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My Quiverfull Sims

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Episode One: Meet the O'Hurleys!



Welcome! I was inspired by @neurogirl (among others) to join in the fundie sims blog bandwagon. Hopefully blogging the experience will give me the motivation to stick with the family for at least one full generation. So without further ado, let's get started!

This is the O'Hurley family. As their friends say, they're such a sweet couple, they make you want to hurl! You'll find that they seem fundie-lite in some respects, but, rest assured, they are still God-fearing Christians who know exactly where they're going when they die.

Meet Mark O'Hurley, our headship.


He is family-oriented and enjoys many outdoor activities. He also likes working with technology and has a job as a computer programmer.

And this is his new helpmeet, Mary-Anne. 


Mary-Anne is such a sweet young lady! She could hardly wait to turn 18 so she could marry her best friend! In addition to loving her family and the outdoors, she also has a creative side that she hopes will make her an excellent homemaker!

After their God-honoring wedding ceremony where they shared their very first kiss in front of all of their family and friends, Mark and Mary-Anne went off to Granite Falls for their honeymoon.



It was so special to finally be alone together without any chaperones! They certainly spent a good portion of their honeymoon making up for lost time. ;)


They also enjoyed bonding over their mutual love for nature-related activities. Mark loved teaching his new bride how to fish!


Even though they were on their honeymoon, they still purposed to put God first. Here they are "praying" together. (Really, just warming their hands by the fire, but it definitely looks like they're praying!)


Mark discovered that he actually quite enjoys cooking. Perhaps the Lord will lay it on his heart to fulfill that role for his family from now on.


A selfie also happened.


Did I mention they enjoyed making up for lost time?


They have now arrived home and are excited to begin their new lives together! They don't have any special announcements to make just yet, (because for some reason they would only woohoo in the tent and not try for a baby) but you never know what the future has in store! Until next time!

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I love their name and the picture of them praying on the honeymoon!! :pb_lol:

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Haha, thank you! It does at least cover her knees, doesn't it? ;) 

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  • Posts

    • fundiefan


      Whelp. The famlly is meeting the baby. Clearly (and not surprisingly) there is no social isolation in Mortonville. Exposing a freaking newborn baby is just stupid. And, of course, dangerous. 

    • AmericanRose

      Posted (edited)

      This popped up on Mr. Atheist yesterday, and though I saw it was mentioned on Transformed Wife's thread a few months ago... I had a few words to say about it. Also, this is my first thread. :D

      First, they thoughtfully postponed the convention until October. It's taking place in Orlando... I seem to remember Make America Straight Again was in Orlando... what is it with Florida??

      If you act now, you can get your ticket for the low low price of... $1099! But act fast, before it goes back up to $1999!
      PS:  "25% Discount Available for all Law Enforcement, Military, First Responders, and Young Women ages 18-25."
      I assume to convince the former three groups that they're living their lives wrong, and as for the latter... to convince someone at an impressionable age how they should live their lives.

      What does your exorbitantly priced ticket get you? Well, so far it gets you 3 days of being preached at by 615 men! And there's possibly more to come! They seem to have space for 16 speakers.

      However! The conference will be 100% funded by women (true: only 'natural born women' are allowed to buy tickets) - so that makes it alright! Though I do wonder if they're going to demand birth certificates to make sure their attendees are 'natural born women'.

      So! Ladies, you can spend $1100 - $2000 to hear men preach at you about...

      Everything is women's fault.
      No, seriously, they say this:

      And then proceed to blame women for everything.

      Well, at least they admit it, though it sounds pretty damn weird.


      Women today are being taught to act more like men. Where has that led us? Skyrocketing rates of broken families, a documented decline in female happiness since the 1970s (I'm going to need a proper source for this, as everything I've read suggests that, shockingly enough, women are happier when not forced to stay in unhappy marriages and have more kids than they can care for), endless social and dating dysfunction (because of course that's women's fault), and America at the #1 spot in the world for single motherhood. No longer will you have to give in to toxic bullying feminist dogma and go against your ancient, biological nature as a woman, the men have arrived to help #MWGA.

      EXPERIENCE a miraculous three day (and night) event with iconic 100% pure male speakers gathered from the worldwide manosphere community to help you dramatically improve your life as a woman and total femininity.Brought together to create positive media for women, make women great again, and to help supercharge your personal growth on the path to becoming your very own ideal woman.

      My ideal woman is strong, independent, and unafraid to choose whatever life's path makes her happy. I've known several SAHM's, and I've never seen or heard someone try to shame them for being one. Well, except for that old man at the grocery store in my hometown, who assumed a young married woman was sponging off her husband...
      Also: what is a pure male, and the idea that men need to tell women that it's fine to be their idea of a woman is just gross.



      Hiding under a mask of fake progress, feminism today has become a radical assault on all forms of positive, traditional femininity - you know, the one hard coded into your DNA. Through an onslaught of anti-feminine propaganda spanning generations, women today have been pushed to act like men and DENY their own feminine nature. This has left millions of women feeling unhappy, confused, frustrated, and hopeless. At The 22 Convention you will learn the truth that unhealthy militant feminists have been hiding from you your entire life in their war on men, boys, fathers, and women who simply enjoy being feminine.

      Everything has an extreme side. However, that doesn't make it mainstream. I've never met any of these 'militant feminists' who think men should cease to exist or whatever, and I've been around a bit.



      America is officially the #1 country on the planet for unwed single motherhood (source) after a dramatic rise in recent decades. “Single Parenthood” of any kind is just another way of saying “broken family.” Statistics conclusively show that this is absolutely devastating for children, as well as mothers (source). Poverty, crime, mental health issues, and overall decline in well being is rampant today in America and the West in this context, thanks to feminist anti-motherhood propaganda. Generations of women have been lied to with “you can have it all”, a clever way of tricking them into de-prioritizing motherhood until ~90% of their eggs are dead by 30. This has led millions of women down a path of endless heartbreak, dead-end relationships, and left children at significantly heightened risk of birth defects via geriatric pregnancies. Today, we are witnessing the slow motion collapse of intentional motherhood and intact family formation.

      First, it's better for kids if their parents divorce if the parents want to. I wished desperately as a kid that my parents would divorce... it's not always a bad thing. Also, staying together "for the sake of the kids" is a terrible thing to put on a kid! My grandparents stayed together... and my grandfather was arrested numerous times throughout the decades for alcohol, and at one point held a gun to my grandmother's head for a night and screamed about how the FBI was after him, while my mom and her sisters hid, terrified. Yeah, you should totally stay in that marriage - and they did, until my youngest aunt was in her teens.
      Though I know scientifically fertility begins it's downward spiral after 30, my ancestors had kids at a regular pace with seemingly no trouble until ~43, so I'm not buying the panic that you must be married and spawning by 30.
      Also, I believe those 'geriatric pregnancies' (are any of the speakers doctors? No? Hmm) are an example of 'intentional motherhood'. Do they really want a bunch of unplanned kids born? Well, probably, since these fellows likely believe it will tie a woman to them for life.



      Over 80 million women in America today are overweight or obese (source). These epidemic level numbers are no secret in spite of endless hyper-fit photoshop pictures of Instagram celebrities at ridiculously low body fat levels. Nevertheless, being sick and obese (a recognized disease in modern medicine) is not beautiful. Taking good self-care of your body is beautiful in process and outcome. Men admire healthy, fit women. They are after all sizing you up for reproduction, and your decisions will be passed on to your children through the choices you make via epigenetics. At The 22 Convention, you’ll learn how women have been lied to about “body positivity” and how you can embrace #beautypositivity right away!

      Oh good, men can tell women how they should look to attract men!
      Telling a fat person they're fat doesn't do anything.



      At incredible speed, the saying “Where did all the good men go?” suddenly became “Where did all the MEN go?” Believe us, men are saying the same thing in reverse today. The truth is that both positive masculinity and femininity have been under relentless attack for decades. Both have taken catastrophic social, cultural, personal, and philosophic damage for tens of millions of people. The result is a depolarized mess where men act like women, women act like men, everyone’s confused, and nothing “works” anymore. At The 22 Convention you’ll learn about the drivers behind this bizarre and stupid social experiment, what you can do to heal the damage and pain it’s caused you, and how to find awesome men and build healthy relationships.

      Good grief, what a bunch of dramatic. Go to a bar or club or whatever (I was never into that scene, but I assume that's still a way to meet people), volunteer at something that interests you, join an app or a meet-up... there's plenty of ways to meet people that might suit your interests!
      Of course, they might not be thin, beautiful and submissive - just the way these men want - but most women nowadays aren't interested in re-enacting some 1950s fantasy. And that's what the 1950s were - a fantasy.
      Also, I have an idea that everything wrong with America today is going to be blamed on feminists, so... spend thousands to hear some men tell you that women screwed everything up! And only men can fix it!



      For the past several hundred thousand years of human life on this planet, masculine men have preferred feminine women in all areas of life; from the kitchen to the bedroom, dating to relationships, marriage, family, and beyond. High quality masculine men want high quality feminine women to mother their children and set great examples for their daughters. Our speakers will teach you what men and women of prior generations FAILED to teach you as a direct result of feminist meddling and sabotage. These are the relationship and life talks radical feminists do not want you to hear.

      There's nothing stopping parents from teaching their kids whatever they want. However, it's entirely likely they saw what garbage they were raised with, and decided not to pass it down to their kids. My grandma (accountant at a steel company) thought it was weird when my mom stopped working. If I had come to her and told her I was going to be a SAHW and 'serve' my husband, she would have been quick to talk sense into me! And as we're from the rural midwest, I don't think there was 'feminist brainwashing' at play. In fact, I remember when I was 15 my mother told me I would need a man to support me!



      For decades, feminism has derided women who want to prioritize motherhood and family. Shamed them, mocked them, ridiculed them as servants of some mysterious patriarchy boogeyman. These clever manipulations were designed to weed you out of the gene pool and forever prevent you from embracing the sacred responsibility, honor, and adventure of motherhood - a journey your half of the human race is uniquely equipped for. *Our speakers will teach you the skills to get wifed up, knocked up, and have as many babies as your heart desires with the time and fertility you have left, and how to bounce back to amazing health and wellness without extreme diets or stress. The clock is ticking and your babies are soon to be kicking!

      Uggggh this one is the worst! I've also never seen anything shaming women for having families; in fact, that's usually what stories lead with - mom of two, wife of whoever, etc. It's automatically assumed that a mother is more relatable.
      This is just so gross. I hate when women are reduced to puddles of helplessness, needing to 'catch' a man and have babies, otherwise their womanhood is questioned. There are other things in life, and for all this talk of how women are shamed if they're interested in following a traditional path (spoiler alert: though there might be a few who question SAHM's and so on, they're far from the majority and their most likely reaction once assured this is what the woman really wants to do is likely to be 'oh okay'). In fact, I believe we most often have to de-program ourself from the default - until I was 16 I assumed I would marry and have kids, because that's women did. And until I was somewhere in my 20s I assumed I would get married, because again, that's women did... though the idea didn't (and still doesn't) appeal to me.



      How many of your friends are stuck in the notorious “friends with benefits” zone? Endlessly riding a roller coaster of heartbreak, betrayal, and despair? Many women say they want to “get married” but how many truly want to become the best wives ever for their husbands and themselves? Learn the secrets of becoming the ultimate wife material in today’s hyper-competitive, dystopian, sexual marketplace of Photoshop, camera angles, and cheap sugar baby sexuality. Learn the truth about open communication, trust, submission, dominance, and functional, healthy, positive relationships that respect your nature as a woman.

      None. Probably because we all know how to communicate with those we're attracted to, instead of trying to be coy and play games.
      Re the bolded: oh okay, they want a slender, attractive woman they can have a master/slave relationship with! Yeah, they need this conference because that would be a hard sell.



      Women’s health is in crisis today. Mainstream advice is fundamentally broken, low quality garbage, and our speakers have the best answers for getting healthy, fit, strong, and staying that way the rest of your life with reasonable, sustainable effort. For yourself, for the man you love, and for your current and future children who will depend on you to be truly great! You’ll learn how to be fit for life through daily choices, not some extreme program or insane effort level that’s impossible to sustain.

      Have them babies... but make sure you get fit again ASAP after each one! You are never allowed to gain weight no matter what, otherwise your husband will be justified in finding you repulsive and cheating and/or finding a younger model!
      How to get fit: eat healthy, watch your portions, and move. Voila, I saved everyone $1000!

      THE DREAM TEAM (or nightmare, but whatever):




      1st President of The Manosphere, unstoppable American entrepreneur, founder of The 21 Convention, Chairman of 21 Studios, co-founder & CEO of The Red Man Group. His mission is to create positive media for men, destroy the feminist establishment, and make women great again!


      ... yeah, he sounds like a swell guy who just wants to send women back to the early 1900s (before women had the vote). I think he would be shocked to learn that even back then, not all women were submissive little doves.




      Trainer, Writer, and Speaker: Alexander is a multitalented fitness guru and modern day philosopher winning the minds of men and the hearts of women. Over 50 million women love him for teaching them how to be beautiful. Three time alumni speaker of The 21 Convention.


      Because women = emotion. Haha, I get it! So clever. Does he even have a degree in... anything that would qualify him to teach women how to be beautiful? Or does he test beauty products himself?




      Proud father and husband, Stefan Molyneux is the founder and host of Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophical show in the world. With nearly 1 million YouTube subscribers, more than 3,500 podcasts, 10 books, and 600 million downloads, Stefan has spread the cause of liberty and philosophy to listeners throughout the world.


      He's a father? I feel so sorry for his kids. At least his wife presumably knew what she was getting herself into.




      With over 2 million YouTube subscribers Elliott is an inspiration to millions of young men and women around the world. Strength Coach, Strongman, Entrepreneur & CEO of Strength Camp. Proud husband and patriarch of four. Two time alumni speaker of The 21 Convention.


      But in spite of those 4 kids, I bet his wife is super fit!




      Mike Cernovich is a father, husband, author, entrepreneur, filmmaker, and legendary journalist who has broken some of the biggest stories of the decade.






      With over 140,000 loyal YouTube subscribers, “the Sultan of Silver” is easily the most interesting man of the manosphere. Proud father of three, host of The 21 Report and The Daybreak Show, George is an elite ambassador speaker of 21CON.


      He seems fairly ordinary here, but I'm sure if I visited his YT I would find something horrifying.




      Jack is the founder of the Liminal Order. He is also a writer, speaker, podcaster, author of “Democrat to Deplorable: Why Nine Million Obama Voters Ditched the Democrats and Embraced Donald Trump.” Jack has a B.A. in Economics from George Mason University and a Masters degree from the Georgetown School of Foreign Service. At GU he studied International Finance and International Affairs.


      Okay Jack. Let me look up Liminal Order...
      "The Liminal Order is an exclusive men’s organization whose mission is to change our culture by changing ourselves."
      Hm, okay. The book makes me question the content of this 'Order', however. I think this sheds a lot of light on why these men look up to Trump, however: he disregards liberals (whom they think are 'soft'), at least acts like he has tons of money, and gets beautiful women.




      Phil is strong husband and father, patriarch, and leader of men. He became a self made entrepreneur before it was cool. He is unwilling to bend to societal norms. Phil teaches men on how to navigate the family court system, while protecting their children and money. Phil’s studies include body building, nutrition, weight training, hormones, and supplementation.


      Does 'studies' include actual studies, or is it just reading articles on the Internet? Hormones are a delicate thing that shouldn't be messed with unless you really know what you're doing.




      As a father, husband, entrepreneur, life and relationship coach Noah helps men and women to see, think about, and do that which they could not do alone. He is a success accelerator with a deep understanding of human nature who is unafraid to give blunt feedback and knows that only male Agency can save the west.


      Aw, damnit Noah. You didn't seem that bad until the part about how only men can save the world!
      PS. Men have had 'agency' since the beginning of time, and look how much they screwed up.




      Relationship-positive, sex-positive, proud patriarch, seasoned navigator of the Dom/sub lifestyle, author at TexasDom.com, three time returning speaker to The 21 Convention. Tex will teach you how to have the best sex ever and make your man the happiest man alive!


      I do believe that's what this convention is really about - these men want to train women how to be their perfect subs. But for some reason they can't just join Fetlife like everyone else.




      Returning speaker to #21CON, infamous host of The Sharpe Reality and The REDLINE, frequent panelist and host of The Red Man Group.


      Does all the mentions of Red mean he's a Red Piller? I suppose all these men are though, so.




      Proud father, husband, and patriarch, Steve "“The Dean” Williams is a frequent panelist of The Red Man Group, host of The Red Pill Mindset, co-host of The REDLINE, and founder of The Man Mindset. Three time alumni speaker of The 21 Convention.


      Annnd another one. I wonder if Mrs. Midwest ever attended something like this.




      IVAN THRONE, bestselling author of The Nine Laws, is an international speaker and teacher. His vivid lessons and ruthless mentoring for the hard and often cruel demands of our pitiless high performance world have helped millions of people across social media deeply connect with radical, authentic success to the joys of partners, lovers, colleagues and clients.


      For anyone wondering, these are the 9 Laws: Survival, Concealment, Purpose, Endurance, Posture, Freedom, Power, Preposterousness, and No Laws




      Proud father and husband, Chief Patriarch of the 1st Patriarch Edition #21CON, father, navy veteran, founder of The Family Alpha, and co-founder of the Fraternity of Excellence.


      Umm... this makes it sound as though he's massively trying to compensate.




      Pat is a pioneering dating and relationship expert integrating practical seduction, deep psychology, and energy work into lasting transformations for men. Author of Tackling Texting, you can find his work at Patstedman.com.


      Is this dude married? If not, I don't think his approaches work. Per his website, he apparently coaches men so I'm not sure what he's doing here... though if he can convince women to bend themselves into pretzels to please a man, I guess that would make his 'work' easier!

      Apparently there's more speakers to come. Who knew there was this many men to avoid? And let's not forget the men (because I doubt there would be women) speaking at the men's conference!

      And of course, if you want to make a couple's weekend of it... well, your man can't attend this conference, but held the same weekend in the same place is the Man's Conference! Where your man will be guaranteed to walk out an insufferable asshole - er, I mean:
      Your man will walk out a certified badass, 100% leading your family and relationship forever.

      Sponsors: Fraternity of Excellence, The Family Alpha, The Red Man Group.
      So... it's sponsored by some of the speakers. I thought it was 100% funded by women?

      Also included:




      (VALUED AT $500)

      The Speakers Dinner is a once in a lifetime opportunity to share a meal and to engage face-to-face with your speakers and coaches. A magical experience built for all attendees, speakers, staff, and volunteers. This is a night to remember. Food is on us, drinks are on you [cheapskates].


      (VALUED AT $240)

      Your free 1 year membership to 21 University will give you early, premium access to watch all the presentations recorded at this event as they publish, as well as all our other videos recorded by 21 Studios over the past 12 years.


      This is your chance to meet and become friends with the other attendees. They all made the commitment to becoming a better women and it is time to surround yourself with better friends who share many of the same values and beliefs you do. This is also your first opportunity to meet the speakers!



      In 2018, President Dream realized that while The 21 Convention was benefiting the lives of millions of men worldwide, there was not a similar event of quality for women. Women today are being indoctrinated into toxic feminist ideology at an epidemic rate and are being lead astray into lives filled with depression, barren wombs, and loneliness. President Johnson believes that women benefit from positive, masculine voices in their lives and surrounding culture. This is what makes The 22 Convention so different and so effective. The 22 Convention is not going to tell women what they want to hear, but what they need to hear: the truth.

      The truth: everything is women's fault, and if you desire independence to make your own decisions, you're just as bad as those evil feminists.

      And of course, if you buy a ticket and realise you made a terrible mistake (or can't afford a flight + hotel as well)... no luck, ticket sales are non-refundable!

      I hope this event is sparsely attended, but I would be willing to bet these men are Trump fans, so we'll only hear about how 'awesome' and 'crowded' it was, regardless of the truth.

      I assume it's because of Stefan that one of their photos includes Lori's blurb about how men prefer debt and tattoo-free virgins.

      Edited by AmericanRose
    • BritishBabycatcher


      23 hours ago, albireo said:

      Lise Morton went really late with Elijah, too (more than 42 weeks). Thankfully she actually gets medical care and he's fine, just big. Is it safer to go late if a mother has a history of delivering late? 

      How big was he? Just curious

    • HerNameIsBuffy


      Just now, PennyLane said:

      A Hoosier cabinet stored dry goods plus your kitchen supplies, etc. very handy if you think about it, everything was in one place and ready to use. 

      I am plagued by a dearth of kitchen storage ...off to google.

    • PennyLane


      6 minutes ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      I learned what a chifforobe was from reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” in high school. 

      My mother in law calls one of her big cabinets a Hoosier but I think she lived in Indiana for awhile. 

      A Hoosier cabinet stored dry goods plus your kitchen supplies, etc. very handy if you think about it, everything was in one place and ready to use. 

      • Upvote 2

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