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Edens Year 9 Part 2: Mourning Their Down-the-Street Sister



Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue! I had a lovely weekend with future MIL, even though I did rather miss the Edens! But honestly...there wasn't that much to miss.

Following the wedding, the Edens saw Elsie a. lot. And most of the time it was because Elsie invited them! Perhaps doing life with her #bestfriend was not as perfect as Elsie had predicted. She still has her job though, and no little Tobiaseseses on the way 6 months into marriage, so both mainstream and fundie families are watching her verrry closely. Do Elsie and Cale follow a patriarchal fundie lifestyle? Is God in control of Elsie's womb? It's still anyone's guess, and Elsie and Cale aren't talking!

Leviticus remains Elsie's devoted son strongest encourager, and went with the other kids to visit Elsie in her new home. He is even taking special care to bond with Elsie's new overlord headship, who was making mac&cheese when they dropped by! (Though only for himself. He may be gainfully employed but he's clearly not Derick Dillard #besthubbyever)


Genesis actually had feelings for a hot sec and splattered paint in protest after they left an outing with Elsie, 


 but those feelings were quickly squashed out of her with public punishment and manual labor. 


Much better! The Edens sure are training up their children in the way they should go. What an example to us all! (Though thank Rufus, no literal rod of discipline). Actually, the entire family has been really well-behaved. Granted their countenances were helped along by a sims event decreasing motive decay by 66%, but even with free will turned on the children did a lot of chores and had a lot of hugging. 


It was super weird. The Edens are definitely in that dangerous "look at that wholesome happy family maybe we should do what they're doing" phase. Adam and Eva have fortunately not realized their marketability, but the kids are starting to testify to other children on the playground. "Did you know Jesus hates you for wearing shorts? Come to our True Believers youth group to find out more!"


Yikes. Stay far, far away girls!

As far as birthdays go, Numbers (#4), the easy independent toddler, has become a "loner"/introverted preschooler. Peace be with you in that house, Numbers! 


And baby Judges (#7) grew into an inquisitive toddler. Eek. Good luck to you too Judges, and stay far away from blankets!


The children were growing so fast, and now there were quadruple bunkbeds!


And it was hilarious when Adam and Eva were actually parenting for the first time in a while and forgot whose beds were whose!! This lapse in jinder segregation was QUICKLY RECTIFIED don't you worry!


And finally, at the turn of year 9 (actually the beginning of Jan year 10), Elsie came over to 66 Goodbook Avenue to help Eva deliver her 8th baby, with Genesis (age 8) assisting. It's never too early to witness life's greatest miracle! (Though Genesis did turn her head at the critical moment) Welcome to the world baby girl Ruth! We can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you!


All in all, year 9 was way too peaceful for the Edens. Either there's going to need to be a shakeup, or they'll have to start going to the dentist or something (I would never!!). Questions for year 10: will the Lord open Eva's womb again? Will the little Edens convert any heathens make any friends? Will the family ever stop being so damn pious? And where are Elsie and Cale on the fundie continuum? Hope to report on these and more next time, Edens out! 

(and if you made it all the way through this episode, you deserve a drink. Preferably of the KJV-banned variety) :) 

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  • Posts

    • CarrotCake


      Covid seems like a good excuse in this case. 😁

    • ophelia


      15 hours ago, lexiloumarie said:

      They don't live in their house yet - that's the crazy part. They have 4 kids in a one bedroom apartment. They've shown their house and it's still being built. Kressant and Michael had the same thing happen - they didn't get their house built till kid 4 or 5. Same apartment too. 

      Living in unfinished houses is still better that camping out in tents while building a house like Ma and Pa Morton did when their brood was still little.

      Does anybody remember Wes and Rachel's old blog? I forgot the URL and wanted to check wether it was still there. She had a lot of house pictures there IIRC.

    • neuroticcat


      I live in WA and it feels like people are doing whatever the heck they want. However, they are influencers which means there’s no neutral ground and everything is calculated. You either are wearing masks or not and making a statement. Given that,  I think it’s a decent sign he’s masked up. Though If they’re analyzing as influencers, maybe they chose a public playground to appeal to the mask- free peeps. Try to please both sides...make em both mad. 

    • TuringMachine


      The editing on those videos is so jumpy and distracting.

    • CarrotCake

      Posted (edited)

      Of course they should follow the rules in their state but here children up to 12 never had to do social distancing at all. Even when we still had a lot of new cases each day, none of them could be tranced back to children infecting each other.

      So as long as the only adults Felicity is close to are here parents, a playground should not cause any problems.


      But if it is against the local rules it is stupid of course. Don’t act like you don’t need to follow them.

      Edited by CarrotCake

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