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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Smiths Part Seven: Just a Quick Update

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I haven't played them for a while. Still nothing much has happened. 

Eddie and Elijah having a conversation. I thought I had captured the speech bubbles but apparently not. I think they were discussing grilled cheese here.


More talking. Emily doing the dishes in the back, just like a good, Godly young girl should.


Elijah wants to be, erm, athletic/a bodybuilder. He's rather skinny, so he needs a bit of exercise to build some muscles. (You can't wear caps backwards a la old-style Ben Seewald, sadly).


Eliza entered a mean phase, so she decided to yell at her mom for no reason. Of course, Nicole tells her off. 

(That orange book is what kids' homework looks like. It's not any of the Smith kids' work, it's actually from when one of the neighbour kids paid a visit, started doing homework, and then left it there. I can't move it).


The family's sleeping patterns are somewhat skewed. Edward wants to have a great garden. This was in the early hours of the morning, because why not?


Cleaning the shower seemed to mostly consist of spraying the dirt with cleaning fluid, no actual sponging involved. And yet the whole shower was miraculously clean!! 


Nicole mastered her cooking skill a while ago. This results in fancy moves. Most of which aren't exactly practical. If you're making fruit salad, surely the last thing you want to do is toss the bowl in the air...???


It can be dull stuck at home all alone. Sims love to mold clay.


The eldest twins going for a jog. Emily (blue) was hacked off because she'd tried to help a classmate, but he wasn't very grateful. Eliza was jogging because it's good for her, and for her emotional control.


Yet another Smith kid succumbs to the Bear phase. This time it's Elliot. 


Emily decides to Troll Teh Forums. "HAHAHAHA I AM MORE GODLY THAN YOUUUUU LOSERRRRRRRSSSSS!!" Nicole got wind of this and admonished her. "Look, you can't reveal our family life to others, we must maintain normality".


"Elijah, honey, there is a time and a place for you to take a selfie, and now is not it."


Objects tend to break fairly easily in Sims 4, and luckily Edward is a real Manly Man (TM) and gets to work repairing the toilet.




Grilling shish kebabs to stick in the fridge for the family to have later.


SOTDRT doesn't exactly apply in Sims 4, but the dining room still tends to be the centre of family life. Emily and Elijah doing homework. Evelyn eating a shish kebab. Elliot looking incongruous in his Purple Grape Bear outfit. And... SHOCK... Nicole doing some work. This fundie mom isn't as lazy as some others... *cough cough*


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  • Posts

    • Melissa1977


      Sorry to be the negative one, but my predictions are not that happy.

      JB/Michelle: content elderly life. Money for healthcare, a maid, etc. JB controlling the family money. Lots of legal problems and financial arguments between their children when both JB and Michelle will die.

      Josh and Anna: unhappy life. Never divorce. Never had a good job again. Lots of passive agressive situations.

      Jana: maybe married. Very fundie SAHM. Not a lot of children (because her age), homeschooling. 

      JD: content. Not a big quiver. Abbie SAHM, never will be a nurse again. She would probably regret quitting her career.

      Jill: divorced and remarried? For some reason I see her taking the most shocking decisions. Working or volunteering. 4 kids, maybe at school.

      Jessa: still a SAHM. A bit boring life. 4 or 5 kids. Homeschooling.

      Jinger: a wannabe preacher wife mom of 2. Kids at school. Addicted to coffee and to pills to sleep. A 50's typical suburbs housewife.

      Joseph: 7 kids. Happy but overwhelmed. Working hard, maybe with Kendra's family. Even living near them. Homeschooling awfully!!!

      Josiah: Lauren left him. He eats junk food with Josh and talk crap about her former wife. She married a Christian doctor. 2 kids, maybe 3.

      Joy: content. Working part time with her husband. 3 children. Homeschooling awfully!!! 

      Howler monkeys... Maybe some of them will go to college. Another one will be a black sheep, I have no doubt. 

      Johanna: forced courtship. Unhappy.

      Jennifer: RUNAWAY. Maybe with Jill. 

      Jordyn. Maybe college? (Following Jessa's advice?). Maybe a real job?

      Josie. Waiting for the Prince Charming. 

    • RosyDaisy


      6First of all, I don't see the show ending anytime soon unless there's another major scandal.  I think the focus of the show will gradually shift to the younger girls, and that will keep the show going for at least 10 years.  The older girls is what kept 19KAC going.

      I'm not going to make predictions for everyone, just these couples.  They seem to have have actual jobs/skills that will make it possible to live outside of Duggarland.

      JD/Abbie:  Owns a flight school with Josiah.  Abbie wnursing home.  He and Abbie have 2 kids in public school.

      Jill/Derick:  They have 3 kids in Christian school.  Derick has his own law practice that works for various conservative Christian groups and right-wing groups.  Jill gets it together and becomes a reasonably good social media influencer and maybe works with cousin Amy.

      Jinger/Jeremy:  They stay in CA, and Jeremy becomes a pastor of a megachurch and small time televangelist.  Jinger is in the background being the perfect preacher's wife perhaps leading  a womens' group or charity.  They maybe have 2 kids in Christian school.

      Joy/Austin:  They gradually take over Ft. Rock.  Maybe Austin works for JD part time as well.  They maybe have 3 kids homeschooling.

      Josiah/Lauren:  Owns a flight school with JD.  They have 3 kids.  Lauren is a SAHM homeschooling doing some MLM.

      The rest I see still relying on JB or working with their older brothers.  I also don't see any of the Duggars having kids in the double digits.  When the show ends, the Lord is going to lay it on some hearts to stop breeding.


    • ophelia


      2 hours ago, freethemall said:

      Is that baby Anna Duggar they're holding?

      IIRC she's the fifth child, so yeah - that's probably Anna.

      • Thank You 1
    • ophelia


      Glad to hear that the baby seems to be healthy and I really wish that NR-Anna gets all the support and that her treatments work. 

      I don't like the Maxwells one bit, but I am really happy that they are a family that does support modern medicine. 

      • I Agree 1
    • Ozlsn


      On 1/19/2020 at 11:56 AM, 3splenty said:

      Maybe he was given a watch so he would know when to quit "preaching" at a revival?

      Somehow I think subtlety is lost on Bro Gary...

      • I Agree 2

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