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Edens Year Two: Blessed?



Welcome back to 66 Goodbook Avenue! We left off with baby girl Genesis (#1) entering the world and a lot has happened since we last checked in. After the birth, Adam and Eva wasted no time getting back down to the romance...


Which of course meant Blessing #2 was soon on its way! Wait...already?!?!


Yes already! What a blessed couple you are. Speaking of which, Eva published her second major blog piece "Blessed: God is so good y'all" which continues to bring in modest income along with sales of their garden-grown produce (Garden of Edens) and scrap metal. This season of life was still pretty calm, and Eva and Adam enjoyed peaceful #family moments such as this. Ah young love.


(And actually, HERE ends year one of marriage. Two Sims4 pregnancies that seemed to last forever led to me look online and...yep! In Sims 4 pregnancies last for 72-84 hours AFTER notification (24 hours after conception or pregnancy test). Which means, yes it's more random like in real life, and yes pregnancies can take longer than 3 days - Genesis' was 3.5. So for a variety of reasons I'm going to have 4 simdays/year.)

But back to our story, this newlywed/1.5 baby peace was not to last. In Sims4, while babies are objects (stay in their crib, have to be moved in buy mode), toddlers have 9 different personality options - fussy, angelic, silly, clingy, wild, charmer, independent, and inquisitive. I couldn't bring myself to blanket-train even a virtual family, so I used a random number generator to determine Genesis' toddler personality. And of course I got...FUSSY! YAY! Happy birthday Genesis! You may be cute but you are already a royal pain in the...


Don't be too upset with her though. The financial situation was already pretty bleak for the Edens (I think they bought more house than they could afford), and Adam had to ask his father for $500 to furnish a child's room. Before they could afford a high chair, Eva and Adam left fruit on the floor for Genesis to eat as she played with her two toys (which in combo are enough to fill her imagination/movement/thinking skills. They're not monsters. Just super broke). 


The other bleak part about year 2 was the laundry situation. As a stay-at-home wife, Eva used to be able to keep up with the laundry using this charming setup:


But pregnancy brain kept leading Eva to forget to change the water in the wash tub, she ending up doing the same load of laundry three times, and when Genesis arrived she could no longer keep up. It got to the point that third trimester Eva was doing laundry at 3am in the attempt to provide clean work clothes for her headship.


But Adam loves Eva and is a kind headship, so he grifted $1000 from his Hobby Lobby colleagues to buy Eva a stacked washer/dryer unit for the upstairs bedroom. Automated washing and all on one floorl? Eva could've sweet-fellowshipped him, except the whole 8 months pregnant thing. She went for an over-the-top blog post instead. Behold!


So year two may have been a little rough. But that isn't to say the Edens were unhappy! Adam and Eva remain deeply in love, and while he may not help with cooking or laundry, Adam does like to play with Genesis and of course, lead her spiritually. Through childcare and education by mom during the day, and lessons on manners and personal responsibility from dad at night, Genesis is slowly learning to stop being so damn darn defiant! She also has a vivid imagination, can look at picture books by herself, likes bobbing to music (but no dancing of course), and is halfway to potty independence! (I need to get more cute pictures of Genesis. She really is not so bad.)

Of course, the biggest event of year two was the blessed night Blessing #2 was born!!


Welcome to the world baby boy Exodus! We can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you! (And how many books of the Bible we get to!)

After a few hours weeks rest, the sparks were flying again for the Edens! (Are you okay guys? That looks kinda dangerous honestly)


And year two closes with another precious blessing on the way! Yes! Eva is so excited! I think that's an excited face?  


Anyway, if you're keeping track at home, in two years it's been 2.33 babies, one fussy toddler, one fire, $1500 grifted, numerous floor fruits, LOTS of fireworks, and a lot of FamLove. This post got a little dark so I'll try to take happier pictures for year 3, and thanks for following our little (but growing!) family! Edens out!

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Naming them after books of the Bible is GENIUS. Of course many Bible books are actual names like Mark, Matthew, John etc but something tells me you're gonna go for Leviticus, Deuteronomy and Numbers first :pb_lol: I tend to go one-letter, Biblical, Biblical and alphabetical (so Adam, Bethany, Chloe, David or whatever) and for one family I went for popular 80s names. 

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Posted (edited)

@mango_fandangoWell naming them after books gives me 66 choices! But I couldn't name a kid Numbers could I? :angelic-innocent:


(I was originally planning on controlling the baby's sex to put books in order but your comment has me wondering if I should live a little and let the Sims gods decide...hmm...)


Edited by neurogirl

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Technically in this game you ARE God so you can do whatever you want *mwahahaha*

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6 hours ago, neurogirl said:

@mango_fandangoWell naming them after books gives me 66 choices! But I couldn't name a kid Numbers could I? :angelic-innocent:

Proverbs Numbers Eden. Yap. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. 

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I love sims and really enjoy sims blogs too so thank you! Just wondering about the mod you use, I’ve always been a bit scared to instal a mod as not too confident technically but would love to be able to alter settings like you have. What is the best way of beginning to experiment with a mod?

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@AlwaysExcited I am totally going to have a Numbers don't worry. But you're right I forgot about middle names!!!!!!! I know what I'll be thinking up tonight. 

@purplepeony My life-saving mod is called Master Controller Command Center. A modder by the username deaderpool made it, and he has a website that is fairly easy to use. You go there to the install tab, download the mod which comes as a zipped file, unzip it, and then move the unzipped files into your mods folder (which is already in your Sims 4 folder). Then when you start up sims, a message will pop up saying "using these mods" and make sure to check both types of mods (script and some other kind). Then click on a sims computer in-game and you have all kinds of options for changing lifespan, skill rate acquisition, etc. Most of the mod tries to create a story progression like that found in sims 3, so I don't touch most settings. Just the ones that relate to my in-game family (because my sims don't socialize much haha). There's also a separately-downloadable MC Woohoo which can allow teens to woohoo and other woohoo settings if you want that in your story, and its with MC Woohoo that I can control try for baby success percentage. I can also click on Eva when she's pregnant and change the number or sex of babies she will have! I'm new to mods too but this one has been fairly easy for me to use. Good luck! Feel free to message me if you have any more questions.

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Thank you so much for the advice I’m going to give it a go!

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