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Fun Fun Fundies, Sims 2 and 4

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Smiths Part Seven: Just a Quick Update

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I haven't played them for a while. Still nothing much has happened. 

Eddie and Elijah having a conversation. I thought I had captured the speech bubbles but apparently not. I think they were discussing grilled cheese here.


More talking. Emily doing the dishes in the back, just like a good, Godly young girl should.


Elijah wants to be, erm, athletic/a bodybuilder. He's rather skinny, so he needs a bit of exercise to build some muscles. (You can't wear caps backwards a la old-style Ben Seewald, sadly).


Eliza entered a mean phase, so she decided to yell at her mom for no reason. Of course, Nicole tells her off. 

(That orange book is what kids' homework looks like. It's not any of the Smith kids' work, it's actually from when one of the neighbour kids paid a visit, started doing homework, and then left it there. I can't move it).


The family's sleeping patterns are somewhat skewed. Edward wants to have a great garden. This was in the early hours of the morning, because why not?


Cleaning the shower seemed to mostly consist of spraying the dirt with cleaning fluid, no actual sponging involved. And yet the whole shower was miraculously clean!! 


Nicole mastered her cooking skill a while ago. This results in fancy moves. Most of which aren't exactly practical. If you're making fruit salad, surely the last thing you want to do is toss the bowl in the air...???


It can be dull stuck at home all alone. Sims love to mold clay.


The eldest twins going for a jog. Emily (blue) was hacked off because she'd tried to help a classmate, but he wasn't very grateful. Eliza was jogging because it's good for her, and for her emotional control.


Yet another Smith kid succumbs to the Bear phase. This time it's Elliot. 


Emily decides to Troll Teh Forums. "HAHAHAHA I AM MORE GODLY THAN YOUUUUU LOSERRRRRRRSSSSS!!" Nicole got wind of this and admonished her. "Look, you can't reveal our family life to others, we must maintain normality".


"Elijah, honey, there is a time and a place for you to take a selfie, and now is not it."


Objects tend to break fairly easily in Sims 4, and luckily Edward is a real Manly Man (TM) and gets to work repairing the toilet.




Grilling shish kebabs to stick in the fridge for the family to have later.


SOTDRT doesn't exactly apply in Sims 4, but the dining room still tends to be the centre of family life. Emily and Elijah doing homework. Evelyn eating a shish kebab. Elliot looking incongruous in his Purple Grape Bear outfit. And... SHOCK... Nicole doing some work. This fundie mom isn't as lazy as some others... *cough cough*


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    • VelociRapture


      3 hours ago, SapphireSlytherin said:


      Your’s is better. :pb_lol:

      Our Rufus, who art in Laredo, RoadKill be thy name.

      Thy compound come, thy cult be done, in Tonitown as it is in Laredo. 

      Give us this day our daily Starbucks and forgive us our TEMPTATIONS THAT CANNOT BE RIGHTEOUSLY FULFILLED. 

      As we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into the path of Jinger’s SUV, but deliver us from Jim Bob. R’Amen. 

      (If I remembered it right, then I purposely went with the Catholic version. Suck it Jeremy!)

    • Carm_88


      Priscilla is 28 weeks along. Seems like a few minutes ago they announced that pregnancy. Time is flying! :) 

    • SuperNova


      Don't forget that Lori is on vacation from her usual stressful, workfilled schedule of making Einkorn bread and big salads. She has choosen to spend her vacation dealing with her own self created shitstorm. This is Lori's idea of a good time. What's really sick is that she's probably easier to get along with than normal because nothing makes Lori happier than going viral.

    • 3 hours ago, luv2laugh said:

      How do we have proof of this?

      Derrick wasn’t following LSAT prep accounts until last winter. He would have had to have an application sent out in the fall to be accepted therefore I doubt he’s going this fall. Right???

      No, and no. If he sat the LSAT last winter there would be plenty of time for him to get in to a second-tier law school. Law schools are desperate these days. I looked at the law school's website and the priority enrollment deadline was April 15, but they accept applications on a rolling basis. Like I said, desperate.

    • xenobia

      Posted (edited)

      There's a picture of patriarch Duggars birthday party on their fb-page. Some notable MIA-people are Michelle, Jana and Jessa (at least I can't see them). Perhaps they've gone to Laredo? I can't spy any Dillards either. And no Anna, but her hubby is smiling big time (yeah, he's sure there). 


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      added a few notable missing people
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