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My Quiverfull Sims

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Episode Five: Welcome Baby!

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At about 2 in the morning, Mary-Anne woke up to use the restroom, and what do you know? She went into labor!


She woke up her hubby, who after a brief moment of panic, found peace through the Lord, and promptly went to play video games. He ultimately broke the computer in doing so. #besthubbyever


After some prompting in his heart from me The Lord, Mark gave his laboring wife a relaxing massage.


Luckily, things went quickly, and at 5:39 AM, Matthew O'Hurley entered the world!



After nursing the little one, an exhausted Mary-Anne went back to bed, and Mark took over the babysitting parenting duties.


Such precious moments with a new father and his firstborn son! #bestpapaever Oh, he also took out the trash, so #besthubbyever, I guess.


Having slept most of the day, Mary-Anne woke up at about 10 PM in a pretty good mood, so,  hey hey hey!


And I think I'll leave it at that for now. ;) Until next time!

- Mark, Mary-Anne, Matthew, & Baby

P.S., At least she can hide the bump behind the baby. For now. :P 


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Uh...that nursery you made might need to get a whole lot bigger! :)

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Lol! @neurogirl I got rid of the giant teddy bear so there is room for one more toddler bed now. Also I can just move babies into the master bedroom. I want to build them their own TTH from scratch, but I haven't found a layout that I like yet.

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Pregnant again already? This does not bode well for sanity at the O’Hurley’s! Hopefully #besthubbyever will keep up with the nappy changing! #notjustwimminzwerk

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Someone Out There


On 07/03/2018 at 5:45 PM, JillRodsEyeliner said:

Too bad the Sims limits the household to 8 members.

With mods you can get more. e.g. for Sims 4 there is MC Command Centre.  Sims 3 there is Potrait Panel, Mover, and Woohooer.  For Sims 2 I'm not sure as it has been a number of years since I played...

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I'm have both the Sims 3 and Sims 4. I mostly play Sims 3.

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    • indianabones


      On 9/19/2020 at 8:47 AM, JanasTattooParlor said:

      I’m actually really surprised that Maci is the most popular spelling! I assumed that Macy was the most popular since it’s spelled the same way as Macy’s department store. I’m hoping she uses the Macy spelling so at least Kaci still gets some uniqueness to her name now that she’s going to have a cousin with a rhyming name. 

      It's because of Maci on Teen Mom. All of the casts' names and their kids' names grew exponentially in popularity after 16 and Pregnant and its spin-offs started airing.

    • justmy2cents


      I think Jessa and JD don’t have an issue with the changes that Jill has made. JD seems easy going and his wife is a nurse who wears pants. Jessa hangs out with Jill more than any other sibling does.  I can see Joseph, Joy, & Anna not being as accepting. 

    • 3 hours ago, mydoggoskeeper said:

      When I was watching the latest episode last night I noticed that Anna wasn't wearing her engagement or wedding ring in the scene where she was tying the green balloons on the car before Abbie's birthday parade.   Maybe her weight has fluctuated from all the pregnancies to the point where the don't fit at the moment, but interesting nonetheless since all the Duggar marrieds seem to wear both rings regularly.  

      one can only hope she flushed it down the seewald's toliet

    • nst

      Posted (edited)

      47 minutes ago, viii said:

      Your comments towards Ben and Jessa are so unsettling. 

      in what sense? that they are not in their league or that the fact those times are over


      Edited by nst
    • LilMissMetaphor


      9 hours ago, Irishy said:

      Mind you, this is the first time I’ve really looked at Justin.

      Probably the first time JimBob and Michelle have either.

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