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Fun Fun Fundies, Sims 2 and 4

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Brief Bancroft Update

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Madison and Michael are now Seniors in college! They’ve managed to maintain their 4.0 GPA. And... Michael has a girlfriend! It’s Madison’s friend, Mary Cole. They have gone on an unchaperoned date *le gasp* but I decided that, since I am essentially God in this game, I can be their chaperone (in a sense). Plus you can only really have a “date” with one person. I suppose they could go on an outing with some friends and just do romantic interactions... It’s still early days, though. 

You can actually get engaged at college, but not married. I might have them get engaged before Michael graduates, and then have Mary drop out; it seems like something a fundie maiden would do. That way, I can move them into Sapphire Springs and have them immediately marry. 

I’m not so sure about what I’m gonna do with Madison though, I may just create her a guy in CAS back in Sapphire Springs and get them loved up quickly so they can make the most of the Adult years. 

We currently have two first-semester Seniors, one second-semester Junior, one first-semester Junior, and (soon) two first-semester Sophomores. And there are still four left at home! I might have Karen stop at 10, because she’s nearly an Elder and it’d be odd for an Elder to have a baby related to them who isn’t a grandchild. It’s a nice round number anyway. 

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I did have to remind myself of this, but when you get engaged you don’t actually kiss, you just have a (very enthusiastic) front hug. I’m pretty sure you can get to marriage without kissing, you just have to do the other romantic interactions first. 

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  • Posts

    • justoneoftwo


      18 hours ago, sparklymagie said:

      This absolutely floors me because it's the exact opposite of my experience. I went to a Tier 1 law school and paid full price, leaving school with 6 figure debt. There were almost no scholarships available to law students from 3rd parties or through the school I went to. I knew almost no one who got scholarship help. I graduated about 10 years ago. I wonder if the market for lawyers falling out forced schools to start ponying up.

      I agree. I went to a Tier 1 school as well, some people got a small amount, but they still ended up with over 100k in debt, if they weren't supporting anyone else at the time.  With 3 defendants there is no way he is getting through for less than 6 figures.  

    • larrysmom


      That video was something..."and helps" it certainly doesn't.

    • molecule


      11 hours ago, EowynW said:

      Okay so, how do I go about telling my dr that I think I have mild depression and asking for help?  Is it acceptable to say "hey I think I need some help, I feel like I can't cope with anything right now and life stuff just feels HUGE at the moment. My throat is always tight, I cry atleast once a day and life has felt bland lately." Does that sound too stupid? 

      That's pretty much what I said to my doctor--and I will always be glad I did. I will be on anti-depressants the rest of my life. They don't make me happy, but they do help me cope with normal life stuff in a healthy way.

      I'd like to encourage you to ask your doctor about signs that you are not handling a prescribed anti-depressant well--and even include your husband in that conversation. Also, make sure your husband has HIPPA permission to have a conversation about you with the doctor (unless you really don't trust him).

      My son was one of the people who respond horribly to Zoloft. His depression worsened, he became nearly suicidal, and he made some stupid and bad choices that will have long-term consequences for him. It took a long while for me to persuade him that his medication wasn't working and to actually call the doctor.

      When you're depressed, it can be overwhelming to recognize that there is a problem, to believe that things can be better, to feel like you're even worth your own effort, and so on. Part of my own on-going treatment means that my husband pays attention to changes in my mood, and he can talk directly with my doctor if I dismiss his concerns--because I trust my husband, and because I know that when I'm depressed, I can't reliably assess my own moods.

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    • Pandora Spocks


      40 minutes ago, danvillebelle said:

      Hang Ten with Gwen!  :P

      Oh my! Sporty Gwen! Is that stripe a part of the shirt or a sash of dingleberries?

      @apple1 -- if I had to hazard a guess, an albumin level in the 2 range, Hgb below 10, and scary-low hdl and ldl. I hope that Elizabeth gets help before something tragic happens, but I worry that irreversible damage has been done.

    • Howl


      My gosh, Gwen's shoes are mega platforms, and she must have a cadre of theater majors who do stage props.

      Anyway, YES, that picture of Elizabeth with Gwen is horrifying and grotesque.  Snarkily, she could easily go to work as a Magnolia Pearl cover girl.  From a health perspective, I'm thinking she needs a serious intervention to address an undiagnosed eating disorder.  However, it sounds as though following the Weigh Down lifestyle to its logical conclusion IS an eating disorder. 

      So glad for those of you who escaped and wishing you all health and healing going forward. 

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