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Fun Fun Fundies, Sims 2 and 4

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Bancrofts Part Four: College and a Catch-Up

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Last time we saw the Bancrofts, eldest twins Madison and Michael had just headed off to college. Madison chose the Mathematics major. I moved her into a small dorm with a group of other "fundie" Sims. As I'd created them, they were all controllable; I soon realised that this was too much so I moved Madison out after her first semester. (Two semesters per "year", four "years". Each semester lasts 3 game days/72 game hours). This is Madison coming back with fellow math major Mary Cole.


This is Lottie Harper. She's a biology major I think. 


The other two were Alice Jones (all blue, blonde plaits) and Elizabeth Banks (all purple, red wavy hair).

Madison decided to do a brief stint in the dorm cafeteria. She wore PANTS! She earned 10 simoleons roughly every twenty game minutes (twenty seconds in real time) and didn't even have to do much work. SCORE.


After her first semester, she moved into a house. Now, how can we tell this is an all-girls' house? (She moved out with Mary Cole).


They decided to form a Greek house and invited over old dorm-mate Lottie Harper to join. (Sims 2 University has its own "Greek-style" letters/names for their houses; this is the Annya-Hoh-Oresha Sorority).


Now, we hop over to Michael's dorm, where he (of course) was living in a single-sex dorm. In keeping with "Sapphire" Springs, the other dorms are named various shades of blue. Madison was in Sky dorms, whereas Michael's is Navy. There's also Periwinkle and Azure for my non-fundies.

One evening, Karen randomly showed up. I don't know why, I didn't see her come in... that's a fundie mom for you. (The guy behind her is Samuel Marsden).


Michael decides to hang out with dorm-mate Bradley Jefferson. Their cafeteria worker was female... Madison's was male. Go figure.


(I forgot Michael's major, although it might have been something sciencey. Next time I play them I'll check).

As I mentioned in the bonus Eastley post, Cow mascots are "evil"; more prone to do nasty autonomous actions like poke Sims and, as this photo demonstrates, set off sprinklers. The guy just visible at the side is Pete Farleigh.


Let's go back to the main Bancroft house. Karen's in a familiar situation... (Max is in the green playing chess).


You know what Karen changing out of her long skirt means by now... The white glow refers to the fact that she has max enthusiasm in Arts and Crafts. She has max creativity skill, so she can sell paintings for a good amount. 


Max decides to move out. When a Sim leaves for college everyone stops what they're doing and rushes to see them off.


Martha is the only girl in the main house now. Because I gender-segregate the bedrooms, she gets a room to herself. (SPOILER: it's gonna stay that way for a while yet).


Karen's in another familiar situation. I haven't yet had a bathroom baby. This is another situation where everyone runs over to see what's going on.


She had twins again; two boys, Mark and Morgan. Sorry, Martha.

Back to Michael. He also moved out into his own place (well, not alone technically). Max moved straight into this house instead of into a dorm. When he aged into a Young Adult, he was wearing a ridiculously "fancy" outfit of cream suit, black shirt and red tie. I bought him some more casual clothes.


We end the post on a fun photo: Madison and Lottie had a pillowfight in front of the basketball hoop (Mary's main hobby is sports. As I've said before, Sims can be interested in any hobby, but they'll have a favourite. Madison's favourite is Nature, like her father's).



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