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Gobbles Musings

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Two lessons & a preliminary exam

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First: I passed the preliminary exam! I had to do two exams and passed both of them. One without mistakes, the other with two mistakes at questions I was unsure about during the exam. So I know what to practise until the important test next week.

On to my two lessons. My mum came to both of them to make me feel a bit less nervous. It is really special because she had her lessons with the same instructor when she was 18!

On Monday we drove into a bigger village/town via the high way (interstate might be a better word, not the Autobahn but also not a country road). The area there is known to be absolute hell for drivers due to pedestrians, buses and bus lanes. A lot of accidents happened there and of course the area is part of the exam area, meaning I know which cities/villages I might have to drive through at my exam. Driving outside on the "high way" went very well, also the country roads. Inside the city mess it got harder and the criticism was that I was to slow. So next time I try to be less anxious and try not to care if I kill a few people who illegally cross the road. :evil-laugh:

On Tuesday was lesson number 2 and we drove to the are were the exam will start and end. Same as Monday. I did very well on roads outside the city but got slower than I should on the smaller roads with cars parked on both sides. We also practised parking again. Forwards, backwards and parallel backwards.

So my weak point is definitely everything involving busy situations and people. Everything else works better.

Next lesson is number 20! (Still +10 lessons at least to go.) And my final theoretical exam is also next week. Hopefully one less thing to worry about once I pass it.

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    • Queen


    • BlessaYourHeart


      10 hours ago, Ais said:

      I use both the preferred Nationalist and Unionist name at the same time, it would be quicker to use map coordinates lol

      I do that too when I have to say where exactly I’m from. But as far as randomers asking? I’ve been from anywhere from Strabane to Coleraine to Dungiven 😂

      8 hours ago, Threff said:

      Derry/Londonderry? That was a BIG THING when I was growing up.

      Yes, and still a thing today 😂

    • DarkAnts


      Some people in Africa use Christianity and witchcraft as a way to control members from a community. They are usually banned from their village. Some so called pastures will cleansed of their “demons” for the right price. These so called witches are social stigmas. They are blamed for anything and everything that goes wrong in the community.  Many children are targeted. 


    • littlemommy


      I was on Facebook marketplace the other day and there was a bank for sale. The description began with the old familiar “Ok folks”. 

      G Haw on my Facebook marketplace!! It was officially too much.

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    • Purrl


      On 2/16/2019 at 11:53 AM, seraaa said:

      If they do have a common set of beliefs, why call themselves 'non-denominational'? 

      Does 'non-denominational' mean the church has its own theological interpretation, or that it isn't a member of a denominal association, or that it welcomes people with varying beliefs?

      My understanding of and experience with the non-denominational churches in my area (south LA) is that they basically follow Southern Baptist beliefs, practices and interpretations but that they do not belong to any SB association. There is also peppier music and more jumping and shouting in the services, which is what sets them apart from SB churches and appeals to many of their attendees who might otherwise worship at a SB church. Of course, I haven’t visited every non-denom church around.