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Gobbles Musings

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When your body tells you to slow down



Like I wrote in my status update, I got sick on Friday evening. A really horrible cold. Because my immune system does not do well at all when I'm stressed and the whole drivers license thing makes me incredibly stressed. I got not one, but two cold sores inside my lips on Tuesday. My upper lip is still twice the size of normal. The last time I had more than one cold sore at the same time was over ten years ago. (Also in a very stressful situation.) 

I'm going to class tonight and next week Monday (Thursday is a holiday) too, but no driving next week. I need to get better first. 

This will be so incredibly embarrassing with my lip looking like a failed beauty operation and my social anxiety when it comes to young people. Living in an Asian country right now would be great. Being able to wear a mask to hide it all. (That reminds me, that I need to tell my instructor, that I'm not going to do the lessons with other students he usually does at the end before the final exam. I can't drive with teenagers sitting behind me. I couldn't care less about old people though.)

So, next week is more normal life. I need to support my Mum at work at the end of the week and we have a meeting with the new nursing service for my great uncle. The old one goes out of service in July. 

At least that shows everyone in real life that it really is hard for me doing this. I'm not telling lies.

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I’m sorry it’s been so rough on you, physically and emotionally. I think it’s completely fair to tell the instructor that you’re not driving with teenagers in the back. I understand why they do that (as a teenager, pretty much the first thing I did when I got my licence was pick up my boyfriend and a couple of other teenage friends), but if you’re not planning to do that, and it would make you anxious, I think it loses the benefit. 

It’s ok to slow down when your body tells you that’s what it needs. Better than ok, in fact. There are no prizes for burning out. 

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I sympathize with feeling like a big ball of glowing anxiety, and feeling like everyone can see its light at all times. It makes me feel better to remember that pretty much everyone else is too busy feeling like everyone else can see their insecurities to actually notice mine.

Your cold sores? They're thinking about the zits on their nose that you didn't even see. Or the one weird chin hair that's the wrong length. Or that they forgot to put on deodorant. Or that their shoes are the wrong style. 

You're gonna get this driving thing. And your worry will make you a better, more attentive driver than those who cruised through like autopilot. Or you'll end up joining the ranks of crappy drivers around the world... and then you just get comprehensive insurance, no big.

Hope you feel well soon!

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    • JillyO


      I have a strong feeling that theirs will be one of those households were children are NEVER allowed to go inside daddy's study.

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    • JillyO


      1 hour ago, Palimpsest said:

      That fundraiser ended up with only 3 donations totaling $950 of the $50,000 goal and is no longer accepting donations. 

      There must have been a significant backlash, including someone who said, "When did 'Go Fund Me' become 'Go Fund my Poor Life Choices.'"

      Karma. :5624796c41285_DastardlyEviledevil:


      Not to mention that two of those three donations were from Michelle and Jessa. :pb_lol:


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    • Palimpsest

      Posted (edited)


      15 hours ago, refugee said:

      If I do this right, it will link to a comment with a spoiler. Under the spoiler is Charlotte saying something about dream job, startup, and being by her father’s side.


      You did it right.  Thanks.

      Yeah, Charlotte is homesick for wardrobe and work by Daddy's side.


      Can I be really honest for a sec?



      I was incredibly homesick on this trip. I left at a time in which the start-up I work for was going through major moves forward... and I had to keep up with it all through texting with my Dad.

      Poor baby.  Perhaps you should have stayed at work not taken off in pursuit of oils.  Not every employer would have let you do that during a busy perriod.


      I would turn on my playlist that I listen to all the time at my job, only to find my heart longing to be back at work with every mile we crossed.

      The grass is always greener ...


      Is it weird to be homesick for your work team?

      Yes.  And you are being over-dramatic again.


      I like to believe it’s a sign that you’ve probably landed your dream job.

      I hope this one of Daddy's start ups doesn't go down the tubes.  It is hardly an original idea and I don't have big hopes for it.


      I went on this trip to find clarity for the direction for my life, and I can safely say I found it. I know where I belong in this season (because it is a season): it’s by my Dad’s side at one of the most incredible start-ups in the world.

      There's nothing like a long road trip to an Oily MLM convention to find clarity for the direction of your life! 

      Perhaps Charlotte has decided the MLM isn't worth the money they are losing.  I hope so.

      Edited by Palimpsest
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    • SassyPants


      1 hour ago, tabitha2 said:

      You can’t tell me Jim Bob has set his little girls up somehow. They don’t do without the nicer things now.

      See that's why I think the TLC money is paid to some sort of JB/TLC arranged Duggar Trust (cough-minimize the taxes-cough). JB controls and doles out the money as he sees fit. I also would love to know what the Dillards have to do to generate Duggar Money, now that they are no longer on the show??? Did Jill get told that she need to start hitting IG and the Dillard Family Blog, hard to earn their keep? Are the Dillards living in some sort of school sponsored apartment??? What will happen when DD's course is complete?

    • SassyPants


      I have heard that there are some genetics involved with those who get a soap like taste when they eat Cilantro. I love Cilantro and I know that it is in the Parsley Family...I get the soapy taste when I eat Parsley, but not Cilantro.

      How about others? Anyone else get the soapy taste when they eat Parsley?