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Fun Fun Fundies, Sims 2 and 4

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Smiths Part Four: A Catch Up

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A fair bit has happened since I last updated on the Smith family. As of my last save... NO MORE TODDLERS! All the kids are in school, and with Edward working that means Nicole gets some time to herself. 

Toddlers can get Angry when their needs aren't being fulfilled. Some emotions have three levels. Evelyn woke up ENRAGED one morning... she was starving, lonely and in need of fun. Poor kid. 5a84f318c936b_02-07-18_2-48-16AM.thumb.png.ac3620d650f401aa24be141ff458df4b.png

I gave Nicole another makeover. She's gone for a much more Maxwellian vibe. The t-shirt reads "It's On Us", which is a movement founded by Obama to fight against sexual assault on college campuses. Nicole doesn't know this; she just assumes it means "it's on us to convert people to the Lord". I wanted to change her out of her plain clothing and give her something patterned.


I love the grilling options you can get on the barbecues. Here Nicole decides to grill some fruit for the family breakfast. Unlike *some* fundies we know, the Smiths eat relatively healthily.


Sims can get ill with the addition of Get to Work, and can present with some bizarre symptoms. Googling gives either Gas and Giggles or Itchy Plumbob. I don't know quite what was afflicting Eliza, but I was able to order some medicine. This family are OK with modern medicine it seems.


We have Teens! Eliza and Emily decided to go for matching outfits as per. When you send one Sim to plan an outfit in Sims 4, you can actually edit the whole family. As ever, Eliza is pink and Emily blue.


Eliza is a great helpmeet-in-training! 


Elliot and Emily woke up early one morning and had some sweet sibling time together in the study.


Emily is a Nerd Brain. I decided she should get into Programming (another Maxwell-inspired idea. Sorry Smiths).


Finally! NO MORE TODDLERS PRAISE JEEBUS. Once the older kids had gone to school, Elliot and Evelyn aged up. 


I finally got round to giving the kids Bible journals. Here's Eliza using hers. She'd had an embarrassing day at school so was confiding all in there. 


Emily was feeling rather tense due to lack of fun so I sent her on a jog. 


This is the girls' room as it is currently. 


And here's the boys' room.


Elijah is the latest kid to enter the Bear phase. He decided to be Avocado Bear. He's also been Pineapple and Orange Bear.


Eddie getting in some early morning Bible journaling. 


Edward going off to work. This will be the first time since I started playing that Nicole will be all alone at home. 


Nicole decided to go fishing. 


Aaaaaaaand the peace ends.


Bible journal session. Elliot took advantage of a freshly-baked plate of jammy doughnuts.


Nicole took all the kids to a bake sale to volunteer. Apparently, Elijah spent the whole time in his bear costume *sigh*


Eddie got ill one day so was allowed a sick day off school.


And finally... Eliza decides to learn to cook. She started off with some simple Mac and Cheese.


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  • Posts

    • Miranda

      Posted (edited)

      Ankle biters? Does that mean they hate children or chihuahuas? If it's children, then why would they be against "baby killers"?  And what is a devil healer?  So many questions!

      On the bright side, at least they hate the KKK. Or so they claim. 

      Edited by Miranda
    • MarblesMom


      45 minutes ago, Ms. Squishels said:

      He also said he knew that people from the outside (I think he meant us) are watching his videos.

      I thought the same thing.  With 4 viewers, and no one commenting, he must have a dim clue that the people watching aren't necessarily fans.

      Join in, G-Haw.  We would love to chat with you, you know, before tomorrow doesn't happen.

      • Haha 1
    • Lillymuffin


      I think Bro G missed his true calling. With that screech/scream and that kind of stamina and volume, he should’ve been the lead singer in a heavy metal band. :character-beavisbutthead:

      • Haha 2
    • Bethella


      8 hours ago, Knight of Ni said:

      I would like to know what is wrong with Meghan’s sister Samantha. At first I thought she might be speaking some truth because it’s definitely not unheard of for celebrities to be stuck up. But the more I read of her the more I just think she’s a spiteful, hateful, and jealous person. 

      I get the impression that Samantha never got over the fact that Daddy remarried and had another child, particularly since Meghan is a girl so Samantha felt her position as "Daddy's Little Girl" was threatened.

      • I Agree 1
    • Don'tlikekoolaid


      Bro has a new camping chair with a cup holder.  I Bro has a heavy burden on his heart for the people who are not his friends but who watch his videos (could be us).  

      I don't dislike him as much as most of the others although his beliefs are just as toxic.

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