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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Someone's going to get a courting partner...

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Eliza and Emily will soon become Young Adults. So, courtship is nearly on the horizon. I decided to create a guy for one of them to court (I think I'll have him go with Eliza).

So, say hi to Mark Pearson! Not the greatest picture, you can't see his face very well, but I think Eliza will find him a real cutie :) 


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  • Posts

    • albireo


      43 minutes ago, SolomonFundy said:

      I fully acknowledge that it's potentially unfair of me to think so, but Addie's "freedom" to take this trip seems more of an indication  that, either due to her age, potential future marital prospects, or any number of other reasons, they don't see Addie as a person that warrants the same degree of protection they insisted on for her sisters. 

      She's also performed an unbelievable amount of service to the family, what with all of the homeschooling and being an extra parent to Katie's kids. For all of her flowery language, she's the workhorse of the family. I wonder if now that she's found someone they realize just how much she did for them, and that's why they've "allowed" her so many new "privileges." I also think her age is a factor.

    • Johannah


      Kendra’s parents were there. Even if Joe and Kendra are given a pass due to their youth and inexperience, her parents are fully grown adults with eleventeen children of their own. Might one of them have said, hey guys, don’t forget that Addison needs a life jacket too. 

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    • HereticHick


      24 minutes ago, deborahlynn1979 said:

      I don't know why, but I'm so excited to watch these hateful people get hitched tomorrow. Can't wait to see the dress, the bridesmaid dresses, and the ceremony itself. I'm hoping for some good Sarah-Mally-level cringe as far as the preaching goes.

      There is going to be haybales, mason jars full of wildflowers, mason jars full of lemonade, mason jars full of little white lights, mason jars tied with little burlap bows,  and mason jars tied with plaid bows.  And multiple chalkboards with cutesy calligraphied sayings.

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    • SuperNova


      Today's post is about motherhood being sooo worth it guys, it's rad. Being a living sacrifice and loving it is what life is all about. Getting thrown up on and wiping poopy butts is amazing and makes Jesus really happy.



      Abbie doesn't act like she thinks her passel of kids is amazing. She's actually starting to sound bitter about it. What would happen is she found out tomorrow that there is no god? How would she feel about her blessings then? How pissed would she be to find out that being covered in baby puke doesn't buy you a mansion in heaven but instead it just means you're covered in every day, run-of-the-mill, non-sanctifying barf?

    • kaluce


      Nothing about her look here screams "elegant". She's wearing a little house on the prairie dress ffs. Just more of the same info over and over again I assume (I haven't watched but I can't listen to more basic "tips"  anymore)




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