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My Quiverfull Sims

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Pray For Me, Y'all!

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I'm jumping ahead a bit in time here, but hopefully, I'll be able to do some catch-up posts in the next couple of days. Anyway, the Lord has decided to bless the O'Hurleys with twins. In addition to the two toddlers already in the house. Thankfully, Matthew is only one day away from aging up. I caved and used the free real estate cheat to buy them a nice big house in Brindleton Bay. Now, I'm off to look into the MC Commander mod since we've almost got a full house already!

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  • Posts

    • Maggie Mae


      12 minutes ago, Not that josh's mom said:

      I think Josh is probably jealous of Jill and Derrick. Not Anna, but definitely Josh.  Law school, only two kids! Perfect in his mind. 

      Josh doesn't seem like someone who is self-aware enough to know that this is the reason he doesn't like Derrick.  

    • Idlewild


      I think Joe and Jana are likely to be the most against - they always struck me as the most ingrained in the IBLP beliefs. Anna probably is because it’s rebelling against Lolly & Pop and making people question whether the whole Josh debacle and thus reminding people she’s married to a turd.

      Jessa, Jinger and Josiah I reckon don’t actually care about the changes Jill has made but would care if it threatened the Duggar gravy train which funds their lifestyles.

    • Not that josh's mom


      I skim the aggressive things, but it's been pretty boring lately. (To me anyway). Pregnancies- oh yeah more of them. A new courtship - well we saw one coming, didn't we?  Faking social distancing?  Badly! Let's get some thing new!  Really, that's all they've got. 


    • Not that josh's mom


      I think Josh is probably jealous of Jill and Derrick. Not Anna, but definitely Josh.  Law school, only two kids! Perfect in his mind. 

    • nst

      Posted (edited)

      15 minutes ago, viii said:

      Honestly? I often find your comments towards Ben and Jessa to be predatory, uncomfortable, and sexualized. You've mentioned your age before, and so I know you're older and I just find the way you talk about Ben and Jessa to be really inappropriate. This is an ongoing theme with you, and the comment today was just the one that made me go 'blech', but I often find myself making a face when reading your comments towards Ben and Jessa. 

      predatory - that is disgusting. sexualized ...are you insane?

      they are a couple of people I have never met, who have horrid views, showed how horrid their views are.

      my point being is Jessa and Ben were the it couple for a time, they were basically the same age range as justin and this girl and and things have changed in the household....it' is just different from how it was.

      I talk in jest about ben and jessa and haven't lately as you mention I am not in the same season as they are...so I have stopped talking about them but I can and will discuss them ...am i posting pictures no..so don't show me to the prayer closet

      ...however, it's a message board and if I think that her brother and his new whatever she is are similar yet different to the former golden couple excuse me.

      are you asking anyone else about their age range? I mean should I be only discussing Michelle who seems to be in the same season as me (and yes I am using the word season) ageism please.

      check yourself before you accuse me of sexualizing people I don't know. It's not like I have his bicep photo on my computer at the office, again a joke.

      boy this place is aggressive as of late

      as a fellow Canadian be kind and rewind

      Edited by nst

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