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Gobbles Musings

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Monday, 14.05.2018



Guess which idiot hurt her left little toe Monday morning? Yep, me! After the initial shock, I put ice and tape on it and the neighbouring toe. Walking hurts but thankfully not stepping on the pedal for the coupling. I tried that out as soon as I finished taking care of it. (But I informed my instructor about it anyway. But driving painless is possible. 

I then had my lesson and it went well with the toe. It didn't hurt at all, in fact driving is better than walking! We went into the neighbour town and did the usual things. Adding another part that I need for the final exam, "verkehrsgerechtes Wenden" - turning appropriately for traffic conditions. I reversed parked the car three times perfectly without help. But he was not pleased with my handling of the coupling and starting to drive. He said that I did it so well and perfectly in the beginning. I have no idea what happened and why I stopped doing it that way. He told me to concentrate a bit more on that.

He wanted to do a lesson today (Tuesday) as well, but I'm mentally done with two lessons per week, so I decided to have my next one on Wednesday. Last week I had three lessons and that was a bit too much.

In theory we discussed how to park properly. As you can imagine Germany has rules on everything, and parking too. We do not have a lot of parking space, so those rules do make sense. How much space to leave on bus stops, junctions, rail ways... Using ticket machines and the parking disc. Enough to fill 90 minutes. Parking is a huge problem in our area here, there is simply not enough parking space. We do not have mega parking lots like the US. The politic concentrates more on public transport. 

By the way, it slowly feels more "normal" to sit in a car and drive. Still so surreal, but better. 

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  • Posts

    • ajknowsthings


      So to the former RF members - I found this on the website with the "colors."  What would happen if you were to wear like purple when it was a pink and green color scheme?  Would Gwen lose her mind or would you just be given the boot?  Also, if anyone has any insights further into Ted Anger I'd like to hear them.  Something about him really rubs me the wrong way and I am wondering if there is anything more nefarious about him.  Can also talk offline if you're open to it but don't want to write anything here.


    • BlessaYourHeart


      Just now, EmainMacha said:

      I remember one of the radio fellas used to call it Stroke City (as in L/Derry). I called it that for years!

      Ahh yes he died a few years back, I can’t for the life of me remember his name now! 

      Seriously the city has that many names now just from people trying to avoid the ‘official’ names and historical names 

      Aside from Derry and Londonderry, Doire  and Derry/Londonderry we have Stroke City, Maiden City, Walled City, Legenderry, L-Derry and probably more 

    • EmainMacha


      27 minutes ago, BlessaYourHeart said:

      I do that too when I have to say where exactly I’m from. But as far as randomers asking? I’ve been from anywhere from Strabane to Coleraine to Dungiven 😂

      Yes, and still a thing today 😂

      I remember one of the radio fellas used to call it Stroke City (as in L/Derry). I called it that for years!

    • ViolaSebastian

      Posted (edited)

      Of course, Lori’s first reaction is “I prayed for this every day.”  Yeah, Lori, this is all about you. You and your super special prayers. :pb_rollseyes:

      I’ll continue to be happy for Alyssa and her husband. Even people who have views with which I disagree deserve to be able to experience the joy of having a family. I desperately hope that Alyssa chooses a different path than her mother when it comes to child rearing, and I suspect she will. Many people grew up in fundamentalist households and turn out to be awesome, open-minded, loving people, and I hope the same for this little one as well. 

      Edited by ViolaSebastian
    • Queen