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Baby Thor

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Box kitten

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Final semester of school, spent a smidge of financial aid money on a pretty fabulous new stone setting tool.

Apparently the box it was shipped in is super comfortable.... even with the item.... still... in... the box. He squoze his little chubby butt into the remaining space, pushing down all the packing paper :my_biggrin:

If I fits, I sits. 

Last pic is from about a week ago. I just couldn't resist those faces. 




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And that is the third cutest chubby kitty butt on earth (sorry, Luke & Leia come first/second). I can't believe he's all growed up into an honest to Rufus CAT! Seems like yesterday he was a teeny tiny little chubby kitty butt...give him skritches from me, OK? 

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Thor thanks his mommy for the lovely gift. Thor is so happy mommy knows how much he loves boxes.

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You got a present? Lemme sit on it, just to test it for you...

It’s not for sits, you say? I don’t care. Imma sit on it anyway.

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PLEASE keep posting kitty pix---am going more than a little crazy here in the DC Beltway Miasma of Madness---need antidotes!  (But Mighty Thor is SUCH an incredibly big cat, after being such a bitty jellybean?--you must be so proud and happy.)

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  • Posts

    • theotherelise


      @SorenaJ yeah, sorry, I've seen the pilot thing. It was this that I thought was confusing:

      "For the Duggar girls, given that there is research that indicates the blood pressure may play a part in the sex of the child perhaps the Duggar daughters have a higher blood pressure?"

      I googled it and it looks like what @Someone Out There might have gotten confused by was that blood pressure of a pregnant mom can sometimes correlate with the sex of the gestating fetus. But blood pressure is not determinative of sex. 

    • Galbin


      I came here after seeing that Instagram post. I guess our suspicions were correct as someone as young and apparently fertile* as Jill seems to be spacing her children well. I am glad that they aren't ignoring medical advice re: conceiving after c sections, but I sense Derick makes the decisions and not Jill.

      * As an infertile woman myself, I know that secondary infertility exists. However, she appears to be young and fertile, so this is what I meant. 

    • 3 hours ago, SongRed7 said:

      ori has 100% unraveled. We've seen it, we watched it as it has been evolving.  The last couple months haven't been her "usual" brand of "teaching"  Her tone, her topics, her obsessiveness over certain topics, her over the top posts and Tweets....something is very, very wrong. 

      Please @ken  do something about your wife. This isn't normal and you know it. 

      You are not alone in noticing this.   Just a quick look at what she writes on twitter alone shows that something is way, way off.  I don't understand how Ken or anyone in her family cannot see this.   Is it possible they never read anything she writes.  Not even her twitter which is quick, easy & takes no time at all?  All he would need to do is type her name + the transformed wife and pages and pages of stuff comes up.   

      Am I wrong here in my thinking that she is beyond the pale even for Quiverfull, Fundamentalism +++  ?   Is this kind of thinking normal for them?  I'm asking here.  Thanks to anyone who can clear it up for me.  

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      8 minutes ago, NarcissismKills said:

      The Remnant Fellowship cult's so-called prison ministry is actually all about Joseph and Sonya Smith, who murdered their son while participating fully in the system of authority set up by Tedd Anger and Gwen Shamblin Lara. The cult is very supportive of this couple and has paid the major portion, if not all, of their legal expenses. Earlier this month Remnant even dedicated a song, prayer, and large photograph to Joseph Smith on the occasion of his birthday which somewhat coincided with the cult's 20th anniversary. It really seems like they want this couple, who are in jail for life plus 30 years, to keep being quiet about how they were being advised to handle their child.

      It makes sense that RF wouldn’t want the Smiths to turn on them. So they stay supportive. I’m sure RF also don’t want to admit that the Smith’s are actually guilty of what they are convicted of. Because that would mean they are also sullied by association. 

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    • Loveday


      I'm just grateful the Lularoe thing seems to have faded into oblivion. I had nieces selling that stuff, and it was hard to say no (but I did!). I've also noticed that a friend of mine who was selling Younique for awhile has very quietly tiptoed away from that one; I just hope she didn't lose too much money.  A relative by marriage is now selling DoTerra (I think--it might be YL), but we're not friends on FB so I don't get hounded about it. She doesn't like me, and I don't like her, so the odds are good she won't be friending me, thankfully. LOL.


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