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Edens Year 8: All About Elsie, a Very Special Episode



Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue! No one's life is as exciting as Elsie's right now, so this "episode" will be mainly about her. Elsie took to wearing her courtship proposal clothes following that fateful night, because they seemed lucky Providential and made Elsie feel like a pretty princess she was bringing attention to her countenance. 

As Elsie had joined the family when Leviticus was the baby, she was his mom has always shared a special bond with him. On his 4th birthday, she was the one to make the cake, and afterwards Elsie and now-child Leviticus shared a very precious moment.  


Happy birthday Leviticus! (Notice Leviticus' birth parents are nowhere in sight.) We are so glad that the Lord has turned your clingy toddler personality into an outgoing one to better share the Good News! Maybe we'll have a preacher in the family one day!

With 2 adults, 1 teen, and 3 children in the family (plus 2 toddlers and 1 baby), the bathrooms were getting pretty crowded.


But with the addition of bunkbeds, sleeping space was no problem! (custom content used: http://pixeldreamworld.tumblr.com/post/131973418125/basic-bunk-bed-frame-only-another-new-bunk-bed, http://pixeldreamworld.tumblr.com/post/156093289040/updated-fixed-matresses-for-bunk-beds-re, http://pixeldreamworld.tumblr.com/post/156411968190/functional-toddler-bunk-bed-frame-zero-footprint)


And there was another big birthday in 2017! Elsie didn't want to make her own cake, and no one else was going to make it for her, so she celebrated her birthday at brunch with sweetheart Cale and the children. First, eldest son Exodus had to meet Cale at the door and ask for Cale's intentions towards his meek and impressionable aunt. Hmmm...does Cale look different to you?


Why yes he does! I did a little research into Cale's past like any good FJ-er, and it is juicy and totally explains his descent into fundamentalism! Cale is one of only two children (how sad), and his parents are HOT MESSES. His dad is this flashy mofo who is cheating on Cale's mom, and Cale's mom is a sluttish partier. Cale's sister is also a mega harlot, and mean to boot. It's no wonder Cale wants to get out...err, turn to the Lord! Cale will have such a good testimony with his worldy background, but after being threatened by meeting with Mr. Johnson about a courtship with his daughter, Cale was convicted to lose the hair dye and look more like the upstanding Baptist male he totally always dreamed he would be. 

What a great birthday brunch! Elsie is richly blessed. And now both she and Cale are 20 years old! Totally adults and ready to take that next step.


Or at least Elsie was. She attempted to turn Cale's heart towards marriage by inviting him over for that famous godly creation, his favorite meal, grilled cheese!


Turns out, in addition to loving dogs and music, Cale is also a huge foodie! The dinner was a smashing success and since Elsie's life aspiration is to be a master chef, err submissive and meek helpmeet, they had so much to talk about!

Shortly after that, in October, an entire 16 months after #6, Precious Blessing #7 arrived! Welcome to the world baby Judges! We can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you!


Except no one really cares anymore, so back to Elsie. After 11 months of seeking each other's hearts and discerning the will of the Lord through godly courtship, Cale and Elsie went back to Chez Llama. Even though their server had purple hair and pants (!!!!!gasp!!!!!), love was truly in the air...I mean, the presence of the Lord was clearly felt...


And the Lord moved Cale to ask Elsie the one question she'd always dreamed of, "Will you marry me and be my helpmeet?"


Since they're front-hugging she better have said yes! (She did!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Congratulations Elsie and Cale! We are so excited for y'all and can't wait to see what the Lord does in your lives together! What a precious testimony y'all are!!!1!!!11!!!!

Well that's 2017 in a wrap! 

Oh wait.


Somewhere along the way, Joshua turned one and became an ANGELIC toddler (while Adam was overcome with the Holy Spirit. Or something)! Happy birthday sweetie! Sorry we've already forgotten about you!


So that's a wrap on 2017! Wedding bells and the loss of live-in servant Elsie coming to the Edens very soon. Except I won't blog about that until 2019 and one kid later.  

Just kidding! Stay tuned to see if Elsie can find a God-honoring t-shirt dress (don't count on it) and if the entire Eden household will fall apart without her (signs point to yes). Edens out!

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I am extremely concerned that Elsie's courtship was conducted entirely without a chaperone (or three). I sincerely hope that it WAS the will of the Lord that this courtship take place, and not the leading of frustrated, uneducated, lusting teens... Or is there a a subtle difference i am missing here???

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@WineGlass bless your heart!!!!:) We certainly appreciate your concern, but for all courtship moments except trips to Chez Llama, at least two preschoolers were present at all times! At Chez Llama...one of Elsie’s other siblings was totally always there. Believe me. :my_angel:

(And now this blog writer is off to extra church services because lying makes baby Jesus cry)

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    • medimus


      I don't think they are seriously going to adopt any time soon and am also slightly expecting a pregnancy announcement as part of the new season.

      I do continue to marvel at adoption in the US, someone mentioned 35000$! Goodness. Adoption rarely happens here. There were 72 domestic adoptions in 2018 (the latest year with figures). 72. In the whole country. That includes step parent adoptions (the partner of the parent who has been living with the child and parent for more than two years; 35), long term foster to adoption (25), foreign-to-domestic adoption (3) and extended family adoption (2), as well as infant adoption of which there were only 7. Plus 42 intercountry adoptions from the 10 approved countries, three of which haven't had any adoptions since at least 2012. Interestingly more than half of the intercountry adoptions are from a single country and the second largest group, about a third, are from the US.

      "Just adopt" is the biggest lie going.

    • LurkerOverThePond


      45 minutes ago, ophelia said:

      Does anybody remember Wes and Rachel's old blog? I forgot the URL and wanted to check wether it was still there. She had a lot of house pictures there IIRC.

      The blog name was Weslea (I think Rachel's middle name is Lea like her dear mother's, too) but I did a super quick search and couldn't find it anymore. Maybe it's still out there somewhere.

    • just_ordinary


      On 7/5/2020 at 7:43 AM, SorenaJ said:

      In these times, I don't get why Joy is hanging out with Carlin (and whoever that family was they hung out with a few days ago per instagram). Pregnancy weakens the body's immune system, meaning a potentially harder time if she get covid, plus coronavirus increases the risks of preterm birth. 

      Joy doesn't exactly have a stellar track record when it comes to pregnancy and birth (not saying the second one was her fault), so if I was her, I would take all the precautions. 

      So dumb. 

      Oh wow. Here pregnant women are still considered low risk and I haven’t heard anything of the preterm labour issue? Do you have any sources you could share? I would be very interested. It is always interesting what hits the news in different countries in terms of risk assessment, as some report things others don’t.
      The only positive thing I see, is that Joy doesn’t seem to be too worried. My experience with miscarries is, that pregnancies loose the pure joy moment because the worry about a miscarriage is always there. Every little sign can make go nuts and throw you back into fears. If she can enjoy her pregnancy with less of this, I am very happy for her. Still, I wouldn’t do it but I think people are free to make their own decisions within the legal guidelines. I think having a more high intense physical (and therefore dangerous) hobby is very irresponsible to your partner and children but obviously I cannot call these people dumb (even if I think so).

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    • LurkerOverThePond


      Remind me again: what do we know about Mr. Addie? I only remember that he is considerably younger than her (I always thought she would end up with an older man) and way too into guns.

    • just_ordinary


      That is so interesting. I wouldn’t have batted an eye at the photo, because he clearly is wearing a mask. Our playgrounds are open for weeks now and as nurseries, schools and kindergartens are going slowly back to normal operations is clear, that masks are not possible at all the time and for the really young ones just impossible. We can meet up in groups up to ten people again and for now, things look great. I think allowing flights for holidays again is a mistake but maybe I am proven wrong. 

      With the different rules we all have, we should really research what we are seeing before judging. That said, I can totally see them doing whatever they want- because Jesus is clearly protecting them and the whole thing is a hoax anyway or whatever.

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