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Baby Thor

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Happy 2nd Birthday!

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Hims twwwooo!!!! Our little nugget is two years old y'all! 

Today he gets wet num nums all to himself  & all the scritches & squeezies he can handle... and some he can't.... :laughing-jumpingpurple:

I didn't have a party hat in my phone picture doodle thing so a top hat will have to do.




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Happy Second Birthday, Thor!!  You've come such a long way since you were rescued as a tiny newborn kitty!  Many happy returns of the day!

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    • Off the Rails


      Abbie,  I hope you read this with the love I'm saying it with: You're right, Jesus forgives. And I believe you when you say you repent. But why wouldn't you also tell us about the restoration that you need to do, asking your kids for forgiveness? Why do you get so rage filled and take it as a personal offense that your son spent time building something in his room, out of your way? You keep getting angry over the same offenses of your children (that you've seemed to admit aren't actual offenses). 

      I know we are joking on here that Jesus isn't a hall pass, but it's true. You need to find an older woman who can be the Titus 2 role model and support for you to move past the frequent anger and frustration at your kids. At the very least, don't minimize your anger and perfection as something you have to keep repenting for. Do something to change it. God doesn't give us grace so we can keep repeating the same sins and then pull our Jesus get out of jail free card. 




      Another homeschool fundie mom of 8

    • Arkfundy

      Posted (edited)

      9 hours ago, Daisy0322 said:

      Even if meeting their needs is specified women and men both- they're only taught to want missionary, procreating, very vanilla sex though correct? And if so then some people who be getting their needs met but not anyone whose into anything else. I mean there's a large range of creativity sexually speaking that they miss out on if they were potentially interested. I mean I'm not into anything i would consider extremely unusual but I do like to experiment.... it seems like there wouldn't be much room for that 

      Raised in a fundamental culture and actually “vanilla sex” is laughable...we were never taught that sex was only for procreation..but that it was between married people to be enjoyed. Birth control used by almost every couple(and women have careers- not raised fundamental Baptist). The marriage bed was “undefiled” so whatever happened there was “fine”...2 things we were told were wrong were orgies, and pornography. Bringing others into your marriage bed was considered sinful. I’ve attended many lingerie showers were the gifts were risqué and  people do discuss their private lives with friends, I can say “vanilla sex” is not the norm. Whips, edibles, and sex toys are not uncommon. 

      A friend who left the church once said “church girls are freaks once the lights go out”....and honestly about 75 percent of the people I know did not wait till marriage. Most  people have a sex drive and enjoy sex...fundamental Christians are no different. 

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      Grammar correction
    • AmazonGrace


      On 8/23/2019 at 12:28 AM, WeirdHarold said:


      "we will automatically find this wisdom and this knowledge of God"

      I wonder if "this wisdom" and "this knowledge" is akin to "this message" and "this place".

      This procedure, this fear, this adoration, this relationship, this opportunity, this chance, this life...




      A Real Relationship with The God of the Universe

      August 24, 2019

      by Gwen Shamblin Lara

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      Daily conversation about God is essential. Many verses point out that we need ears to hear…we need to listen, we need conversation, and we need to hear the Truth. This matters. Truth makes all the difference. Truth sets you free; it completely changes your life. Truth is essential in this procedure to obtain this holy fear and this loving adoration of God, and it is vital if we are to teach this relationship to our children.

      This is about a relationship with God, but just the thought of a mortal being and an Immortal Being having the opportunity to build a relationship seems impossible. However, God in His Love allows each of us—a mere man, a mere woman or a mere child—permission to have a relationship with God Almighty. How could we neglect this great opportunity, this essential chance for life on Earth and life for eternity? This life of separating good and evil, starting with gaining a holy fear of God—which is the beginning of wisdom—is the most amazing life.

      The fear of the Lord teaches a man wisdom, and humility comes before honor. Proverbs 15:33



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    • Peaches-n-Beans


      21 hours ago, viii said:

      Probably a vibrator, aka my best friend. 

      it is and she is my best friend and I love her. 

      I do not love it when my dog eats all the lube and I have to explain it to the vet though. 

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    • Palimpsest


      OK.  This is as much research as I have time for right now.

      • Drs Hodges and Humphreys are indeed well qualified surgeons.  They are not quacks.
      • They've been developing this implant for "many years."
      • They have been performing this surgery for about 10 years, beginning in South Africa.  It is still not clear how many total patients have had this surgery.
      • They are now in the Caymen Islands to "offer this surgery at affordable rates" to Americans with money.  
      • This discounted price is so they can build up clinical data. 
      • They have not yet even developed or filed a clinical study in the US to apply for FDA approval.  No wonder I couldn't find an application or any clinical trials.
      • I checked a few medical journals without success in finding professional articles authored by them to bolster up their claims.  But I didn't spend much time on that.

      Now I can understand why when you have a spiffy new "medical breakthrough" the FDA process is incredibly onerous.  I can understand the frustration of patients wanting the new technology when it doesn't yet have FDA approval.

      But FDA approval has a purpose.  This surgery's success and the longevity of the implants are not guaranteed at all.  There is an aspect of "you get what you pay for."  Or, in John Shrader's case, you get what someone else has paid for.

      So, as @squiddysquid says, Johnny is a guinea pig.  And if something goes wrong with his implants he may decide these doctors are possessed by Satan.

      Also the lack of professional articles troubles me, but I did not do a long search at all.  This does not count as a "professional" article.  It is a puff piece by Dr Humphreys justifying why they are performing this surgery without FDA approval.  On their glossy site. 


      And I do have serious ethical concerns about this overseas "collection of data" at cheap rates.  Mileage may vary on that.  


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