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Paradigm Lost

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Lisafer has verified with us ~ Curious

Message added by Curious


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Hi everyone, and thanks so much for welcoming me into the Free Jinger community! I'm very excited to be here. Please pardon any glitches with my new blog, since I'm just learning.

To introduce myself: I was born into a large family, and homeschooled all the way through high school. My parents were from fairly normal American middle-class backgrounds, not fundie at all, but over time they became absolutely entrenched in the Christian fundamentalist way of thinking. We attended church services at a Reformed Presbyterian church (RPCNA) for almost my entire childhood, after my parents left a more mainstream denomination.

I'm going to use fake names in this blog, if I have to use names, as my siblings did not ask to be part of my story. I might change a few minor details as well, to keep certain people's privacy. Not that any of you would know us! We were very small fish in the pond, and my parents' attempts to indoctrinate us failed miserably for the most part. We are a family of stubborn, determined people, and by our late teens most of us were most determinedly going our own way. 

But I think that all of us, in different ways, were hurt by the attitudes and doctrines of fundamentalism. I, personally, was extremely hurt. I have had multiple counselors to work through years of guilt and fear induced by black-and-white doctrines and controlling personalities. I have mental illness, which was exacerbated by my upbringing. And I want to write about what I went through. It helps me process, and maybe it will help somebody else too. 


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  • Posts

    • singsingsing


      1 hour ago, browngrl said:

      This can be true if  (1) the couple are meticulous in following the plan, (2) the woman has reliably predictable cycles. Many women do not have reliably predictable cycles and many couples are not meticulous in following the plan so fertility awareness based plans are best when used in conjunction with barrier methods eg condoms (which I doubt that this couple are using). 

      Thus my caveat that it’s very reliable if a couple can be strict with it and that not all couples can. I’m very well acquainted with FAM as I’ve used it myself for a long time. :) 


      1 hour ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      Not TAM. She hates the butt secks almost as much as she hates the LGBTQ+ community. Too bad fundies are so against sex Ed. Their kids could learn how to have fun sexually with their partner without risking pregnancy. But like you said, they probably figure it out on their own. Eventually. 

      I wasn’t even thinking about anal - wasn’t thinking about anything penetrative. I seriously doubt most fundie couples would be okay with anal, haha.

    • smittykins


      2 hours ago, ViolaSebastian said:

      I was Equality, Humanity, and Work. Guess we're a bunch of bleeding hearts after all. :pb_lol:

      I can’t remember who said it, but “Better a bleeding heart than no heart at all.”

    • JermajestyDuggar


      29 minutes ago, Hane said:

      @JermajestyDuggar, that was a smart move for your schools to make. I met some admins from the Orange County, Florida school system, who said they’d incorporated the same thing.

      I’ve never been a morning person. Math was always my worst subject, and my grade school teachers always started the day with math because “everybody is fresh first thing in the morning!” Not me.

      I was never happier than when I started college and could schedule most of my classes for later in the day.

      I’m a mid to late morning type of person. I need some time to really wake up. So I’m not an early morning person. But mid and late morning are my jam. I can get a ton of stuff done during that time. Then in the afternoon I want to take a nap and I’m useless. It gets better in the evening. I get more energy again at that time. And then I’m usually useless after 9pm.

    • Hane


      I got home very hungry last night at 7 after not having eaten since lunchtime. No growl. Then I ate dinner, and the growl happened. Same thing at and after brunch today. Obvs I am not right with Gwod.

      • Haha 3
    • HarryPotterFan


      This is why people say things like, “Eat the rich”

      A $30,000 handbag. A disastrous wine spill. And now, a country club is suing its own waiter.

      A waiter spilled wine on a woman’s $30,000 purse. She and her husband are suing the establishment, a country club in NJ that has a $65,000 initiation fee and $19,000 in annual dues. Insurance wouldn’t cover the purse because they wouldn’t believe someone would pay that much for a purse (something this woman is calling discrimination against the rich). The country club is now suing the employee who spilled the wine to get out of the lawsuit/try and make her feel bad and drop the suit. 

      • WTF 1


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