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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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How to Ruin a Restaurant's Atmosphere

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This is a non fundie family, the Farnleys. Consists of Anna and Matt, their adopted daughter Cassia, and their bio twin daughters Alicia and Maddie. 

Anna owns a restaurant, which is moderately successful. She's there at the moment. An elderly couple arrived, she greeted them. Suddenly, the male Sim got up... and DIED. Right there, in a corner of the restaurant. DUN DUN DUN Grim Reaper appears.


I gave the post this title because the restaurant has always had a good ambiance rating (you don't get an ambiance rating per se, but it's one thing that can influence a customer's enjoyment). Witnessing a death is rather a dampener. 

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Incidentally the next shift was much better. 22 customers were served and the restaurant now has four stars!

It was odd how sad Anna became after the guy died. He was a total stranger, the only interaction they’d had was for her to welcome him and his wife to the restaurant. 

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  • Posts

    • Mama Mia


      2 hours ago, SassyPants said:

      The Dillards are the only family without any reported income and with a tuition payment due. I think given their propensity/history of supporting debt free living, an explanation for how they financially survive and how they are financing law school is totally warranted. Since Derrick claims they were never paid from TLC and beyond a day or two of substituto teaching, there has been very limited income earned in years...Are they Bonnie and Clyde? IS leave and cleave more than an insider, family joke?

      Student loans? Student loans and a pay-out /settlement from TLC to keep him from suing? - not that he’d have cause, but a $100k to f*off is less of a headache, and pocket change to them. Savings Jill has from years of being on the show / appearances etc.. Maybe he is paid to keep the books for the Duggar enterprises. ? Combo of some/all of the above ? If school is covered through loans - they could get by pretty cheaply. Are they living in a Duggar property? 

    • Rachel333


      28 minutes ago, louisa05 said:

      I honestly find it kind of weird that the stuff he says is considered so very shocking or scandalous and all.

      It's not. We're not talking about it because it's shocking or unusual to hold those beliefs. As @formergothardite put it, the only thing surprising here is that he's being public about his beliefs. But I do think that it should be scandalous that he holds racist and misogynist beliefs, no matter how common those beliefs are. And given the more polished image that he and Jinger have projected, I think it's important that people realize how terrible they still are.

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    • WorseThan1Thinks


      1 hour ago, BeyondtheLookingGlass said:

      If there was a list of how many families and people Gwen Shamblin has ruined it'd be miles long. 

      Miles.  Sadly, tradgically.... miles.

    • AliceInFundyland

      Posted (edited)

      I couldn’t either. But, the show (acting) made a fairly compelling arguement for how it happened. She felt obligated by her duty and somewhat taken by his charms.

      Edited by AliceInFundyland
    • Gobsmacked


      Just a thought but perhaps D wrecks father/grandparents left him an inheritance?

      or, as has been suggested already, he really is blackmailing Good ole J-Bob in some way!!