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My Quiverfull Sims

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Episode One: Meet the O'Hurleys!



Welcome! I was inspired by @neurogirl (among others) to join in the fundie sims blog bandwagon. Hopefully blogging the experience will give me the motivation to stick with the family for at least one full generation. So without further ado, let's get started!

This is the O'Hurley family. As their friends say, they're such a sweet couple, they make you want to hurl! You'll find that they seem fundie-lite in some respects, but, rest assured, they are still God-fearing Christians who know exactly where they're going when they die.

Meet Mark O'Hurley, our headship.


He is family-oriented and enjoys many outdoor activities. He also likes working with technology and has a job as a computer programmer.

And this is his new helpmeet, Mary-Anne. 


Mary-Anne is such a sweet young lady! She could hardly wait to turn 18 so she could marry her best friend! In addition to loving her family and the outdoors, she also has a creative side that she hopes will make her an excellent homemaker!

After their God-honoring wedding ceremony where they shared their very first kiss in front of all of their family and friends, Mark and Mary-Anne went off to Granite Falls for their honeymoon.



It was so special to finally be alone together without any chaperones! They certainly spent a good portion of their honeymoon making up for lost time. ;)


They also enjoyed bonding over their mutual love for nature-related activities. Mark loved teaching his new bride how to fish!


Even though they were on their honeymoon, they still purposed to put God first. Here they are "praying" together. (Really, just warming their hands by the fire, but it definitely looks like they're praying!)


Mark discovered that he actually quite enjoys cooking. Perhaps the Lord will lay it on his heart to fulfill that role for his family from now on.


A selfie also happened.


Did I mention they enjoyed making up for lost time?


They have now arrived home and are excited to begin their new lives together! They don't have any special announcements to make just yet, (because for some reason they would only woohoo in the tent and not try for a baby) but you never know what the future has in store! Until next time!

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I love their name and the picture of them praying on the honeymoon!! :pb_lol:

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Haha, thank you! It does at least cover her knees, doesn't it? ;) 

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  • Posts

    • JillyO


      19 hours ago, Melissa1977 said:

      Actually I don't think it's an announcement. It would be too obvious and that's not Jessa's style.

      When Jessa was pregnant with Spurgeon, she posted that picture of Ben hugging her from behind and making a heart shape with their hands on her stomach. Then when everybody asked whether she was pregnant, she said she didn’t “have anything to announce” only to announce like two weeks later. 

      So I wouldn’t exactly say this is not her style. Obviously she’s a few years older now and it might not be an announcement, but I certainly wouldn’t rule it out either. 

      I suppose we’ll find out soon enough either way. 

    • Howl


      On 9/13/2020 at 11:39 AM, Giraffe said:

      Imo, her teeth, hair, and bones must be so fragile by now.

      At least two moms of mega families (11 each? I can't remember) discussed on this forum, Jaynee Lockwood and Nicole Naugler,  have had all of their teeth extracted. It takes a lot to grow babies and this is what happens when you don't let your body recover, possibly don't have the best nutrition and zero regular dental care.  

      Jaynee would probably have had 13 - 15, but she ended up requiring a hysterectomy; don't recall the details. 

      Nicole and Joe, supposedly, stopped having sexy time, but at least Nicole has not had another pregnancy since the one that ended in a still birth.   If Joe had two brain cells still capable of synapse, he'd get his tube tied.  I'm gonna guess he'll get another woman pregnant, because that would be so perfectly on-brand for a Naugler. 


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    • thoughtful

      Posted (edited)

      Gary was live from the truck, at "almost noontime, amen - the day, tell ya raht now, don't take long for tahm to come 'n' go, amen? 11:35, took mah wahf up here to see her family amen the kids praise the Lord."

      I wonder if that means that Becky had a visit with her kids - hard to say, with Gary's babble.

      Gary's important and unique message is interspersed with loud directions from his GPS.

      Sunday's coming, and you'd better go to church, "what God says is a whole lot more important than what Governor whoever says."

      The church, of course, must be King James only, and this spew follows:

      "Some people believe that's there's uh more than one Bahble, well, ah'm glad God didn't need all them thangs, amen? Ah'm glad God knew what He wrote, and how He wrote it, and how He had the English-speakin' people to write it for the English-speakin' people, amen, ah know that, uh, uh, Spanish people have to have a little bit different 'n' ah understand that the uh Filipinos and the different ones 'n' ah'm gonna tell ya - for the English-speakin' people, there's only one Bahble, 'n' that one Bahble tells us to go ye in all the world, ah'm not Calvinism, ah don't believe that mess, ah don't have no kinda points in the Calvinism, ah just believe the book, ah believe what God said. God said to go tell 'em. AMEN!"

      Also, if you don't die and the Rapture doesn't come by tomorrow morning, go to church, unless you wake up tomorrow with Covid-19, in which case you should stay home and watch church on Facebook (WATCH IT, don't just turn it on!). And if you are afraid to go out, get rid of your TV. Might as well get rid of the TV anyway, because "sodomy's takin' everything!"

      Have I mentioned that Gary thinks you should go to church?

      They didn't ask Gary to preach at the camp meeting, so I guess he needed to feed his addiction and do some preachifyin' in the Church of Henry Ford.

      Edited by thoughtful
    • JDuggs


      1 hour ago, WarriorJane said:

      No snark intended, but does Jill know who RBG is?  I mean I know she knows she was a SC Justice,  but does she grasp what she stood for?

      Jill’s post was a re-post from Republican Senator John Boozman from Arkansas. I think some Republicans are publicly “taking the high road” by offering condolences while privately feeling gleeful about their potential opportunity to replace her.

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    • Kayleigh83


      26 minutes ago, WarriorJane said:

      No snark intended, but does Jill know who RBG is?  I mean I know she knows she was a SC Justice,  but does she grasp what she stood for?

      I have to assume yes, and especially by now. Posting about her like that at all, especially using a sort of nickname like her initials, to me signals some familiarity beyond just what her job was. And after about 13 hours of that post being in her stories I bet she’s gotten lots of messages from “concerned conservatives” about it, so if she didn’t know then she knows now. But the post remains up..

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