choices rather than selling cars, fixing up JB’s properties & performing in the family circus. 

      Jill has been showing videos of the boys playing with friends- maybe she realises socialisation is good for them. One thing is for sure - DD won’t want them going to the big house to be educated by Ben.

    • AmazonGrace


      I think the foundation of her entire religion is being skinny. Jesus and the Bible are incidental. 

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    • bal maiden


      This is great. This is fucking great. I would so love to be privy to JB and Michelle’s heads exploding over this. 

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