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My Quiverfull Sims

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Episode Two: Random Newlywed Life



Welcome back! When we last left the O'Hurleys, they had just returned from their honeymoon and prepared to settle into their assigned-by-gender household tasks. Let's check in, shall we?


Mary-Anne woke up early (I'm talking Maxwell early. She was up by 4.) to do devotionals in her prayer journal. I'm sure she was cheerfully writing about how grateful she is for her new headship!


While she did that, her wonderful husband was outside catching fish in the stream right behind their house. I hope they both like fish, because they're going to be eating a lot of it!


 The Lord laid it on Mary-Anne's heart to plant fruits and vegetables in her garden to sell at the local farmers market. What a wonderful opportunity to serve others, and even make a little extra money!


After spending the morning in the garden, Mary-Anne went inside to fix fish tacos for lunch.


Some sweet neighbors came over to welcome them to the neighborhood. What a precious time of fellowship they had!


It looks like Mark just told Liberty where she's going when she dies.


Fortunately, Mary-Anne swooped in to lighten up the conversation.


After the guests left, Mary-Anne started her newest project: a children's book series called Amazing Grace about a little girl who goes on amazing adventures with her favorite biblical characters. She feels so blessed to have the opportunity to contribute to her family's income ministry.


Dinner that evening consisted of leftover fish tacos, and a little romance. ;)


Having grown up being taught that video games were the Devil's work, Mark purposed to make video games his personal ministry and create wholesome games that teach children the ways of the Lord.


I planned to have them get started on their first blessing that evening, but they fell asleep instead. I think they're onto me.

And there you have it! A Sunday in the life of the newlyweds. I promise the next part will be more exciting. Until next time!



03-02-18_10-02-18 PM.png

03-02-18_10-11-30 PM.png

03-02-18_10-13-49 PM.png

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I really like your fundies! Are you using the SIMS screen capture to take pictures, or something else?

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Just the Sims screen capture. I hit the tab button which hides the UI and allows me to zoom in enough to hide the plumbobs.

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  • Posts

    • lexiloumarie


      29 minutes ago, theotherelise said:

      It can be nice to imagine that different families or 2nd gen adults are making secret decisions behind the scenes which would indicate they are distancing from the quiverful, fundamentalist beliefs. But there is no indication of that. JinJer has switched to fundamentalist calvinism and thus would likely have some different convictions based on that, but the rest of the single adults and couples are all still attending the same churches (I believe) and have made zero moves from that belief system.

      Taking Jill's comments at face value, my opinion is that some siblings have tried to call Jill out for her choices or the way she behaves towards their parents. Other siblings have probably not brought it up or left it at an agree to disagree on X situation while still spending time with Jill. I'm just not sure that would always correlate to how steeped a sibling is in the beliefs.

      For example, I believe Joe and Kendra are ridiculously steeped in the koolaid. But they also seem to be a little less aggressive in trying to convert people and are just overall pretty genial. I could see them being friendly and not bringing up any potential disagreement, but that doesn't mean they're at all walking away from their own beliefs. 

      See Joe was the one who Austin/Joy called out at his wedding rehearsal for his outspoken convictions and his pushing those around him to be faithful.  Obviously Josh and Anna are fully integrated still. Jessa and Ben depend on the gravy train. All the kidults at home are under the Jim Bob umbrella still. 

      JinJer hang out with Jeremy's friends who don't behave much differently than Jill and Derek. Abbie wears pants and JD doesn't seem too uptight. Dish and Lauren seem to fit so we'll because neither are perfect cookie cutter fundies and they apparently were close to Jill and Derek while all of this was starting. 

      Joy seems to have wanted to take the path Jill is ("I'm not meant for dresses"), but they don't visibly interact anymore which surprised me until I realized in a way she's like Anna. She doubled down into the fundamentalism instead of breaking away. She doesn't seem close to Jill or Amy anymore, and they could be a good resource if she doesn't want to follow blindly. 


    • Dominionatrix


      From what I can tell, the skirt extenders tend to be worn by young fundie maidens who want to wear trendy shorter dresses while still fulfilling stringent modesty standards. 


      IMO, most of the time they call more attention to the legs than they deter. 

    • Idlewild


       @Johannah I do actually know someone with a framed periodic table - but he is an eminent academic and it looks in keeping with his office at his home.

      Jeremy totally believes he is an intellectual and compared to most of the Duggars he probably is. I wonder when they’ll make the break from the show- it doesn’t fit in with the image they want to portray. 


    • viii


      @nst Hey, you asked, and I answered. 

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    • Maggie Mae


      12 minutes ago, Not that josh's mom said:

      I think Josh is probably jealous of Jill and Derrick. Not Anna, but definitely Josh.  Law school, only two kids! Perfect in his mind. 

      Josh doesn't seem like someone who is self-aware enough to know that this is the reason he doesn't like Derrick.  

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