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Gobbles Musings

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Very quick update

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Had my lesson for today and it went very well. After 20 minutes or so he told me to park the car at the side of the road, and asked me how I felt so far. My reply was: "I have hoped that you wouldn't ask, 'cause now everything is going to be worse." He just rolled his eyes and told me to believe in myself. Like I said, it got a bit bad after that but I saved it and drove good in the end. He said 80% was good! He told me that I was using my mirrors perfectly. I looked every time I should have looked. He also pretty much stopped telling me when to go up and down a gear.

Tomorrow I will have a two hour long overland lesson. We will drive to the Swabian Alb and have fun there. I really like driving faster outside of cities so I hope it will be fun. Lots of curves and great roads.

I still have no time for my exam on Thursday. They switched to an online only system during the last days (communication with the driving schools) and well, Germany does pretty good with a lot of things, but new systems and internet is not one of it. But I should get the time tomorrow.

I'm incredibly tired (also because I did a lot of revising for the exam) but I'm looking forward to tomorrow! 

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  • Posts

    • littlemommy


      I was on Facebook marketplace the other day and there was a bank for sale. The description began with the old familiar “Ok folks”. 

      G Haw on my Facebook marketplace!! It was officially too much.

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    • Purrl


      On 2/16/2019 at 11:53 AM, seraaa said:

      If they do have a common set of beliefs, why call themselves 'non-denominational'? 

      Does 'non-denominational' mean the church has its own theological interpretation, or that it isn't a member of a denominal association, or that it welcomes people with varying beliefs?

      My understanding of and experience with the non-denominational churches in my area (south LA) is that they basically follow Southern Baptist beliefs, practices and interpretations but that they do not belong to any SB association. There is also peppier music and more jumping and shouting in the services, which is what sets them apart from SB churches and appeals to many of their attendees who might otherwise worship at a SB church. Of course, I haven’t visited every non-denom church around.

    • Frog99


      1 hour ago, EowynW said:

      Did y'all see the video of Alyssa telling lori and ken? Lori looked genuinely happy I thought. 

      I thought she seemed very happy. 

      I also thought she looked extremely thin. 

      And total BEC but Ken’s voice is not what I was expecting. 

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    • Spinosaurus


      She deleted it because she was cross with him?  I can't see the logic there.

      Hope she's ok. 😕

    • keepercjr


      Just now, Spinosaurus said:

      Do you mean she's deleted her account, or just that she hasn't posted anything for a while?

      She deleted her account.  He mentioned it a while back, saying she deleted it because she was mad at him.  She still isn't back.  He mentions it from time to time saying stuff like "Happy valentines day to my wife.  She isn't on facebook anymore.  I sure do love her"

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