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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Smiths Part Ten: In Which Emily Says "Fuck the Patriarchy"

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Screw You Patriarchy Moment #1: Emily wears pants now. 


Screw You Patriarchy Moment #2: Emily gets a JOB. As an ASTRONAUT.


She also moved in with a guy pre-marriage. But then, I always do this, because waiting around for them to find a partner autonomously would take too long. Plus my Sims don't leave the house much except to go to school/work.

She goes on a date with Daniel Westbury to the Romance Festival. They get sakura tea together.


Look who turns up!! That's either Eddie or Elijah getting sakura tea; I can't tell because he's not in green or blue. Which is why I always assign my Sims a colour.


Daniel's eating fruit salad for breakfast, which is normal. Emily is eating franks and beans, which is not. Maybe she's a Bro Gary follower? *gag*


Screw You Patriarchy Moment #3: PRE-MARITAL KISSING Y'ALL


Daniel got so excited he decided to start fishing. It does actually make sense, as being an Angling Ace is his lifetime aspiration/wish/want (I forget which one it is with Sims 4).


Nicole invites Emily over to the Granite Falls National Park. They don't stay long, for some reason, by which I mean they chat for a bit and then Nicole just walks off.... RUDE.


Edward invites himself over, and meets Daniel. Neither Edward nor Nicole have commented on Emily wearing jeans; perhaps they're like the Bateses in that kids stick with the style rules whilst living at home, but they can decide their own rules once they've left. After all, Emily's still fairly covered, it's not like she's wearing a crop top and hot pants.


Eliza comes over. 


Eliza plays the violin. Edward sits alone in the background. (Loser).


They go on a date to a bar. Smooching occurs.


"Daniel! What are you doing??"


"YIBS!" (Simlish for YES!)


Quick household swap to the Pearsons. Here's little Adam as a toddler. (Eliza's first kid)


Nicole and Emily go to Chez Llama. 


The food takes way too long to arrive so Emily leaves. I'd got a notification saying that Daniel had come home from work, and I wanted to get them married.


Dun dun da dun.... dun dun da dun... hurry up guys, get to your seats! (Slight Screw The Patriarchy moment in that Emily wears quite a form-fitting dress).


Not sure how well Nicole, Eliza and Mark can see from the kitchen...


Eliza and Emily eat their cake on the bed. 


Even long after everyone's left, Eliza's still playing the violin.


Female Sims don't automatically take their husband's name after marriage; I went into full edit mode (cheat) to change Eliza's name. I'm gonna have Emily keep her Smith maiden name, and give any kids the double-barrelled name of Westbury-Smith (it flows better that way round IMO).

I suppose a real "fuck the patriarchy" moment would've been for Emily and Daniel not to get married, or to marry after kids, but I feel she's broken quite a few of the family rules already. After all, plenty of feminists get married.


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    • SilverBeach


      Anti-vaxxers are delusional, stupid, and I hate them.  It's a public health matter, not a personal conviction matter. Unvaxxed people should be prohibited form participating in public life, and unfortunately, so should their children.  These assholes likely believe that vaccinations are beneficial, they just want others to bear the possible brunt of the small possibility of complications while they gain the value of herd immunity. These dumb asses know nothing of the horrors parents faced before vaccinations became available. They apply no logic and understand nothing of benefit vs risk analysis. They will believe uneducated, uncredentialed people over scientists. I've got no more fucks to give with these idiots. These folks represent the hman race going backwards. I hope eventually there are lawsuits against them for infecting immunocompromised people.  Government needs to step up here, shit is getting serioud forthe rest of us. 

      Two groups of people I just can't with: Dumpers and anti-vaxxers. Not even trying to find any commonality or middle ground. These folks hurt people and don't care.  Fuck them all.

    • Idlewild


      I don’t see any of them putting their children in a public school- it will be homeschooling or private Christian school. 
      I also think with the notable exception of Austin the work ethic is not strong in any of these so they will run minor businesses and grub money along where they can.

      I can see Josh & Josiah feeling sorry for themselves while their wives fake smiles and keep their families afloat with online peddling. 
      Jed has the potential, depending on his political success, of being the most obnoxious- but it’s a crowded field. 
      I don’t see Jeremy having a mega church but I see him clinging to the coattails of fame and anybody vaguely famous they know. Jinger will do pretty much nothing except promote whoever will pay her and support Jeremy.
      Amy will write the tell all while Derick keeps hinting at it- then he’ll snark over her on Twitter until she offers to bring Jill in as co author! 

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    • anjulibai


      I was not expecting that name. 

    • Hortense Peyrac


      Simon Peter Maxwell for this baby. Hope Anna Marie will heal.....

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    • Mom2Bubby


      I didn’t get to watch the live last night because I fell asleep. Sounds like I didn’t miss much. Agree with all of you who did watch it and posted. Maybe I will watch it today. 

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