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Paradigm Lost

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Hi everyone, and thanks so much for welcoming me into the Free Jinger community! I'm very excited to be here. Please pardon any glitches with my new blog, since I'm just learning.

To introduce myself: I was born into a large family, and homeschooled all the way through high school. My parents were from fairly normal American middle-class backgrounds, not fundie at all, but over time they became absolutely entrenched in the Christian fundamentalist way of thinking. We attended church services at a Reformed Presbyterian church (RPCNA) for almost my entire childhood, after my parents left a more mainstream denomination.

I'm going to use fake names in this blog, if I have to use names, as my siblings did not ask to be part of my story. I might change a few minor details as well, to keep certain people's privacy. Not that any of you would know us! We were very small fish in the pond, and my parents' attempts to indoctrinate us failed miserably for the most part. We are a family of stubborn, determined people, and by our late teens most of us were most determinedly going our own way. 

But I think that all of us, in different ways, were hurt by the attitudes and doctrines of fundamentalism. I, personally, was extremely hurt. I have had multiple counselors to work through years of guilt and fear induced by black-and-white doctrines and controlling personalities. I have mental illness, which was exacerbated by my upbringing. And I want to write about what I went through. It helps me process, and maybe it will help somebody else too. 

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  • Posts

    • hoipolloi


      2 hours ago, Bethella said:

      As far as I'm aware this isn't a shady deal, I've seen other property transactions that were handled inter-family in a similar manner but I'm not a real estate expert.

      Neither am I a real estate expert, but this type of thing is pretty common when the older generation has property that the younger generations don't have but need. A variation is the creation of a subdivision of the (grand)parents' property which allows young folks to build on the newly created lots.

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    • hoipolloi


      2 hours ago, Lisafer said:

      This information is easy to Google, but I think a lot of oil-shillers would rather bury their heads in the sand about the true origins of the company.

      God forbid that anything diminishes their ability to peddle this shite to the sheeple.

    • Dandruff


      I wonder what would have happened if Anna had cheated on Josh (not that I think ever), especially if it was highly publicized.

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    • Miranda

      Posted (edited)

      Ankle biters? Does that mean they hate children or chihuahuas? If it's children, then why would they be against "baby killers"?  And what is a devil healer?  So many questions!

      On the bright side, at least they hate the KKK. Or so they claim. 

      Edited by Miranda
    • MarblesMom


      45 minutes ago, Ms. Squishels said:

      He also said he knew that people from the outside (I think he meant us) are watching his videos.

      I thought the same thing.  With 4 viewers, and no one commenting, he must have a dim clue that the people watching aren't necessarily fans.

      Join in, G-Haw.  We would love to chat with you, you know, before tomorrow doesn't happen.

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