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Paradigm Lost

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Fig Leaves

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When I talk about modesty and how I had to dress in my childhood, I am talking about my experience only. Although the church I grew up in promoted modesty as an ideal, they did not demand a certain dress code or style of clothing. What I grew up with stemmed from the far stricter beliefs of my mother, enhanced by various books and tracts on the subject.

My mother did not grow up fundie. I was probably about three or four when she decided that shorts were inappropriate attire—and she took my shorts away. I remember being upset about it: a feeling that would return many times over the years.

Women with short hair were considered to be sinning against God, based on 1 Corinthians 11:14-15. My hair grew to just past my rear end, and I was hella proud of it, even though I had crazy split ends. I could braid that hair, pin it up, make two buns like Leia (not that I really knew who Leia was). Turns out I actually look a lot better with short, styled, colored hair, now that I’m a practicing witch and can wear my hair however I want. But at the time, my long hair gave a little boost to my self-confidence, because it was a symbol of “godliness.”

In my pre-teen and early teen years, I definitely wore frumpers. My mom and sisters did too. We made a lot of our own frumperlicious clothing, and I am grateful to my mom for teaching me how to sew, even if I wouldn’t be caught dead in a frumper again.

Because skirts and dresses tend to fly up when playing, my mother made us “bloomers” to wear underneath. These instruments of Satan were white cotton knee-length drawers, elasticized at the waist and around the legs so they would stay in place. They weren’t visible under our long dresses. We wore regular underwear under the bloomers. Y’all, this getup was So. Fucking. Hot. in the summer. I distinctly remember trying to peel the sweat-soaked cotton down my legs so I could use the bathroom. I eventually quit wearing bloomers, I think around 12 or so when I was expected to act more like a lady and stop roughhousing quite as much.

I remember being very upset when my mother told me I needed to be more careful about what I was wearing because I was starting to “develop.” I had breast buds, and instead of a bra I was given a camisole. Camisoles do nothing to conceal nipples, they just make you even warmer in hot weather. (If it sounds like I was overheated a lot of the time, I was. We didn’t live in a house with central A/C until I was about sixteen, and I grew up in the Midwest. Even if we had A/C, we couldn’t have afforded to keep it at a comfortable temperature).

To this day I struggle with feeling exposed if there is any nipple pokage through my shirt. And, pardon the TMI, some people have nipples that are not easy to cover! But I had no idea how to choose a decent bra. I think I was 21 before I got measured at Victoria’s Secret.

I almost forgot about swimwear! We wore modest swimwear from a pattern by Lilies of the Field, who still sell the same type of swimsuit that we had back in the day, if you want to look it up. Every summer we’d pick out a new swim fabric from the store and make a suit. Two pieces: biker shorts to the knee, and a bodice with skirt over that. I think bodice is the right word, but it sounds far sexier than the reality. When I was younger, the bodice was a tank-top style; when I got older, cap sleeves were added, plus a “bib” of the same fabric in the front to cover the breasts. There was absolutely no fucking support under there for the boobies, though. It was all about covering, not supporting.

I didn’t really like being “feminine” as it was defined by the standards of my fundie religion. I still, even though I occasionally dress up and look pretty, prefer a very loose, casual, comfortable style of clothing. Androgynous looks delight me as well. I appreciate what might be considered my more masculine traits: deep voice, angular body, small boobs, muscular shoulders. I don’t wear makeup. When I was pregnant, I was very uncomfortable with my suddenly curvalicious body. It didn’t match my ideal of myself.

What I’m trying to say is that I was not a good person to try to put into a model of femininity based on 1950s stereotypes. I followed the rules for a long time, but eventually I snapped.

I decided to wear pants. I could not find any real, genuine, Biblical reason not to do so, and I wanted very much to look like a regular person and not be questioned about my odd clothing. Once I made that decision, I refused to turn back. I was undeterred by threats of hellfire and by the screaming matches that ensued on my actions. This is why I think the Duggar girls may have actually taken a big step by wearing pants. Because, at least in my family, it was a big step. My mother, bless her heart, was horrified. I had finally shattered my “good girl” image, and all the steps I had taken towards freedom before that were as nothing compared to the day that I put on “that which pertaineth unto a man.”

 We compromised somewhat, after a while; I wore skirts in the house. I changed more times than I remember at work, at community college, in the car. My sisters, as they grew up, did the same. All this talk of modesty, but we couldn’t change clothes in the privacy of our home. We were changing clothes in bathroom stalls. This modesty stuff is bullshit. It’s not about protecting women: it’s about having the final fucking word. I’m suddenly so angry I can’t see straight.

There were other things to be aware of if I wanted to be dressed modestly. No tank tops, because men might be turned on by the area below your arms. No low necks, defined as being able to see into your shirt if you bent over. No short skirts (above the knee was short). No strapless, naturally. No backless, or low in the back. Nothing thin enough that it might show the outline of your body if you stood against the light. No bra straps showing at the edges of your neck opening. Nothing tight enough to reveal that you had a figure of any kind. Red clothing was frowned upon as being a harlot’s color.

I think contrasting buttons were okay though. Suck on that, Steve Maxwell! But pretty much, I grew up looking like I was wearing flour sacks. I got tired of people asking if I was Amish or Pentecostal. When I said I was Reformed Presbyterian they just looked puzzled. It was impossible to explain the convoluted rules in my family.

I was the first girl in my family to break the modesty rules. By the time my youngest sister left home, the rules had been relaxed to the point that even my mother was wearing pants fairly often. She says she was legalistic about dresses.  

 I hope sometime to be able to visit a nudist colony. I want to see what it’s like to lay aside clothing entirely as something unnecessary. Since that would be frowned upon in my current city, I wear what I feel like wearing. Tank tops in summer because I get frickin’ hot. Yes, you can see the tops of my boobs when I bend over, and I don’t give a shit. I almost never wear a long skirt; it brings up bad memories. I wear jeans that actually fit me instead of frumpers two sizes too big.

I’m afraid that my still-smoldering anger at my mother is seeping through in this post. She would be most upset if she knew that I’m talking about these issues with strangers on the internet, but this is my story. This is what happened to me. I was hurt by fundamentalism, and I want to talk about it. My parents are still absolutely fundamentalist Christians, and because of that they can only acknowledge my hurt in a very limited way. I’m not writing this as revenge—I don’t expect them to read this, and I’ve kept their names private—but as my way of grappling with the lifestyle and beliefs that formed me.

Apologies for the length of this post. I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of the modesty mindset!

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P.S. Many thanks to @Curious, who has been kind enough to verify me and add a note at the top of the intro page on my blog!

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  • Posts

    • Flyinthesoup


      8 hours ago, FundieGhostWriter said:

      I can imagine. When Ken 'does his thing' in a neutral venue, I think anyone would be impressed by his composure. People flood him, full of strong opinions, and he conducts himself well. Few could politely 'hold court' under that sort of scorn. It's doubtless one of the secrets of his success.

      JohnH could indeed summarize in more detail. (It was perhaps more 'revealing slip' than 'goof'.)

      Yes indeed.

      This is just going to keep getting harder for the arrows. The sons of the patriarchs have of course arrived too late in the pyramid scheme.

      It might also be because she is a Phillips, and hence very very special. I agree with @AnnaSofia's view on the plan in the parallel world where Doug's fall didn't occur. But I'd make the point that the girls were young, and the fact that JT was still following the script proves little. The boy wonder had already written, years earlier, a study guide to the history of western civilization and Christianity(!), so he wasn't barred from college - he scorned it!

      Doug is a hypocritical weakling. Everything about VF screams just how scared of the ladies our little man has always been. If he had been confronted by a fuming, hormonal, fed-up Jubilee demanding college, he would have buckled (Beall might not have, so I think @AnnaSofia is on the right track that this might have been presented to her as a fait accompli). Doug's press release would have included the names of Deborah, Huldah, or other Biblical heroines, in making his one-off justification. Remember that Jubilee is when debts are cancelled, slaves freed - the normal rules get shaky - so there'd be a corny joke about how appropriately his daughter is named, the one female worthy in the sight of her heavenlyearthly father. He could reverse engineer her name as an example of providence (see why I'm a @FundieGhostWriter - I can write the scripts for them!). Unlike Geoff or Scottie, I don't think Doug had enough belief in his own BS to jeopardize his relationship with one of the girls by digging his heels in if push came to shove. He was always smirking and chuckling to himself behind his false-prophet's-false-beard. Quite possibly in that 'other world' the girls would have stayed obedient - but I can't see Doug casting out a daughter for the sake of ideology if one of the girls proved 'unstoppable'. He would have made an excuse, and then resumed business as usual, over the objections of the likes of Bradrick! Remember, those guys only stood up to Doug once his pants were around his ankles*. Anything less than that he could have ridden out. That is how cults work. The leader gets to set the rules, and bend them where needed to his own whims. I think Doug would enjoy the feeling of dispensing a unique exemption from SAHD to his own spawn. It would just enhance the sense of being in perfect control.

      *read that any way you like

      I appreciate your perspective, thank you for sharing!   

    • allthegoodnamesrgone


      3 hours ago, adidas said:

      Nobody has any way of knowing this is the truth - I could be making it up just to be a drama llama ... but I nearly posted a few days ago that I hoped the birth of the new baby went well and that none of Josh’s skeletons sullied her birth like they did Meredith’s. But I deleted the post because I didn’t want to put a dark cloud over the baby’s birth and it’s nothing but speculation on my part. There have been a few other times I’ve had a weird feeling about celebrity happenings and then they’ve come true. Plenty of times they haven’t too. 

      I kind of get what you are saying. I don't do get this with celebrities, but with people close to me. My feelings aren't 100% accurate, but it has happened enough times that I do pay attention to them with they happen.

    • JermajestyDuggar


      1 minute ago, hollyandivy said:

      Th only question I have: how s daddy going to walk three girls down the aisle????

      I’m actually most curious about the logistics of it all. I know how double weddings work. We’ve seen them before. But I’ve never seen how a triple wedding works. Maybe he will walk them all down separately?

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    • hollyandivy


      2 minutes ago, nelliebelle1197 said:

      God forbid Mommy helps 

      I your wildest dreams maybe :)

    • nelliebelle1197


      17 minutes ago, Idlewild said:

      I agree it’s probably nothing and if people are making a connection to Jed then it’s wise to suspend comments. I don’t follow Reddit so I don’t know what folks are up to there.

      i loathe the Duggars and all their faux ‘wholesomeness ‘ as well as Josh worming his way back into public approval but starting rumours like this just gives them more mileage to their ‘persecution’ complex.

      Those Reddit and  Facebook “Snark” groups are going to eventually send what few public train wrecks we have left dark. 


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