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Paradigm Lost

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Lisafer has verified with us ~ Curious

Message added by Curious


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Hi everyone, and thanks so much for welcoming me into the Free Jinger community! I'm very excited to be here. Please pardon any glitches with my new blog, since I'm just learning.

To introduce myself: I was born into a large family, and homeschooled all the way through high school. My parents were from fairly normal American middle-class backgrounds, not fundie at all, but over time they became absolutely entrenched in the Christian fundamentalist way of thinking. We attended church services at a Reformed Presbyterian church (RPCNA) for almost my entire childhood, after my parents left a more mainstream denomination.

I'm going to use fake names in this blog, if I have to use names, as my siblings did not ask to be part of my story. I might change a few minor details as well, to keep certain people's privacy. Not that any of you would know us! We were very small fish in the pond, and my parents' attempts to indoctrinate us failed miserably for the most part. We are a family of stubborn, determined people, and by our late teens most of us were most determinedly going our own way. 

But I think that all of us, in different ways, were hurt by the attitudes and doctrines of fundamentalism. I, personally, was extremely hurt. I have had multiple counselors to work through years of guilt and fear induced by black-and-white doctrines and controlling personalities. I have mental illness, which was exacerbated by my upbringing. And I want to write about what I went through. It helps me process, and maybe it will help somebody else too. 


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    • Tuesday’s Child


      10 hours ago, freethemall said:

      Hi - I'm new to this whole Weigh Down Church thing and have started going down the rabbit hole - is there a Gwen Shamblin primer anywhere?

      Gwen was VERY successful with her first book, The Weigh Down Diet back in ‘97 (I believe that was the year.) I was 16 or 17 when I read the book and I thought “This makes so much sense!”  Gwen really seemed sincere, back then. In ‘99 (I believe) her second book, Rise Above, came out.  I read that one too. Anyway, her tapes/videos/workbooks were in almost every church and she was on every show and in all the magazines. Then sometime in the early 2000’s she decided to let everyone know she didn’t believe in the Trinity. This is when It gets WEIRD. She gets a ton of backlash and decides to form her own crazy cult church where everyone praises HER. 

      Her hair used to not be this big. Her make up used to not be that hideous. The things that come out of her mouth used to not be so ridiculous. The money/fame/power f***ed her up, even more. 

      Thats my summary. 😬

    • CharlieInCharge


      In the video from the youth conference JB refers to having 20 children and says something like ‘19 biological and we’ve adopted our nephew as well’. I’m pretty sure Tyler is in their official count now. 

    • JermajestyDuggar


      Joe is also in a custody battle for his tween daughter with his ex girlfriend. And it was alleged that he recorded his child’s conversations. Correct me if I’m remembering wrong. But I think they wanted dirt on the ex.

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    • llucie


      My guesses on the current pregnant babies:

      Jessa and Ben: I think they will keep their theme so maybe something like Calvin for a boy or Piper for a girl.

      Joseph and Kendra: I see them going with either a family name or a very trendy name like Olivia or Noah.

      Si and Lauren: I used to think they were more on the trendy side but after the super biblical name they chose for their first pregnancy i tend to think maybe they will continue with obscure biblical names.

      Joy and Austin: Ruth for a girl and Silas for a boy.

      Anna: Miriam or Maia for a girl and Martin, Micah or Matthew for a boy.

      Whitney and Zach: Since someone pointed out that they have an ending in "ie" sounding name theme going on i cant unsee it. So maybe they would choose something like Marcy, Kelsey or Skye for a girl and Harvey or Archie (lol) for a boy.

    • Botkinetti


      I suspect the friends were capable of independent thinking and not showing enough reverence to their parents.