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My Quiverfull Sims

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Episode Three: An Exciting Announcement

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This update is going to be short and sweet because Mark and Mary-Anne have some exciting news to share! I'll let the pictures do the talking.



Mark needed a cold shower after that to squelch unrighteous desires.


You know what that means!


Mark looks thrilled with the news. (In his defense, she did wake him up in the middle of the night.)


As you can see, Mary-Anne has had some "reassuring" morning sickness.

So there you have it! The first O'Hurley blessing is on its way! What will the O'Hurleys do next? Go on a mission trip, of course! Stay tuned. Until next time!

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  • Posts

    • OrchidBlossom


      14 hours ago, baldricks_turnip said:

      Considering the end of the episode was very much a "busy times to come" speech, does that mean that they have been renewed for another season?

      Also, it speaks to how low my expectations are of men that I was pleasantly surprised by Jeremy's (seemingly genuine) joyful reaction to having a second daughter. I have seen too many gender reveal videos of men having tantrums learning they are having a daughter or getting a little too excited about having a son with 2 or 3 daughters right next to them watching on.

      Same I saw the clip and was like oh he seems genuinely happy about a girl and then I was like wow the bar couldn't be lower, huh?

    • allthegoodnamesrgone


      2 hours ago, Snarkasarus Rex said:

      I wonder if Jill and Josiah are closer than publicly portrayed. I can see him and Lauren being completely over the extreme fundie BS...and reaching out to Jill for advice.

      I believe Bella’s crib was a loan from Jill, they’ve been to the Dillards’ for a couple game nights, and Lauren asked Jill to be with her during her labor.  I think it would be great if they are forging a relationship independent of the family collective.

      Joy & Josiah used to be fairly close & I think they were the biggest flight risks of the older kids, which was why they were both pushed to marry so young.  It is interesting to hear that Siren are spending time with Jill & Derrick, I wonder if Joy & Austin stepping away from the show will have a similar affect on them that J&D had after they were "removed" though I doubt it would be quite as extreme. Joy wears pants occasionally, Austin's mom & sister have shorter hair than Jill does, Austin's mom works for a living, sure it is the family owned business but she's still working.  

      Jana & Jessa seem to be keeping a close eye on Joy, I still think Joy & now Austin are flight risks in that they want to do what they want to do & they don't want to answer to JB or his father, they want to be in charge of their family and their life, & that is a no no in their circles.  

      I can see Josh, Anna, Jana, Jessa (I don't think Ben cares either way) and JinJer not being OK with J&D's life choices, I can see Joe & Kendra not liking it either, but not being dicks about it and keeping their opinions to themselves. I don't think JD gives two shits what Jill & Derrick do. I don't think Joy & Austin care what Jill is doing, I think they just don't like Derrick very much, and probably in the same way they don't like Jeremy, but they don't have to deal with him much since they are so far away so he's easier to ignore. I would bet these same siblings all have an issue with how JinJer are living their left coast "liberal" life. But I'm guessing for many of the siblings it is the husbands fault because the sisters are doing what their husbands want, and that is what they were raised to do. 

      Until hearing that Jill helped Laruen w/ Bella's delivery and hearing about Siren spending time w/ the Dillard's I would have said they didn't like how they did things but obviously they don't care and are most likely a little jealous of their freedom. Si is stuck he's got a wife & kid and no employable skills and no education. He can fly. big deal 

    • forgetmenow


      3 hours ago, Howl said:

      Y'all, thanks so much for delving into the possibly psychopathologies of RC and Lisa.  Looking at Lisa's histrionics about saints rejoicing and subsequently being attacked by demons and Satan, their "God-breathed" marriage, going on and on about being under attack, God, God, God,  the words "grandiose" and "grandiosity" came to mind.  

      Also, thanks for the link to the most recent Spinderella Sproul post. 

      Yes!  Grandiosity is the perfect word/condition for the following post.  I mean, we talk about JRod and Beansie, but Ol' #2 takes it to a whole 'nother level, lol.



      2 hours ago, Fallgirl30 said:

      She’s got a post on FB about how one of his daughters stope her bank card and also made that review on Amazon. So she claims the review is fake.  I don’t know about the veracity of any of it but yes they have lost their minds.

      Apparently, she forgot that she posted this only a day or two before the review went up ("Her book, his voice"):



      23 minutes ago, hoipolloi said:

      I only remember her talking about the Rx-fraud doctor husband who went to prison. IIRC, that created major financial complications for her, not surprisingly, which took years to untangle. Money & property issues were the focus of her comments, though -- not a word about infidelity.

      If she's said anything at all about the other two husbands, I've missed it.


      This is her (lurid) account of the dissolution of her 3rd marriage.  Make of it what you will, but at one point, she claims, "that was God speaking through me."  Clearly, her husband was into some very bad stuff, things that would be a deal-breaker for me personally, but I sure would be curious to hear his side of things.


      Apologies if I'm coming across as pedantic with all the links and screenshots, but it's just so tempting because she posts so darn much unbalanced overshare.

    • Johannah


      Aren’t southern baptists known for not drinking? Did JB know DD was SBC ahead of time? Was he cool with the conversion?? I still don’t understand how DD slipped through.

    • OrchidBlossom


      I find Lauren's obsession with hats kind of funny, but in a lighthearted way. I was obsessed with heels around her age, no matter how impractical, and I owned dozens of pairs. A little before that in high school, I loved band tees. In my mid 20s, I got super into athletic-wear. Nothing wrong with diving in on a trend you enjoy. So I was reading the thread title in that sort of playful way that I often talk about my old shoe collection (I've pared down quite a bit since then). However, I do agree that in this thread, things get awfully heated about her choice of headwear.

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