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Gobbles Musings

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Monday, 14.05.2018



Guess which idiot hurt her left little toe Monday morning? Yep, me! After the initial shock, I put ice and tape on it and the neighbouring toe. Walking hurts but thankfully not stepping on the pedal for the coupling. I tried that out as soon as I finished taking care of it. (But I informed my instructor about it anyway. But driving painless is possible. 

I then had my lesson and it went well with the toe. It didn't hurt at all, in fact driving is better than walking! We went into the neighbour town and did the usual things. Adding another part that I need for the final exam, "verkehrsgerechtes Wenden" - turning appropriately for traffic conditions. I reversed parked the car three times perfectly without help. But he was not pleased with my handling of the coupling and starting to drive. He said that I did it so well and perfectly in the beginning. I have no idea what happened and why I stopped doing it that way. He told me to concentrate a bit more on that.

He wanted to do a lesson today (Tuesday) as well, but I'm mentally done with two lessons per week, so I decided to have my next one on Wednesday. Last week I had three lessons and that was a bit too much.

In theory we discussed how to park properly. As you can imagine Germany has rules on everything, and parking too. We do not have a lot of parking space, so those rules do make sense. How much space to leave on bus stops, junctions, rail ways... Using ticket machines and the parking disc. Enough to fill 90 minutes. Parking is a huge problem in our area here, there is simply not enough parking space. We do not have mega parking lots like the US. The politic concentrates more on public transport. 

By the way, it slowly feels more "normal" to sit in a car and drive. Still so surreal, but better. 

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  • Posts

    • Tim-Tom Biblethumper


      7 hours ago, acheronbeach said:

      "TOR-MENS!  TOR-MENS!  That's more than one, honey!!!  Pb..wha... you say what I am blind and I can't see an' my eyes are bad an' my ears are uh... mm... bad, and my tastebuds a'gone snub my sniffers gone 'gainst mah nose... haha... hay-men! .... I CAN'T!  I CAN'T!  In Hell you'll have all five of your senses. (nods)  Hay-men.  It's not what I want.  It's not what I want."  

      And I thought Sally's transcriptions of the Naugs were funny.  This is SO much better.  :banana-dance:

    • Curious


      On 5/23/2018 at 5:34 PM, Pink Muffin said:

      I think I have to add to my previous post:

      My mom and I had issues but I was there when she was sick. She was in a nursing home and me and my brother went there once a week to visit her on the weekends, under the weekdays we both had work. The last week of my mothers life I didn´t work but was visiting her for hours a day. And her last day I was there the whole day, I hold her hand when she draw her last breath.

      I was not on Facebook or Instagram posting.


      My parents were estranged for some years when they died.  My dad died before my mom.  I found out a few months after when the attorney sent me the notice of death from the newspaper.  His death wasn't particularly hard on me (he was not my bio dad, though he raised me from 10 and I did consider him my dad, we were estranged for reasons though).   My mom died about 8 or so months after he did.  My ex-husband was the executor of their will (which probably tells you part of the reason we were estranged) and because he is a colossal dick he didn't bother to notify me.  I found out (again) via the attorney letting me know I was named in her will almost a year after she actually died.  (An aside: My ex told me that my mother's deathbed wish was for him not to tell me she passed. As much as we were estranged, I know my mom and don't feel like she would have wasted her time with something like that.  Even if she did, if I were in that place, I would keep it to myself so as not to hurt the person that just lost a parent, but then I'm not a colossal dick).

      Anyway, her death hit me FAR harder than I expected.  She had MS and related issues for years and I knew she hadn't been doing well (I called the Nursing home they were in for updates periodically) so it wasn't like I was shocked she passed away.  I knew she was essentially starving herself (something I blame on my father) since he passed, so it wasn't going to be years and years before she went.

      I cried A LOT.   I don't know that I felt (feel) guilt exactly because I did try to reconcile several times after I moved out here and there was more space between us.  People don't change though and even though I was trying it was very one-sided (and bad for me mentally).  I felt a lot more than I expected though and I find it still hits me at odd times (I'm getting teary here for example) and I get depressed.  I was very depressed for about 6 months after I learned she had passed.  I just let myself wallow until I was tired of that and decided I needed to go back to living.

      We may not have gotten along since I was about 13-14, but she was still my mom and I remember what she was like when I was younger and she was basically my entire world.  I have lots of good memories of those times when she was a single mom and it was just her and I against the world.

      Somehow, I don't think Lori is deep enough to actually mourn another person.  I question whether she can even love (in the way that most people do) another person.  She's so cruel to the people that should be closest to her that I kind of thing she won't miss a beat when her mom passes other than to use it for blog fodder to generate more attention for herself.

    • SapphireSlytherin


      On 5/22/2018 at 4:27 PM, VelociRapture said:

      So kind of not related, but does anyone else wonder sometimes what it must be like to have the Queen as a relative? I bet she could be the ultimate one upper if she wanted to. Like, imagine if one of her kids or grandkids was complaining about getting a bad mark in school or getting dumped or something and the Queen is just sitting there like, “I remember when I was your age. I was busy driving ambulances during the War that Philip was busy fighting in. But please, continue complaining to me about that less than perfect mark you got on that last History exam.” :pb_lol:

      I read an article a while back that Lady Louise (Edward's daughter) came home from school, confused. She knew her Gran was the Queen, but didn't know she was THE Queen.  LOL


    • Candydandy


      Ok folks! I admit I rewatched the video to pay more atention. Sniffer! Sniffer! He called his nose a sniffer! Histironics  and angry preachin- sure fire way to avoid the center of the earth aka hell! 

      Sis Candy


      • Haha 1
    • Jellybean


      I love Sound of Music. Love it. I thought I was slow on the uptake, having not seen it until I was 19.

      I still need to catch up on so many films from the 80s, 90s and 00s. I’m good at some old films, but new ones? Shockingly bad. I didn’t see Star Wars (the original trilogy) until last year.