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Edens Year 13: Elsie Johnson, Sad But Free



Wow! Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue after a long time away! Grad school was pretty crazy for me this spring but it's so good to be back! A LOT has happened in year 13 for the Edens. 

It started with Judges's birthday. Genesis, now a fully-fledged sister mom, made his cake (of course). 655655573_04-23-18_9-38-48PM.thumb.png.a04f5f4b1802fa8ce61e296ef6c0d0df.png

Judges was an inquisitive toddler and now he is a little bookworm! Let's see if he keeps to the approved texts! 552469482_04-23-18_9-57-35PM.thumb.png.8cbe855f0798197fa01c2868260c757c.png

(P.S. The first time I wrote this section I called Judges (#7) Samuel (#9). The kids are starting to become interchangeable. Thank Rufus I have a key for which kid is wearing which color!)

Though the Edens are getting to be a PITA for ME, they are still functioning remarkably well. The kids keep up with their homeschooling and their chores (even unasked), and the family still manages to eat dinner together sometimes. 396739157_04-23-18_10-05-46PM.thumb.png.9d9ad04a528f375f67d4a27dff18ad60.png1124594188_06-13-18_9-23-12PM.thumb.png.d9f29d3c0ae901bc3441a4c42c3c6e34.png

The siblings get along well, especially the eldest boys, and after work Adam enjoys playing on his new woodworking bench. As I said months ago, the Edens are doing a really bad job revealing the dangers of fundamentalism from the outside.


Most of the time.1960361921_06-11-18_8-56-02PM.thumb.png.c2aa6a897b4577c676deb5527fd08ede.png

Life was not so idyllic for the Tobiaseses. 1213760028_06-04-18_5-01-51PM.thumb.png.9ba2cdb297ecf0f3ce2409c274f754ea.png

Romano aged up into an adorable angelic munchkin, but his parents were not. happy. Elsie couldn't believe that she had followed all those stupid patriarchal rules and gave up her adolescence to serve her sister's family, all to experience infertility (based on the number of tries it took to conceive to Romano that's totally what was happening - though that may of actually been a blessing in disguise in terms of her union with Cale) AND be married to a guy who is lazy, literally insane and supposed to have authority her. Fornicate that noise.

Cale decided that if he couldn't do whatever he wanted as whoever this "headship" thing was without a wife yelling at him, then he really didn't want to do it anymore. And they divorced.


Cale kept the house, as he did buy it. Elsie Johnson got most of the money, sole custody of Romano, and her name back. She used the money from the divorce to buy herself a beautiful 3 bed 2 bath home in the Edens' neighborhood.


They didn't have a ton of money for furnishings, so the house felt a little empty,1681984932_06-11-18_8-04-22PM.thumb.png.bcb68981416ea18e406972661d0e8d87.png

but they did have each other. (And potty training.)1609736651_06-11-18_8-10-17PM.thumb.png.7ab5b81daa75891e9e7c3b3096c3505e.png

Still, it was hard. Elsie was sad about the divorce and her questions about IFB teachings. Really sad. 2081589575_06-13-18_8-25-49PM.thumb.png.c5a90351e8b931ca5fc731359f463dbd.png

After when Romano (who is now going by Romeo because the cheese reference is just too painful) was sleeping she would call the sadness hotline. 1317158008_06-13-18_8-33-24PM.thumb.png.ef90d7c2400f22064e0ac389ce5920b3.png

And as if that weren't enough, the married Edens showed up on her doorstep. Like the horny judgy couple they were.1502393241_06-13-18_8-35-33PM.thumb.png.d42f0c5892247007d9879b0e121c46e2.png

"Go back to Dad's Elsie, or come home with us. You shouldn't be living by yourself, with a kid and unmarried."

"No, I'm working at the restaurant now. I'm a strong independent woman and I don't need no man." (Okay, mayyybe I added that last part in)


"How independent are you if Romano sleeps at our house when you work nights?" (And I said...bitch??????)

"Well I really appreciate you guys taking him overnight but I guess I'll put him in daycare then, with the smelly and unlovely heathens."

"Fine, he can keep coming over. Take care of yourself."

"Fine. Thank you. How do you keep your arms so slender after so many babies?"

Eva did not answer that and Elsie went to her gorgeous new bedroom after this exchange to weep. 1604897473_06-11-18_8-16-56PM.thumb.png.6131c82886b8dff81170098e93b3c1fa.png

(She actually did, even though this picture shows her sleeping) And yes, Elsie works nights still. She's working as hard as she can for a promotion which will change her work schedule. And tries to stay as close as possible to Romano even when she needs to nap. 2101382873_06-13-18_8-46-11PM.thumb.png.1f9a2d2f0890e17545c7f078cb53b99a.png

But I think they're going to be ok. 1880779352_06-13-18_8-22-53PM.thumb.png.b2e5b0e4e8381cedaf776c60ffaa46ed.png1964677738_06-13-18_8-23-31PM.thumb.png.2de041be6a38a0640bf95d496eda1518.png

Meanwhile, back at the Edens, Joshua attempted unsuccessfully to "save" a girl with NO PANTS AT ALL, which is way worse than wearing regular sluttish pants. Nike for real. 1595265572_06-04-18_3-54-51PM_-_Copy.thumb.png.9b6e7a3dfd45a57cd36ec0dbebcd70b2.png

And Kings (baby #10, remember him?) grew into a clingy toddler,238310630_06-13-18_8-59-26PM_-_Copy.thumb.png.3f069cab10b0667639da6a759bb45fde.png

Just before Eva and Adam welcomed blessing #11 into the world, little Chronicles, on Halloween on the Eve of All Saint's Day at the end of October. 627303574_06-13-18_9-07-20PM.thumb.png.d301d0bc1a22ce9066ed83e4c46dfeb5.png

Everyone was SO EXCITED to meet her! ("Deuteronomy! Countenance now!")

And we just can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for her!

Thanks for being patient and for reading all of this if you got this far. Until next time, Edens out!


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Ah I missed them! My save got overwritten (whoops) so you're on your own in the harsh world of fundamentalism now.

Glad to know Romeo is having a vaguely normal life.

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@victoriasponge you know that just means you have to start another family...:whistle:

and thank you! Romano/Romeo and Elsie are having some single parent struggles at the moment but I bet when she gets a promotion a lot of that will ease up. Let’s see if any little Edens want to abandon ship to live with her...

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@neurogirl haha I'm housesitting at my parents' right now with no gaming PC, but maybe when I get back to it...

Honestly, I'd pick Elsie, she doesn't have as much of a creepy fundie stare/smile going on.

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    • finnlassie


      I'm leaning towards putting my children into a christian school, but that'll only happen if there's one available. They have to teach the exact same curriculum as rest of the Finnish public schools, and the religious aspect really only comes out with evangelic lutheran religion classes being denominational, daily prayers and in different Christian holidays (hymns, nativity is present, etc). The schools usually just run from 1st to 6th or 1st to 9th grade, so their second level education (upper secondary or vocational school) will be non-denominational.

      Though, I've heard some schools condemn evolution as a whole and teach creationism instead... I do lean on intelligent design, but I'm gonna be absolutely horrified if evolution is not going to be taught in a proper manner. AFAIK those schools have gotten a fuckton of backlash from the board of education as well as a lot of parents, which is good.

      But eh, if there's no christian school near, I'm not gonna go out my way to transport my kid every day for an hour somewhere, the public system's good. Ain't nobody got time for that lol. Or if the school does crap on teaching evolution, I'm not gonna put my children there...

    • TuringMachine


      Honor is 18 months. My math tells me she announced her pregnancy with him when Theo was 20 months, so I'm going on bump watch now.  I think I might spend too much time on her instagram guys.


    • SJWaterford


      I was included in a conversation last night with a few other people that are ex-remanant that I had not met yet. What I came out with was even more disturbing. Its seriously not even about the theology anymore.  My daughter was 17 when this started and we threatened statutory rape against the boy but a friend from law enforcement said it wouldn't go anywhere. She moved out the day we had her meet with an exmember who straight up acknowledged that they made up the story about how the boy died(that he had a disease that made him bruise). I've had 2 exmembers say that same thing. That this excuse about the disease was a cover to conceal what really happened. Their "prison ministry" I believe is run by the parents of this murdered boy from the inside. I appreciate everyones support. What I really want is to just try to keep this from happening to anyone else. She has lived with 2 different families now. How that's better than her own home, is beyond me. 

    • hoipolloi


      3 hours ago, Khendra said:

      They do believe type is fixed from birth and cannot change.  They think it can only change epigenetically in the womb, IIRC (the identical twin Jason and Jarron Collins former NBA players have separate types despite the same genetics, and they said that was bc of epigenetics).

      Re: bolded. This is complete, unmitigated nonsense. It is a pack of lies. It is utter bullshit. There is NO scientific or evidentiary basis to this crap. 

      It would be good for everyone if this scam died with JN. It would be even better if the BrainTypes company/Niednagels were sued for practicing psychology or medicine without a license & forced to cough up their considerable earnings to pay any damages or settlements to those who were negatively affected by this crap.


    • finnlassie


      Sometimes I feel a bit nuts about dating and the like. And I dunno what to think.

      It was really Jill that made me convinced over the courtship sh'bang (in an earlier thread I told my "almost went full fundie" story), and still thinking of it, I'm not fully opposed to it. But I suppose the difference comes in with the fact that I am turning 26 in a week and it would be my own choice and preference. Sure, it stems from Duggaroonis (and later YouTube channel called "Worth the Wait" where two adults decide to court and not kiss till marriage, both having a wild history with dating and sex), but having been thinking about it for a longer period of time, it's actually something I'd... probably prefer at this point. My past relationships have been crazy fast (I've had like 10 boyfriends and flings combined in the past 11 years), and courting feels like it'll give me time to learn something about the other in a deeper level. Though front hugs will 100% be allowed lol, I ain't gettin' into this creepy side hug business.

      The world has really changed. When my paternal grandparents got engaged, that's when the both of them kissed anyone for the first time at 20+. I'm not glorifying it at all, especially as my grandfather was borderline narcissistic. But it makes me think about what I hold important. I know I'm not gonna wait till marriage when it comes to kissing.

      There's definitely a dilemma in my mind. Will the man that I meet get offended if I ask to start things off as a courtship? Will I want it til engagement or turn to regular dating before engagement? What really are my motives? Am I romanticising courtship, or is it really my free will? Am I projecting something through this?

      My brain hurts. :/

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