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Edens Year 6: The Fickle Getting-to-Know-You Season of Life



Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue! A lot has happened since we last checked in with the Edens! Here is the history of the family so far (pictured below, and ages based on time of day children born and the corresponding month in my realistic aging plan): 

Adam Eden (age 21) marries Eva Johnson (age 20) Jan 2010

Genesis (girl, purple) born Oct 2010 (That's right - honeymoon baby! *smiles*)

Exodus (boy, green) born Sept 2011 (11 month gap)

Leviticus (boy, orange) born Nov 2012 (14 month gap)

Numbers (girl, bassinet) born Feb 2014 (16 month gap)

Elsie Johnson (teenage girl in blue, born 1997) moved in with the Edens middle of 2013.


And of course, at the beginning of Year 6/2015, Eva was heavily pregnant with Blessing #5. Here she shares a precious moment with her newest baby, while largely ignoring her older children. Numbers may have the worst name but she's definitely been the best baby so far.


Numbers continued to be the perfect fundie daughter when she aged up to a toddler with the Independent trait! Happy birthday Numbers! We love your meek spirit!


Not too long after, Blessing #5 was born! (May 2015) Welcome to the world baby girl Deuteronomy! We can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you! (And again, sorry about the name) 


Speaking of babies (?), the Lord laid it on Adam's heart to lose some of the sympathy baby weight he'd acquired since marriage, so Year 6 he ventured to the gym. Alas, NIKE! All the sluttish women there made him weep, gnash his teeth, and workout in a room by himself. If he can bring himself to go back he will have to ask Steve Maxhell how to bear short shorts. 


All that getting-in-shape sure does a body good. 


And guess what?!?! Blessing #6 is on its way! (Are you surprised? No? Adam's not either. He just wants to eat his breakfast in peace.)


In 2015, Exodus turned 4 years old! Adam told Exodus how special he was, how he was the answer to Adam and Eva's prayers, and how he would do great things to bring people to the Lord.


Well Genesis, it doesn't look like Exodus will need too much manhood-nurturing to accept his role as spiritual leader and fundie heir! What a smug-looking preschooler.


But of course, I know everyone is here to learn about Elsie! She turned 18 and was FINALLY ready for her future husband to find her! Could Cale be The One? She and Cale texted for a while in a group chat, and finally met again at the park.  However, no longer living under her father's umbrella of protection, she seems to have forgotten her meek and mild spirit!


Not only did Elsie make SINFUL eyes at Cale, but she also BEAT him in Chess! (Pray for her.) Following this he left in a huff and Elsie was SEVERELY scolded on her Jezebel ways. After Elsie had sufficiently apologized and submitted herself to both Cale and her BIL/new headship, Cale was invited over to the Eden's home for some more getting-to-know-each-other. They jumped the gun and sat on the plastic courting bench though!


This setting severely confused Elsie, and after chatting about Cale's job (LANDSCAPER for a gardening company!!!!) and his love for dogs, Elsie let her feelings for Cale slip! Once again Cale left in a hurry and Elsie was so embarrassed. She thought for sure the getting-to-know-you period with Cale would end and that she would be gossiped about as "forward." Already giving away heart pieces for Jesus' sake! For the next few weeks Elsie kept her head down in servitude to God and to the Edens. She volunteered with Genesis, prayed with Adam for humility, and really just focused on her walk with the Lord. And the Lord forgave Elsie in her penance, and who should ask to come over again but Cale!!! Elsie was SHOCKED. Maybe waiting for a man to pursue her heart did work after all! This time, Elsie served Cale homemade food and agreed with him on theological points (much better) AS ADAM AND EVA FLAUNTED THEIR SPECIAL MARRIED PRIVILEGES NEXT TO THEM. :output_eeMbjt: Way to keep it classy Duggars Edens.


And Cale, like Ben, surprisingly did not run away screaming from this blatant display. Instead he started flirting with Elsie!! And they even snuck off to...take a picture together! Say "side-hug!"


And there ends year 6! Sorry that it was a bit of a hodge-podge. I hope to have a more cohesive story for year 7. Speaking of Year 7, when will Blessing #6 enter the world and whatever could its name be? Will Exodus turn out to be as much of a prick as he looks like? Has Adam checked out from child-rearing completely? Most importantly, will Elsie and Cale enter a courtship relationship? STAY TUNED! Edens out!



And ladies, let those men pursue you! ;)

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Love it! Small shameless plug: I posted my first Sims blog last night if you'd like to check it out. :) 

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I hope that Cale is in a position (at ?18) to buy a house debt-free, or there really are going to be TOO MANY BABEEZ chez Eden!

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@WineGlass Elsie and Cale are waiting on the Lord to guide their relationship, but if they are meant for each other I'm sure God will provide!!! (and will cause a house to conveniently fall from the sky on a lot they buy :pb_biggrin:)

I also have a mod that expands the housing limit to 25!!!! And I just downloaded custom content bunkbeds for both children and toddlers. So the Edens are free technologically and space-wise to fill their quiver for quite some time yet! :pb_eek:

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  • Posts

    • lexiloumarie


      6 hours ago, SolomonFundy said:

      They definitely went through a separation, and I suspect that it was the thing that forced Michael's hand. They burned pretty bright for the first few months they were together, but he's been a ghost since September of last year. Adeline was stuck in Paraguay for 3 months this Spring, which I suspect was the catalyst for Michael wanting to seal the deal when she returned. She got back to the states in the middle of June, and they got engaged on or just before the 4th.

      Very rough timeline:

      * Addie and Michael meet in early/mid-2019. Start the Morton-approved butt sniffing process that is basically dating, yet somehow isn't.

      * They get pretty serious. She's got plans to visit Paraguay in May to help out when Rachel has her baby, so they part. But things are *serious*, so Michael surprises her in Paraguay during her visit. They are together for a couple of weeks before he returns. Lots of pics, lots of posting. I suspected they'd get engaged then and there since he went to so much trouble to surprise her, but nothing came of it.

      * Michael returns home. A month later, Addie does as well. He's still in the picture until August, and Addie continued posting daily through early September. Then, she takes a break from social media for a few weeks.

      * Addie returns in late September, and starts vague-posting about God's plan, and waiting, and timing, and all of the other fundy maiden euphemisms for getting left on read by a potential headship.

      * Addie suddenly gets extremely invested in dog breeding in October. Over the course of the last few months of 2019, she starts collecting dogs.

      * The Mortons host Thanksgiving for all of their extended family and friends. Michael isn't there.

      *  Another social media break, this one lasting pretty much all of January. Mike (her brother) visited from Paraguay during that time.

      * Just a couple of months after her brother's visit, Addie decides to drag some random teenage fundy maiden (Mercy) to Paraguay with her. The visit was supposed to be a few weeks, but due to COVID, they were effectively stranded in Paraguay for more than 3 months. 

      * Kress seems to have bonded a lot with Mercy on this trip, and made a few posts commenting on how much she missed her company. Weirdly, Kress didn't post anything specific about missing Addie, which made me wonder if Addie was spending a lot of time doing something outside of Kress and Mike's house, or perhaps was just really distracted and left Mercy and Kressant together for long periods of time.

      * Addie returns home, and three weeks later, she's engaged.


      I think Mercy stayed with Kressant and Addie with Rachel, which could explain the difference. 

    • CyborgKin


      21 hours ago, Howl said:

      Implying that once these young 'uns get themselves made over in Geoff's image and have sufficiently made their wives and children miserable, he wants them to be influential at the local level.  This to me means politics.  Gah. 

      He's probably still sore about not producing a PM of NZ :P

      4 hours ago, Columbia said:

      What young man searching for answers would find Geoff?? The Botkin family is one you know, not one you stumble upon. And their continual silence over the past five or so years only adds to that. For people who are supposed to be ambassadors to the nations they really aren’t all that well known outside of some very niche circles. 

      Yeah, for a family who claim to be good at doing their research for projects you'd think they'd have taken some time to learn about social media management or find someone who does.  Instead they just produce dead air for years and then hope for an audience.

    • AmazonGrace


      Today we learn that God uses marriages to teach us what true love is. Soo....true love ends in divorces, custody battles and fights about the property. 



      What is True Love?

      July 06, 2020

      by Gwen Shamblin Lara

      0 Comment

      The Greatest Commandment… One of the teachers of the law came and heard them debating. Noticing that Jesus had given them a good answer, he asked him, “Of all the commandments, which is the most important?” “The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” “Well said, teacher,” the man replied. “You are right in saying that God is one and there is no other but him. To love him with all your heart, with all your understanding and with all your strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself is more important than all burnt offerings and sacrifices.” When Jesus saw that he had answered wisely, he said to him, “You are not far from the kingdom of God.” Mark 12:28-34

      Why did Jesus say, “You are not far from the kingdom of God”? It is because just having the knowledge of what God is looking for is not enough. The journey and the spiritual war start in the mind, as we discussed before. But you could have the knowledge of God and not have a heart for Him at all.

      God uses human relationships and marriages to teach what true love is. If you have ever had a crush on someone, then you know how this feels… it is emotional. You feel your emotions rise and your pulse rate go up. You would know if your lover entered the room, even if you did not see him or her, for your senses are alert to the voice and presence of the one you love. Your mind thinks about your lover every spare moment, including times that it should be concentrating on the job at hand. You clean up and dress for your love. You look for opportunities to be in his or her presence. You look forward to your times alone. You would do anything for this person and find it no problem; providing aid would be a pleasure. Being separated brings sadness. That is your heart. It is an emotional entity. It is passion and feeling. This passion can be given to anything from the Earth below to the Heavens above, but it belongs to God.


      Gwen only washes and dresses herself if she's got a crush in somebody. So on behalf on anyone near enough to see and smell her I hope she has a crush.

    • medimus


      I don't think they are seriously going to adopt any time soon and am also slightly expecting a pregnancy announcement as part of the new season.

      I do continue to marvel at adoption in the US, someone mentioned 35000$! Goodness. Adoption rarely happens here. There were 72 domestic adoptions in 2018 (the latest year with figures). 72. In the whole country. That includes step parent adoptions (the partner of the parent who has been living with the child and parent for more than two years; 35), long term foster to adoption (25), foreign-to-domestic adoption (3) and extended family adoption (2), as well as infant adoption of which there were only 7. Plus 42 intercountry adoptions from the 10 approved countries, three of which haven't had any adoptions since at least 2012. Interestingly more than half of the intercountry adoptions are from a single country and the second largest group, about a third, are from the US.

      "Just adopt" is the biggest lie going.

    • LurkerOverThePond


      45 minutes ago, ophelia said:

      Does anybody remember Wes and Rachel's old blog? I forgot the URL and wanted to check wether it was still there. She had a lot of house pictures there IIRC.

      The blog name was Weslea (I think Rachel's middle name is Lea like her dear mother's, too) but I did a super quick search and couldn't find it anymore. Maybe it's still out there somewhere.

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