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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Bancrofts Part Six: All Together Now

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A fair bit has happened since I last played with the Bancrofts. I'm going to skip forward in time a little bit. I decided that I wanted all the Bancroft offspring to live in the same house, so that it'd be easier to control them all and so I didn't have to keep switching around.

So, here are the oldest four (Madison, Michael, Max and Mason) in front of their new, as yet unfurnished house.


Max set about painting a very special motto... in Sims 2, you can add photos to the Paintings folder. You'll see the completed painting later.


I briefly went back to the main Bancroft house to move out Martha and Matthew.


They quickly settled in to college life. Martha does physics and Matthew does political science. Here's Martha cooking! 


Sadly she burnt her first attempt at pork chops, so she went with spaghetti instead.


Uh, the bathroom isn't exactly the greatest place to congregate, guys... (Reminder: Michael in the blue, Max in the green, Mason in the orange)


Madison decided she was so stinky she would have a sink bath. Thankfully she was in the privacy of the bathroom so no-one took any notice. (As you've noticed, I always tend to play with the walls fully down).


Here's the painting I mentioned earlier... it's John 3:16! "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."


One of the guys (not sure which one) decided to go to class in his pyjamas... :pb_lol::my_rolleyes:


Michael loves to play in the bathtub... :my_rolleyes:


Sometimes a random person in fitness clothes will come along and yell at a Sim to exercise. I think Max is the one exercising.


Matthew gained maximum Music and Dance enthusiasm, so entered The Zone. He's the first of the kids to gain max enthusiasm in his chosen hobby, mainly because it's easy to gain enthusiasm in it.


Madison and Michael decided to have a late-night session at their hobby secret lot, Peerless Park Nature Reserve. Madison was much more successful at fishing than Michael, who only caught a couple of old boots.


I think Madison was going to her exam here. They have an exam at the end of every semester. Madison and Michael are currently in semester two of junior year.


Yes, I bought a TV... :pb_redface: I know fundies would argue that they're brain-sapping and so on, but honestly it is the easiest way for a group of Sims to raise their fun level.


Seems like going to class in your PJs is common... hope it wasn't too cold that day!! 


We finish on a nice family photo... everyone eating a meal. I can't actually see what they're eating, though.


I'm going to play with this group of siblings until Madison and Michael graduate, then I'll go back to the main household. Mark and Morgan are still only children so they've got a way to go before they get to college.

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  • Posts

    • delphinium65


      6 minutes ago, SongRed7 said:

      Lori needs to shut TF up! 

      From today's blog: "I felt like I wasn’t a good, wife, or mother."   Apparently among the other things she never learned in that worthless college was punctuation.   

      Just a few lines before that she says 'I was blessed with the gift of teaching as well.'  If her way of 'teaching' is a gift, she really needs to return it and get a refund. 

      • Haha 2
    • SongRed7

      Posted (edited)

      Lori needs to shut TF up! 

      From today's blog: "I felt like I wasn’t a good, wife, or mother."   Apparently among the other things she never learned in that worthless college was punctuation.   So she's not a "good". Hmm? Let's see definition of goods: "A chattel which is, generally, subject to sale".... Let's investigate further: chattel -- "a personal possession."   Yep...Lori! That's your view on women...a possession of their husband.  

      And in general:  So lets take someone (a teacher of all things!) who disagrees with you and hold her up to ridicule in your top secret chat room.  Let's just shame her and tell her off some more about how she's a failure. NICE!  REALLY nice ladies in that chat room! (sarcasm)



      Edited by SongRed7
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    • CarrotCake


      1 hour ago, SapphireSlytherin said:

      From this context, I'm not sure what was in the package - but I've sent helpful stuff to people I'm not particularly close to.

      it contained some planning books and what looks like a giftcard for starbucks.


    • SongRed7

      Posted (edited)

      13 hours ago, TeddyBonkers said:

      Oh, Alyssa girl, PLEASE get some scientific knowledge away

      I watched part of the video. My takeaways:

      She was reading from something she learned in her classes with no real understand of the complex chemistry

      She suffered from an eating disorder (not eating, throwing away her breakfast and lunches then binge eating later in the day)...

      probably because Lori only ever fed them lettuce or a cucumber or two ("salads") and they had an unhealthy view of food in general  ("we didn't know about healthy fats and we didn't eat much protein") and instilled in them an unhealthy body image probably from fat shaming them...

      which has led to all these lifelong issues -- real or perceived! 


      Edited by SongRed7
    • Frog99


      23 hours ago, Koala said:

      Oh, and now she's wearing glasses.  Guess she thinks that makes it look more legit.

      I am pretty certain the “glasses” are for the purpose of preventing eye damage from screens. I think there is some validity about the impact of screens on eyes, but I don’t know that those glasses do anything. It also seems to be trendy to wear glasses for cosmetic purposes.  I wear contacts and would be thrilled if I could wake up and see. 

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