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Paradigm Lost

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Lisafer has verified with us ~ Curious

Message added by Curious


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Hi everyone, and thanks so much for welcoming me into the Free Jinger community! I'm very excited to be here. Please pardon any glitches with my new blog, since I'm just learning.

To introduce myself: I was born into a large family, and homeschooled all the way through high school. My parents were from fairly normal American middle-class backgrounds, not fundie at all, but over time they became absolutely entrenched in the Christian fundamentalist way of thinking. We attended church services at a Reformed Presbyterian church (RPCNA) for almost my entire childhood, after my parents left a more mainstream denomination.

I'm going to use fake names in this blog, if I have to use names, as my siblings did not ask to be part of my story. I might change a few minor details as well, to keep certain people's privacy. Not that any of you would know us! We were very small fish in the pond, and my parents' attempts to indoctrinate us failed miserably for the most part. We are a family of stubborn, determined people, and by our late teens most of us were most determinedly going our own way. 

But I think that all of us, in different ways, were hurt by the attitudes and doctrines of fundamentalism. I, personally, was extremely hurt. I have had multiple counselors to work through years of guilt and fear induced by black-and-white doctrines and controlling personalities. I have mental illness, which was exacerbated by my upbringing. And I want to write about what I went through. It helps me process, and maybe it will help somebody else too. 


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  • Posts

    • Luckylucy


    • Marmion


      On 5/27/2020 at 12:11 AM, AmericanRose said:

      So I took a stroll through MM's Twitter. It was... not a treat.
      The thing that really confuses me, however, is that amongst the questionable accounts she follows, she also follows:
      Feminism is Fabulous
      Everyday Feminism
      + I would think she would be getting material for her anti-feminist diatribes by following these accounts, but there's nothing about self-care, being fabulous just for being a woman, or even anything radical (abolish men! make the nuclear family illegal!) on their feeds.
      Elizabeth Warren
      Michelle Obama
      Ilhan Omar
      Rashida Tlaib
      + I'm going to assume she follows these women to "keep an eye on the enemy"? Or is it possible she... admires them? I can't figure MM out.

      And then of course, there were the stuff I wasn't surprised to find.

        Hide contents

      Eric and Leslie Ludy, setapartgirl.com, Set Apart Motherhood
      "Set Apart Girl exists for the sole purpose of pointing women to Jesus Christ. We believe that a woman can only find true beauty, true fulfillment, and true purpose when she surrenders her life to the one true King. To Return to Christ-Centered Femininity"
      + For the price of $97 (yourself only) you can take the Marriage and Motherhood Course! It includes: 8 30 minute video lessons with Leslie, a downloadable study guide, a 50% off coupon for the annual retreat in Colorado, a 40% off coupon for the book, and unlimited lifetime access to all sessions and course materials!

      Wife, mother, #Christian #nationalist #Burkean #Tradlife #traditionalist

      Radical Catholic

      Abby Johnson

      "Truthstream Media"

      The Transformed Wife

      Scientific Feminism, "Women´s and men´s rights. Sex differences. Skepticism. Critical feminism.Managed by Roxana Kreimer, PhD"

      "Discovering how to build intentional families that last a thousand years ("Dynasties"). Pro-Natalism Maximalist."

      "let Him lead / traditional gender roles / femininity"

      "What will resurrect the west is militant, Spanish-style Catholicism . The answer to 1984 is 1492/Saints Columba,Brigid,Patrick Pray for Ireland"

      Ann Coulter

      "Conservative, Trumpublican, Wife, mother and Child of the Most High God. Retweeted By President Trump 🙌🏽"
      + I've seen her around Twitter, and apparently she's real? Ugh.

      Laura Ingraham


      Jack Murphy, the founder of Liminal Order
      "The Liminal Order is a group of men who believe in the power of strong male leadership and we accept the responsibility of leading our families, our communities, and our Nation. Without strong men becoming strong fathers and strong leaders, our Nation’s future is in doubt."

      I thought she was a Calvinist, but she likes a lot of Catholic stuff.

      While I don't expect that she'd ever identify herself with the term feminist , I just today , coincidentally enough , in my studies of the history of the time period , have learned that a number of Nazi , and fascist women , back in the day , supported women's suffrage .  So , if any of you want to go down that rabbit hole , here are some copies of some essays they wrote , strictly for the purpose of educational research into their state of mind , and also insight into the possible mindset of Mrs. Midwest , as well .  https://arplan.org/category/topics/feminism/  

    • JermajestyDuggar


      I think Jinger and Jeremy will make sure there’s some sort of connection to a great Christian in history when it comes to their next daughter. Maybe Ruby Florence. After Florence Nightingale and the proverbs 31 verse about Rubies. 

      Joy will probably pick a more mainstream type of name for the first name and Joy for the middle name. So maybe something like Clara Joy. Since Clara means bright and they likely feel she’s a bright joy after their loss of Annabell.

    • Red Hair, Black Dress


      Oops @CTRLZero  My bad -- I totally missed the Fritos. -- so not implying at all you look like Gwod.

      But I do wonder if "That Hair" (TM) hair is a wig/ fall /clip ins. It does not look real at all.

    • Coconut Flan


      On 5/27/2020 at 2:50 PM, Marmion said:

      As an aside , before watching this one video , I hadn't known that Catholics believe that the communicant is not to chew the host , but rather let it dissolve in the saliva of the tongue .  Here , according to this standard , I had been desecrating the wafers without even knowing it .  

      Yet another thing made up the little old ladies or over zealous parishioners.

      According to Catholic.com and my mom who taught our religious ed:



      May the Holy Eucharist be chewed or is it to be allowed to dissolve in the mouth?


      The host may be chewed or simply permitted to dissolve in one’s mouth. Before the advent of modern hosts, the host would have been more bread-like, and for centuries Christians would have had to chew the Eucharist. In the past few centuries the modern host has evolved, and Christians who are uneasy with the idea of chewing the Real Presence can opt to simply let the host dissolve in their mouths.

      There is no directive from the Church on this matter. Either way is an acceptable manner of receiving the Eucharist.


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