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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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How to Ruin a Restaurant's Atmosphere

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This is a non fundie family, the Farnleys. Consists of Anna and Matt, their adopted daughter Cassia, and their bio twin daughters Alicia and Maddie. 

Anna owns a restaurant, which is moderately successful. She's there at the moment. An elderly couple arrived, she greeted them. Suddenly, the male Sim got up... and DIED. Right there, in a corner of the restaurant. DUN DUN DUN Grim Reaper appears.


I gave the post this title because the restaurant has always had a good ambiance rating (you don't get an ambiance rating per se, but it's one thing that can influence a customer's enjoyment). Witnessing a death is rather a dampener. 

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Incidentally the next shift was much better. 22 customers were served and the restaurant now has four stars!

It was odd how sad Anna became after the guy died. He was a total stranger, the only interaction they’d had was for her to welcome him and his wife to the restaurant. 

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  • Posts

    • throwaway9988


      4 hours ago, formergothardite said:

      I wouldn't be surprised if they are barely tolerating each other by this point in their marriage. 

      If that’s the case, she has certainly painted herself into a corner 😂 Tarzan is supposedly the husband that The infallible God of the universe personally chose for Gwen after “liberating” her from the “oppression” of her original nonbeliever husband (this is the verbiage used in the document that remnant fellowship published in order to try to justify Gwen’s divorce and get ahead of all the inevitable bad public relations). 

    • JermajestyDuggar

      Posted (edited)

      My kids are very similar in age to 3 of hers so I’m almost positive the twins will be 8 in the fall because my oldest will be too. And then my younger son turns 6 in the winter and I think Theo will turn 6 this winter too.

      Edited by JermajestyDuggar
    • NoseyNellie


      I worked with a lady who was one of 8 girls and half of them had infertility and the other half had no issues.  She and her husband tried for years and it never worked.  She ( already a fairly fit woman) went on a fitness helping a friend get into shape.. So over a few months she was exhausted by her new workout regimen, was frustrated at how her belly did not want to flatten but was pleased with how her upper body workouts made her bust look so NICE!  One day she walked past me and I ALMOST made a comment about how she LOOKED pregnant.. huge boobs and just a bump of a belly....but knowing their struggles never said a thing...
      less then a week later I walk downstairs and walk in on a conversation... The day before her mom made some comments about her boobs and belly and asked if she had taken a test just to be sure.. she cried that her mom was so insensitive so she went and bought a test only to find it say POSITIVE!  That morning she called and got an afternoon appt to her Dr- 6 months pregnant!!  2 days after her appt she woke up to a POPPED belly!!! 

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    • older than allosaurs


      RC JR only and ever refers to his sins of personal weakness -- Ashley Madison and driving drunk -- when he talks about his scandals. Those are handy for a variety of reasons. They are relatable -- most of us have at least been tempted in the direction of lust or booze. They also allow you draw a bright line by saying you are now faithfully married and sober. 

      He never mentions being defrocked in 2006 for bullying, lying, ignoring his denomination's own doctrine, and fleecing his congregation. He never mentions that while he is whining for money, his parents' ministry (from which he resigned after his arrest) is still paying him more than a living wage for doing nothing much. (Or at least they were paying last year; maybe they've pulled the plug.) He doesn't mention that his grown children, the people who've known him best close up, are estranged from him and Lisa.

      I know that evangelicals love a good redemption story, but he doesn't even tell a good one. No juicy details, no advice -- besides "Jesus" -- for learning to deal with life without booze after all those years, or for rebuilding relationships with people you've hurt.

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    • DomWackTroll


      2 hours ago, Banyan said:

      I’m sure if I ran across James MacDonald or Mark Driscoll my own mind wouldn’t immediately turn to ways they have been used in the kingdom.

      "All the other guys do it, too!!!" 

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